Dead Space™ 3 How to fix startup problem

Dead Space™ 3 How to fix startup problem 1 -
Dead Space™ 3 How to fix startup problem 1 -

Guide to successfully start Dead Space 3 and fix common errors


1) If the game isn´t saved for you or you find infinite loops when you try to load your game START ORIGIN IN ADMINISTRATOR MODE and try again

2) If the screen turns black after the first use or configuration, you must start a REPAIR process of the installation directly from Origin.

Start ORIGIN and in your library search for DEAD SPACE 3. In application properties START A REPAIR This file validation will be registered in steam

3) If your settings aren´t being saved, make sure that the EA/DeadSpace 3 files within your documents have a settings file where your custom settings are stored. If it is not present you will have to edit it by setting your values manually depending on your hardware

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