Data list reordering without Deletion in Armored 6 Guide

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Data list reordering without Deletion in Armored 6 Guide

Okay, fellow gamers, who else here loves to keep things super organized, especially in Armored 6? You know, there’s something satisfying about seeing our ACs (Armored Cores) neatly lined up, almost like soldiers ready for inspection. And don’t even get me started on the joy of seeing their original ‘birth’ dates! I used to think the only way to keep this order was the tedious copy-delete dance. But guess what? I’ve found a better way, and it’s game-changing!

Decoding the Game Mechanics

Here’s the scoop: the game sets up your AC data list order as soon as you load your save file. It’s like taking a snapshot; everything stays as is for your gaming session, even if your ACs move between users. But, things get wobbly when you shuffle AC data post-loading. The fresh ACs land at the bottom of the list. Sounds like a puzzle, right? Hang in there, because I’m about to lay down a real-life scenario for you.

Picture This: A Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s dive into our virtual world where we’ve got ACs lined up as 001, 005, 003, 004, and 002. Our mission: order, without chaos. We’re bringing in an unsung hero, a ‘temporary user’, for this covert operation. Don’t worry; this user can be anyone—it’s like a temporary storage unit.

  1. Initiate Phase One: Move the misfits, ACs 005, 003, and 004, from your main base to this temporary user’s territory.
  2. Here comes the magic move. Ready? Make a quick exit to the main menu and reboot your game. It’s like stepping out and in again to reset the puzzle.
  3. Now, witness the magic. The AC lineup gets a reset, and you’ll see 005 above 003 and 004. But, when they shift bases, they huddle at the bottom. It’s time to move 003 and 004 back with the main user.
  4. For the grand finale, exit and re-enter the game. Now, carefully move 005 back with its pals.

Boom! You’ve cracked it! Sure, it’s a bit roundabout, and honestly, I wish for a simple “nudge” option in the game. But hey, we now have a secret passage to reorder our beloved ACs without messing with their ‘birthdate’! Who knew gaming could make you an organizing ninja?

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