Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition DEAD ISLAND: RIPTIDE – JOHN MORGAN’S DIARY

Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition DEAD ISLAND: RIPTIDE – JOHN MORGAN’S DIARY 1 -
Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition DEAD ISLAND: RIPTIDE – JOHN MORGAN’S DIARY 1 -
John Morgan’s Diaries are a series of collectable recorded diary entries in Dead Island: Riptide.



Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition DEAD ISLAND: RIPTIDE - JOHN MORGAN'S DIARY - Introduction: 
There are a total of 10 recordings in the series. Although the recordings are rendered as files in first person by the player, each diary is actually an audio recording. 
The different diary entries can be viewed via the Collectables in-game menu and are eligible collectables used to gain the achievement The Collector, and required to gain the achievement The Hoarder. The contents of the recordings take place prior to the events in Dead Island: Riptide and follow John Morgan as he experiences the infection first hand with the army before being taken to the HMAS Avenger. 
He and a small squad were mobilized into a larger force, known as Second Battalion. They were deployed amphibiously south of Wisdom Bay, whereupon they hiked through the jungle towards inland settlements, as their high command ordered them to supply ‘humanitarian aid’. 
A master of unarmed fighting an martial arts, John Morgan joined the A.D.F and served with the S.A.S.R but was later thrown in prison for refusing to shoot innocent civilians. Little did he know he would end up joining the four original survivors to fight the zombie infection on Palanai Island. He has a wife, Jennifer, and two daughters, who end up staying with a woman called Mrs. Mary Rogers in Adelaide, Australia while John was away. 

Part 01 – Part 05

Diary 01 – Second story building in the Paradise Survival Camp near the beach accessed bridge. 
“My name is John Morgan and I’m a Sergeant in the ADF. My squad and I were mobilized last night as part of the 2nd Battalion. We made an amphibious landing south of Wisdom Bay and are now preparing to hike into the jungle. Why we aren’t taking the highway, the brass won’t say. Something big is going on, but the powers that be are keeping it rather mysterious.” 
​”Our immediate superiors claim we’re here to supply humanitarian aid, but then why are we so heavily armed? I’m making this audio diary not in any official capacity but for my family in the event that, for whatever reason, I do not make it out in one piece. I’m probably being overly dramatic and I see no reason why I wouldn’t survive this operation, but there’s something about all this that just…isn’t sitting right with me. Alright, looks like we’re heading out. Grab your gear, Johnson! Let’s go, Miller! We’re moving out!”
Diary 02 – On the second floor of the Halai Village camp. 
“We’re here in a remote village, inland on the Jaba River, and I don’t know even know how to describe what’s happening here. In fact, I probably shouldn’t even be recording this, but it’s not the first time I’ve violated proper protocol. Some sort of plague has swept the town and people are panicking. Those infected seem to have lost their bloody minds.” 
​”They become violent and aggressive and attack like rabid animals. They seem to feel no pain and nothing will put them down short of a bullet in the brain. The orders on high aren’t making much sense and some of the men under my command are beginning to freak out. Not that I can blame them. Two hours ago we saw a young mother gnawing on her own bloody child. Jesus. They want us to keep everyone quarantined here and prevent their escape by any means necessary. When I asked them what that meant, they said do we have to spell it out? Miller! Behind you! Watch it! WATCH IT!”
Diary 03– Inside the four workbench building with the mud pump in Marik’s Marina. A Rending Claws Mod blueprint in inside as well. 
“They had us abandon the village. They told us to get out immediately and I have no idea why. They say this infection is out of control and spreading across the island. I have family in Henderson, but no one will bloody tell me what’s happening there. If they’re so worried about containing the bloody infection, why would they tell us to evacuate.” 
​”They said we’d be safer…Do you hear that? Is that air support? Are they dropping supplies for the villagers? I hope so. Those people are starving. It makes sense they would have to drop supplies, since they blockaded the highway in and out of… Oh, my God…OH MY GOD, WHAT ARE THEY DOING? Are they firebombing the bloody village! Jesus Christ. They’re burning them alive! This can’t be right…What the hell are they doing?”
Diary 04
– On the second floor of the Santa Maria Mission ruins. On the map, it’s east of Pierre’s Magasin, but you need to walk around the mountain to reach this ruin just past Kiwi Camping. 
“They bombed the bridges and roads to prevent any movement of the civilian population and now they are ordering us to kill any villagers who escaped the fire bombings. Not just the infected, but everyone. Men, women, children. My men are balking at this and I can’t blame them. We’re here to protect these people, not murder them. I told Colonel Ormsby, my commanding officer, that I would not order my men to murder innocent civilians.” 
​”Colonel Ormsby said refusal to follow orders would be considered gross insubordination and my men and I would be charged with desertion and arrested as traitors. Hold up, men. That looks like some sort of research facility ahead. At least that’s what it is according to the map there. There could be food and supplies in there, but we need to — Johnson, wait! Hold up, mate! We need to reconnoiter the area the before we… Oh, Jesus, what the bloody hell is that? Shoot it! Shoot! SHOOT!”
Diary 05– In Dr. Kessler’s office in Dr. Kessler’s Biosphere. Check the desk near the window. 
“Most of my squad is dead. Melby and Howard were lost in Kundera. Johnson was attacked by this abomination and Murphy put a bullet in him as his screams were raising the dead. At least they look and smell bloody dead, but how can that be? They came from the jungle…from everywhere… snarling like hungry animals. Miller panicked and ran into a whole mob of them.” 
“They fell on him like rabid dogs. Tore him to pieces. The rest of us barely made it out alive. I was bitten on the shoulder and the others were sure the infection would take me as well. Soon after we went to sleep, Jenkins tried to murder me. I had no choice but to shoot the bloody maniac. Everyone is scared to death. At this point, I think our only option is Henderson. At least there’s a military base there. Most of our families are there as well. I just hope the city is still safe.

