DEATHLOOP Useful Tips for Julianna’s Character + Accomplishments Guide in Details

DEATHLOOP Useful Tips for Julianna’s Character + Accomplishments Guide in Details 1 -
DEATHLOOP Useful Tips for Julianna’s Character + Accomplishments Guide in Details 1 -

A list of the feats Julianna can accomplish while invading another player’s game.
Still a work in progress.


SquatterSurvive for 3 minutes during an invasion25
InvaderSurvive for 5 minutes during an invasion35
SurvivorSurvive for 10 minutes during an invasion60



SharpshooterShoot Colt in the head during an invasion30
Crack ShotShoot Colt in the head twice during one invasion50
DeadeyeShoot Colt in the head three times during one invasion70
Demolition WomanKill Colt with a proximity charge during an invasion50
Hot ShottyKill Colt with a shotgun20
SinglehandedKill Colt with a handgun20
ButcherKill Colt with your machete40
In And OutKill Colt within a minute of beginning an invasion75
BackstabberAssassinate Colt with your machete40
The BootKill Colt by kicking him to his doom60
BloodletterWith Havoc active, kill Colt with your machete35
WiredKill Colt with a trip mine during an invasion50
TosserKill Colt with a grenade during an invasion25
Command To ConquerDirect Eternalists to Colt and let them (quickly) do your killing for you75
Triple ThreatKill Colt in three different ways during a single invasion50
Killer CollectionKill Colt with the Sepulchra Breteira, the Strelak Verso, the Constancy Automatic, or the Heritage Gun20



HunterKill Colt during an invasion35
SlayerKill Colt twice during one invasion45
LooperKill Colt three times during one invasion55
SlasherWin an invasion using only the machete100
Simple EleganceWin an invasion without a Trinket equipped50
SorceressWin an invasion using only your Slabs40
Streak: ContenderWin 2 invasions in a row50
Streak: ChallengerWin 3 invasions in a row70
Streak: ChampionWin 4 invasions in a row100
Streak: GuardianWin 5 invasions in a row150
Streak: SaviorWin 7 invasions in a row250
Streak: AmortalWin 15 invasions in a row350*

*Shows 350 upon unlock. Shows 250 in the menu.


Slide Into FirstKill Colt while sliding50
Proximate TraumaKill Colt by shooting a proximity charge near him75
BerserkerKill Colt while you have Havoc active three times during one invasion60
Swipe LeftUse Karnesis to hurl Colt to his death50
Double Vision*Kill Colt while impersonating a Visionary with Masquerade75
ResourcefulPush Colt into a proximity charge with Karnesis (or a good ‘ol fashioned kick)75
Switch HitKill Colt within 2 seconds of switching places with him with Shift’s Swapper upgrade75
SilencerWith Aether active, kill Colt with the Sepulchra Breteira sniper rifle15
Puppet MasterKill Colt by using Nexus to link him to an enemy HE then kills150

*Confirmed to be a feat but hasn’t been unlocking properly the last couple days.


Damage BonusHurt Colt more than he hurts you*
UnscathedWin an invasion without healing yourself50

*Point value varies based on damage dealt


You Lose SomeDie during an invasion25


Written by KAIJU, AndrosTheRed

Here we come to an end for DEATHLOOP Useful Tips for Julianna’s Character + Accomplishments Guide in Details hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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