Deep Rock Galactic Basic Gameplay – Tips & Tricks

Deep Rock Galactic Basic Gameplay – Tips & Tricks 1 -
Deep Rock Galactic Basic Gameplay – Tips & Tricks 1 -

A collection of tips and tricks you might have not known before.

Tips & Tricks

1. You can negate fall damage by standing under a fellow dwarf who needs to fall a long distance.
2. Engineer bridge over the hacking spots makes Omen event a piece of cake.
3. Driller’s axes can be stood on, then retrieved.
4. Platforms above Dotty can protect against floating rocks.
5. Only 1 person needs to repair dotty for the full repair speed.
6. Use resupply to dig things high above yourself, such as dead teammates.
7. Ctrl+E to place a permanent waypoint that only you see.
8. A short right click can cancel some animations and make reloading, throwing axes, etc. faster.
9. Throwing axes can be used to destroy ebonuts, poison shrooms, etc. and retrieved.
10. If damage causes you to drop off a zipline, you can re-grab if you react fast.
11. Hit C4 with an impact axe to plant it in midair.
12. Driller axes count as melee for vampire perk, which also pairs well with cryo gun.
13. By preventing your HP bar dropping to 0, you can avoid dying.
14. If Bosco is carrying an object and if floating nearby, calling him back will make him toss the object to you.
15. Grabbing a ledge prevents fall damage.
16. In the loading screen, you can press “Q” or “E” to change your class mid load.
17. When you pet a lootbug, there’s a chance it will drop a chunk of Gold or Nitra.
18. Pot’s of Gold ONLY buffs the Gold mined by the pickaxe.
19. If you’re grabbed by a Mactera Grabber you can break free by grabbing on to a zipline.
20. Grinding on a pipeline cancel all fall damage.

Rock and Stone!

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