Part 06 – Part 10

Diary 06 – In the Japanese Tunnels. The room next to the room with the notes for side quest History Lesson. Climb the center radar tower to the top and check the collapsed offices for this diary on a shelf. 
“The infection hasn’t taken me and I don’t know why. The only reason my men haven’t abandoned me is because they still think they need me. Everyone is our enemy. The civilians know the army has been slaughtering them and are fighting back. They shoot at us on sight, but I’m not about to shoot back. They’re bloody frightened and who can blame them?” 
​”I decided it would be best to avoid unnecessary confrontations, so we’re traveling via the old Japanese WW2 tunnels. They were shut down years ago, so we have no idea of what’s down here. The whole bloody world’s gone crazy…so we’re probably safer down here than we would be up there. Sh*t. What’s that up ahead? Is that a person? Get to cover! We’re under fire! We got some live ones!”
Diary 07 – Front desk of the Makeshift Hospital. 
“We’re trying to stay quiet as the Infected are everywhere. It’s just the two of us now. Jack was bitten by something down in the tunnels. We’re both hoping he’ll be fine as I seem to still be all right. Maybe some of us are immune to this plague. We’re at the ferry, but it doesn’t seem to be operational.” 
​”Jack has family in Henderson as well. We need to find a boat to get us across. I just hope the military doesn’t shoot us out of the water. I mean, who can we trust? The citizens despise us and the army considers us traitors. And then there’s the Infected. To them we’re just meat. I’d better quiet down. Don’t want ’em to hear me.”
Diary 08 – South of the Old Town Cinema outside of the Infested Warehouse on the pile of tables. 
​“Jack attacked me last night. I beat him back and tied him up. I couldn’t bring myself to kill him, even though the disease has taken him. He saved my life back in the jungle and I can’t just put him down like a rabid dog. Maybe there’s a cure for this. I mean, there has to be, right? There has to be something. We’re at the lighthouse in Henderson and the city itself is in chaos.” 
​”There’s a huge quarantine area that’s full to bloody bursting with the dead. I don’t know what else to call them. They don’t seem human. I just can’t believe this is what it’s come to. I haven’t seen any other soldiers and the citizens we have seen are cowering inside. I see ’em watching me through the boarded up windows. I’m guessing the army is hiding as well, holed up in their base, afraid to bloody come out.”
Diary 09– On a fruit crate in an alley just west of Frankie O’Hara’s Dead Zone entrance. 
“My family is gone. My wife. My two girls. Jen left a note behind for me. Just in case I came looking for them. Apparently, the lines went down and she had no way to contact me. So she packed up the kids and left Henderson for the airport. She’s trying to get to Australia. She has an aunt in Adelaide. I just hope to God they weren’t on that fu**ing highway when the army dropped those bombs.” 
“If they were caught in that… if the military slaughtered my family… I swear to God I will find out who issued that order and I will put a bullet in their fu**ing head. Sh*t, somebody’s in here. Back in the girl’s room. I’d better check… just in case… Jesus Christ. Was that Mr. Barranca? Was that my god*amn next door neighbor? Oh, Jesus… Jesus, another one.”
Diary 10– Southwest Henderson, just north of Jorge in a small temporary camp/safe zone with this diary. The Meat Bait blueprint is nearby as well. 
“My name is John Morgan, a Sergeant in the ADF, and I’m leaving this recording here because I do not trust the army to get it to my wife… if she’s even still alive. Whoever finds this, please try to get this to Jennifer Ann Morgan. She’s staying with a Mrs. Mary Rogers in Adelaide, Australia. Alright, Jen, this is for you. I just want you to know that… You and the girls… You’re everything to me. And I’m so sorry I wasn’t there to protect you. That you had to face this alone.” 
​”This morning… I found a little boy hiding in a car. Couldn’t be more than five. His parents must have locked him in there to protect him. Who knows what the hell happened to them. I have decided that I have no choice but to take him to the army base. I have nowhere else to turn. What other option do I have? Jen, it’s likely they’ll arrest me for going AWOL, but at least if they court-martial me, I can finally tell my side of the story. Tell them what went on.” 
“People need to know what happened here! It’s okay, son. Shhhh. I’m not mad at you. It’s gonna be okay. You’re gonna be fine. Everything’s gonna be okay. Good boy.”

Written by McALEER

Here we come to an end for Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition DEAD ISLAND: RIPTIDE – JOHN MORGAN’S DIARY hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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