Dead Cells Beginner Guide Easy Map & Biome Informations

Dead Cells Beginner Guide Easy Map & Biome Informations 1 -
Dead Cells Beginner Guide Easy Map & Biome Informations 1 -

A Biomes Overview for Dead Cells, including all DLCs,
providing an easy-to-read Map, a difficulty rating & relevant infos for each individual Biome.

The Appendix contains some deeper infos about the individual hazards in the more difficult Biomes.

A Guide for Dead Cells [version 2.3]

For Beginners and intermediate Players

Last Update: Apr 2021


► Biomes Map

Dead Cells [Beginner Guide] Easy Map & Biome Infos - ► Biomes Map

► Appendix: Biome threats & hazards



Corrupted Prison (Stage 2+)

☠︎ ☠︎
Risky map compared to the other Prison, because of some pretty challenging enemies that can appear (blue birds for example).
Especially if you take the curse at the beginning, you dont wanna run into them.

Ancient Sewers (Stage 3)

☠︎ ☠︎
Ancient Sewers is the map with the most environmental hazards and traps in the entire game.
It is fairly doable to get through this place alive, but it is pretty much impossible to reach the “60 kills without getting hit” -bonus on this map, except if you are professional.

Morass of the Banished (Stage 3)

☠︎ ☠︎
Challenging map compared to the others in this Stage, because of the blowpipe enemies, who are basically wall-piercing rapid-firing snipers, that will hit you with a very high chance.
They also quickly jump away when you come closer, making this map feel like you have to speedrun it. Bearing a Shield could help here.

Stilt Village (Stage 4)

☠︎ ☠︎
Comparable difficult and dangerous map.
1. Because of very hard hitting enemies (Pirates), who can end your run very quickly if they appear as Elites, and
2. because of many wildly teleporting smaller enemies, that require you to react fast, and often times to play aggressively and to jump into combat, which makes you vulnerable to the heavy hitters.

Slumbering Sanctuary (Stage 4)

☠︎ ☠︎ ☠︎
A very dangerous place once awakened, because of the composition of enemies.
First and foremost the Golems: They only appear on this map.
Golems are very hard hitting bulwarks, who will teleport you infront of them, if you are too far away. So ranged combat is not very viable against them, and escaping them is by fact impossible.
The best way to engage them is rooting them & then burst damage from behind, since they cannot turn while rooted.

Other threats are Inquisitors, who spot you from far away and shoot projectiles through walls,
and Maskers, who by themself are harmless, but make other enemies invisible.
Despite this map being a really cool place with probably the most epic soundtrack in the game, the composition of enemies here can be kinda deadly.

Fractured Shrines (Stage 4)

☠︎ ☠︎
A potential dangerous map, because of the environmental hazards.
You can walk into a lot of traps, that are not easy to spot and therefore easy to trigger.
Once triggered, they will probably push you off a cliff or into the arms of enemies, which causes further damage.

The composition of enemies is also pretty dangerous on this map.
On top of that, you constantly have these birds flying around all over the place, who do not inflict a lot of damage, but can suddenly end your 60 kill flawless streak.

Forgotten Sepulcher (Stage 5)

☠︎ ☠︎ ☠︎ ☠︎
Very high threat level, because of a mechanic unique to this map called the “Darkness”.
(Read more about this in the wiki:
After obtaining the Explorers Rune from this place, I would not recommend to ever go there again.

Cavern (Stage 5)

☠︎ ☠︎ ☠︎
Comparable challenging map, simply because the enemy level is higher than in the other Stage 5 maps, and the enemies are quite challenging (Blue Birds, Demons etc).
However, the Gear level on this map is also higher than anywhere else, so this is a classic high risk – high reward route.

Mausoleum (Boss 2 Stage)

☠︎ ☠︎
Some risk, simply because the boss here is a little bit more hard hitting compared to the others.

High Peak Castle (Stage 6) & Distillery (Stage 6)

☠︎ ☠︎ ☠︎ and ☠︎ ☠︎
These maps are simply challenging by design, because we are near the end of the game and you would expect exactly that.

Throne (Boss 3 Stage)

☠︎ ☠︎ ☠︎ ☠︎
A very challenging fight. But experience it yourself.

Written by Saint Lucifer

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