Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition DEAD ISLAND: RIPTIDE – ANGELA GUERRA RECORDINGS 1 -
Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition DEAD ISLAND: RIPTIDE – ANGELA GUERRA RECORDINGS 1 -
The Guerra recordings are a series of collectable audio logs in Dead Island: Riptide. There are a total of 10 recordings in the series.



The different tapes can be viewed via the Collectables in-game menu. The recordings are one of the eligible collectables used to gain the achievement The Collector, and are required to gain the achievements The Hoarder and News Junkie. She is never seen in game, but you can follow her story via the number of tape recorders she has left behind as she travels to Henderson to try and escape the outbreak. 

Angela Guerra Bio:

She hails from Los Angeles, California in America as the daughter of her parents Mike and Blanca Guerra. She joined the Peace Corps to see the world with her husband Paul. She’s shown as being a compassionate and dedicated woman, very grateful of the kindness shown by the villagers whom she has stayed with. 
She had been living in a village in the Eastern Highlands of Palanai Island for two years when the outbreak occurred and somehow infected Paul. She fled the hut they were staying in as Paul turned and tried to bite her. She meets up with a group of survivors and heads into the highlands, experiencing first hand the apocalypse and witnessing an infected boy get killed. As they travel, their number gets whittled down by zombie attacks, including a man named Bill who shot himself with a shotgun rather than turn into an undead. 
They finally reach the lab where they loose another member, John, to an attack, who also decides to shoot himself rather than turn. Upon Angela getting angry and swearing, Dr. Kessler hears her and lets them rest briefly in the lab. They soon leave, but Angela isn’t too upset, as she doesn’t trust the scientist, stating ‘I don’t trust this Kessler. 
They move on and decide to try to reach Henderson, hoping to seek shelter in the military base. There are signs of paranoia with in the group, as one of their number, Tom, is feverish despite not being bitten. Angela believes it to just be Malaria or something similar, but the others of the group are now very wary of anyone showing signs of an illness in case it’s the virus. 
They stop for the night and, knowing what they are all thinking, Tom hung himself during the night to try and prevent himself turning, despite not knowing if it was the zombie virus. A storm had rolled in as they left Tom’s body there and made their way to the ferry terminal. When they got there, zombies covered the area and they only just got onto the ferry when they had to shout to hear each other over the rain. She also notices the aircraft flying overhead that John Morgan noticed in his own set of diary recordings. 
Upon reaching Henderson, the group learns that people are panicking and martial law has been declared. Despite the roadways being bombed, infected are still getting in by floating over the river, infecting more and more people. Angela (presumably her group has either separated or been killed, as they are not mentioned beyond this point) makes her way to Cecil’s Hospital and has started to use her Peace Corp training to help him with his patients. 
​At some point after this, she leaves and makes her way to the military base for help and to see whether the army was successful in taking back the city. Due to the base sirens you can hear in her final recording, it is presumed that she was in the base at the time it fell, likely perishing with any other survivors in it. 

Tapes (01 – 05):

Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition DEAD ISLAND: RIPTIDE - ANGELA GUERRA RECORDINGS - Tapes (01 - 05): 
TAPE 01 – A beach bungalow northwest of the spawn point for the beginning of the game just after completing The Storm or beginning Chapter 1. The door to the bungalow is barricaded from the inside, but the Hero can enter by climbing the hill just behind the bungalow, going towards the Paradise Survival Camp. 
About halfway up the hill, the Hero can jump down and enter the bungalow from the beach. There is also a metal chest inside the bungalow, along with some minor health items and other containers with loot. To exit the bungalow, the barricade must be removed from the rear entrance. 
“My name is Angela Guerra. My husband Paul and I are Peace Corps Volunteers. We’ve been in Palanai, working in a small village in the Eastern Highlands that had no electricity or phones. It has been an amazing time and they taught us so much more than we taught them. But after two years, we will soon be on our way home.” 
​”Unfortunately, a strange illness has swept through the village and that may delay our departure. The symptoms come on suddenly, and the sufferer is stricken almost immediately. That’s why I’m recording this. To document what is happening here. My husband has been down with whatever this illness is since last night. He’s dizzy. He’s feverish. I’m really starting to worry. Paul? Are you all right? (long pause) Why are you looking at me like that…?”
TAPE 02 – Inside the Jaba River house in Mataka Village. 
“I’m with a group of survivors and we’re on foot, heading into the highlands. Paul… Paul was so feverish he was out of his head. It’s like he didn’t even know who I was. He attacked me. Tried to bite me. I ran for help, but it was insane. People were screaming and fighting and crying. And this little boy — he couldn’t have been more than ten — leaped on me and tried to bite me.” 
“I pushed him away and a man — a grown man — chopped his head off with a machete. Oh, my God. What is happening here? Some said that the people who lost their minds were dead. Dead? Like zombies? Well, I went back and tried to find Paul, but he was gone and I have no idea what happened to him.”
TAPE 03 – In the back of Miya’s camp in the north. 
“We lost one of our group last night. Bill. He was sleeping right by the fire when he was attacked. She looked like an old woman, but she moved so fast. Half her left arm was gone. You could see the bone, white in the fire light. And she made the most terrible growling gurgling sound. Blood ran down her face and she still had Bill’s flesh still in her teeth. Zico hit her in the head with a shovel. But she got up again, and he hit her again and again until finally, he…he decapitated her.” 
​”She looked like she was seventy years old. Most of her clothes had been torn off. Some say it’s Kuru, that cannibal disease, but how is that possible? These people are dying and they are resurrecting. Well, Bill was badly hurt. He was afraid the disease would take him, and he did not want to become one of them. So he grabbed Gabriel’s shotgun, put it in his mouth and…the sound was so loud. We knew it would attract other Infected. So we ran. Into the dark. Into the jungle. There aren’t many of us left.”
TAPE 04– On the outer edge of a platform at Kingston’s Shack, near a metal chest. 
“I had just about lost all hope when I saw it. Some kind of research facility. John went running for it, and that was a mistake. Something came out of the woods and attacked him. It was huge and covered in these festering boils. I’d seen some terrible things, but nothing like this. We beat the poor creature down and Zico split its skull. John was badly hurt. Barely alive. He begged me to put a bullet in his head…so he wouldn’t resurrect. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t.” 
“So I handed him the gun…and he…Jesus. After that, I just lost it. I screamed. I swore. I was so god*amn angry. And that’s when a man came out of the facility. He heard me cursing, so he knew I wasn’t sick. He was so surprised to see us. His name is Dr. Kessler, and I know that should be grateful that he took us in, but there’s something off about him.” 
“He’s involved in some sort of research project, but he seems very evasive. He says we can’t stay long, as he doesn’t have enough food for all of us. Tom wants to force the issue, but I don’t trust this Kessler.”
TAPE 05 – In the south eastern part of the Halai Village. 
“The people of Palanai are so kind. In the village where Paul and I were assigned, they lived such simple lives. They lived in huts and grew their own food, and I taught them how to read English and do simple math. And in the evenings, it would be time for tok stori. We would all tell stories. It’s a big tradition here. Once I showed them pictures from home. Of L.A. And they saw two homeless men on Hollywood Boulevard, crude signs propped between their legs.” 
“They asked me what they were doing and I told them they were homeless and they didn’t understand. The concept made no sense to them. How could they be homeless? They said if I would bring them here, they would build them huts and plant them gardens, and their generosity was so genuine it made me cry. Is our society really more civilized than theirs? What do I have to teach them? They should be teaching me…”

Tapes (06 – 10):

Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition DEAD ISLAND: RIPTIDE - ANGELA GUERRA RECORDINGS - Tapes (06 - 10): 
Tape 06 – Inside the bunker south of the Biosphere. 
“We knew we couldn’t stay with Dr. Kessler. We asked him to come with us, but he’s determined to stay. I don’t know, maybe we can send help for him once we reach Henderson. There’s a military base there and if there’s anywhere that’s still safe, that’s probably it. The rain has been steady and it’s coming down harder and the river is starting to rise. We’re all worried the road will wash out before we can make our way there. The mosquitos are eating us alive.” 
​”Tom seems feverish and I see how the others are looking at him. He says he hasn’t been bitten, but this is clearly a blood-borne disease. Couldn’t it be transmitted by mosquito? I mean, why would it be any different from malaria or West Nile virus? And if that’s true, we all might have it and any one of us could turn at any moment.”
Tape 07 – The locked warehouse across from the ferry station. 
“When we woke up this morning, Tom was dead. He hung himself. It was so horrible. But the rain was coming down so hard and waters were rising, so we didn’t have time to cut him down or bury him. I didn’t think we’d make it here. Mud was roaring down the hills like black lava. I never knew a mudslide made so much noise.” 
There were boulders bigger than cars and the trees were cracking and snapping. It was terrifying and with the pounding rain, we had to shout to even hear each other. We barely made it to the ferry and the undead were everywhere. Military planes are flying overhead, but where are the soldiers? Where are the authorities? Maybe we’ll find some answers in Henderson.”
Tape 08– The open courtyard west of Old Town Cinema. 
“The people here in Henderson are terrified. They know as much as we do. Clearly there’s no stopping this. The military instituted martial law and part of the city has been quarantined, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. The infection just keeps spreading. The dead wash ashore and rise up and attack like wounded animals. The soldiers try to put them down, but there are so many.” 
​”They have no idea what’s happening either. They’re getting conflicting orders. No one seems to know who’s in charge. It’s crazy. People are getting desperate and I’m really afraid. Most of the soldiers are so young. They’re as terrified as everyone else. I’m here with a group of survivors, hiding out here in an abandoned store, hoping that the army will send in reinforcements and finally get the upper hand.”
Tape 09 – On the table in the southernmost part of Henderson. 
“Some say that Henderson is lost and that soon the few survivors left will be at each other’s throats over the last of the food and water. But I don’t know about that. There’s a deep sense of community here and not everyone has given up. There’s a doctor, Dr. Cecil, who set up a field hospital. I’m doing everything I can to help him and we’re making a difference.” 
That’s why I joined the Peace Corps. To help people. So that’s what I’m doing. Besides, it’s better to keep busy. When I close my eyes and try to rest, all I can think about are all the horrible things I’ve seen. I have too much to do to dwell on any of that. I have people here who need me.”
Tape 10 – In a tent in a field hospital in the Military Base. 
“This is Angela Guerra and I’m leaving this audio diary in case… just in case something happens to me. The military base is in trouble. You can hear alarm sirens going off and all kinds of explosions. I thought they would help us. I thought they would protect us. But they can’t even protect themselves. If you find this recording, please get it to Mike and Blanca Guerra in Woodland Hills, California. Mom… Dad… I know you didn’t want me to come here. 
I know you didn’t understand why I wanted to leave L.A. and join the Peace Corps. I’m sorry I disappointed you. I just… I wanted to see the world. Have an adventure. Make a difference! I’m so sorry…”

Written by McALEER

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