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This is a guide for Darkest Dungeon® II – All Team Composition Names List
All possible names to come up with various team compositions.


Scraped from the files and formatted by hand, so pardon any mistakes I may have made. (and let me know so I can fix them.)
PD/GR/HWM/MAA = The Unusual Suspects
GR/PD/HWM/MAA = Standard Flip
PD/HWM/GR/MAA = The Shuffle
HWM/PD/GR/MAA = Backstabbers
GR/HWM/PD/MAA = Special Treatment
HWM/GR/PD/MAA = Bedside Manner
PD/GR/MAA/HWM = Knowledge Highway
GR/PD/MAA/HWM = Point Blank Inspection
PD/MAA/GR/HWM = Highway Robbery
MAA/PD/GR/HWM = The Stick Up
MAA/GR/PD/HWM = The Rear Guard
GR/MAA/PD/HWM = The Entrance
PD/HWM/MAA/GR = Fall From Grace
HWM/PD/MAA/GR = Dignitary’s Escort
PD/MAA/HWM/GR = Robbed Blind
MAA/PD/HWM/GR = The Chain of Command
HWM/MAA/PD/GR = Night Cap
MAA/HWM/PD/GR = The Magpies
GR/HWM/MAA/PD = Crimson Cross
HWM/GR/MAA/PD = The Expedition
GR/MAA/HWM/PD = The Archeologists
MAA/GR/HWM/PD = Tomb Raiders
HWM/MAA/GR/PD = The Morgue
MAA/HWM/GR/PD = A Grave Prognosis
OCC/RUN/JES/HEL = Twist and Bleed
RUN/OCC/MAA/HEL = The Reverse Sear
PD/GR/RUN/HEL = Sisters of Battle
HEL/PD/MAA/HWM = Highway to Hell
GR/HWM/MAA/JES = Insane Crown Posse
RUN/PD/OCC/JES = A Fool’s Mistake
JES/HWM/HEL/LEP = Brute Squad
OCC/PD/HEL/LEP = Blood Train
OCC/JES/HWM/LEP = The Meat Grinder
HWM/GR/MAA/LEP = A Bold Move
GR/HWM/MAA/LEP = The Iron Crown
OCC/HWM/MAA/LEP = The Carpenters
OCC/JES/RUN/LEP = The Butcher’s Circus
OCC/PD/RUN/LEP = Wyrd Science
PD/RUN/HWM/MAA = Travelers by Gaslight
GR/HWM/JES/MAA = The Crimson Dance
OCC/PD/HEL/RUN = Death by Inches
OCC/GR/HWM/RUN = Fear the Reaper
PD/OCC/HWM/RUN = The Laboratory
PD/GR/HEL/RUN = Running with the Devil
OCC/PD/HWM/HEL = If It Bleeds, It Leads
PD/RUN/HEL/GR = Finishing School
PD/HWM/RUN/HEL = Cut and Run
OCC/JES/LEP/GR = Grave Dancers
PD/HWM/HEL/LEP = Meat Cute
PD/OCC/GR/HWM = The Dismal Science
PD/JES/HWM/LEP = The Best Medicine
OCC/RUN/HWM/MAA = Arms to Farewell
OCC/JES/HWM/RUN = Riding Shotgun
OCC/GR/HEL/RUN = Eye of the Beholder
OCC/RUN/JES/LEP = The New Blood
PD/GR/HWM/RUN = Wall of Fire
PD/JES/HEL/RUN = Hot Blooded
PD/GR/RUN/HWM = Thieves Guild
PD/HWM/HEL/RUN = The Defiant
OCC/GR/MAA/HWM = Honor Among Thieves
OCC/GR/RUN/PD = Project Runaway
OCC/JES/LEP/HEL = Devil’s Advocate
OCC/GR/RUN/HWM = By Hook or by Crook
OCC/JES/HEL/RUN = Powder Keg
OCC/HWM/GR/RUN = Whisper in a Whirlwind
PD/HWM/RUN/GR = Short Arms, Deep Pockets
PD/GR/HWM/LEP = Pat Hand
OCC/LEP/MAA/PD = Delenda Est
PD/RUN/HWM/JES = The Lottery
PD/JES/MAA/RUN = False Shine
OCC/HEL/PD/RUN = Red Azimuth
OCC/HWM/HEL/RUN = Blood Zenith
JES/GR/HWM/LEP = Caveat Emptor
OCC/RUN/LEP/JES = Dulce est Desipere
OCC/HWM/JES/RUN = Favor the Bold
HWM/GR/RUN/PD = Manu Propria
OCC/MAA/GR/RUN = The Defectors
OCC/HWM/GR/HEL = Devil’s Due
PD/OCC/HELL/LEP = Night Terrors
RUN/JES/OCC/PD = Cause and Effect
OCC/PD/RUN/HEL = Forces of Nature
OCC/MAA/PD/JES = The Mind’s Eye
OCC/HWM/PD/HEL = In the Red
PD/JES/HEL/LEP = A Cut Above
OCC/RUN/PD/JES = Bittersweet Symphony
OCC/GR/PD/RUN = Smoke and Mirrors
PD/HWM/JES/OCC = The Prestige
OCC/HWM/LEP/JES = Live on Tour
PD/JES/GR/OCC = Occlusion Culling
PD/HWM/JES/GR = Masquerade Ball
OCC/LEP.GR.JES = Death’s Waltz
OCC/PD/JES/RUN = Blaze Black
OCC//HWM/RUN/HELL = Burning Rage
PD/GR/LEP/MAA = The Diplomats
PD/JES/HWM/RUN = Wolf on the Fold
OCC/JES/LEP/MAA = Blunt Force
JES/VES/PD/LEP/ The Motley
OCC/GR/HEL/LEP = Outcasts
OCC/VES/HWM/LEP = Unlikely Tetret
HWM/VES/GR/HEL = Guns ‘n Roses
VES/PD/RUN/HEL = Sisters of Mercy
PD/OCC/VES/MAA = Hook, Serve, Delicious
VES/JES/HEL/LEP = Ghost Busters
PD/OCC/VES/LEP = Doctor / Patient
PD/GR/VES/HEL = Valkyries
GR/VES/HWM/MAA = The Collection
PD/VES/RUN/OCC = Safe than Sorry
JES/OCC/VES/LEP = Light and Darkness
GR/PD/JES/HWM = Knives
VES/RUN/GR/HEL = Night Out
LEP/HEL/VES/OCC = Folie à Quatre
OCC/VES/MAA/HEL = Shouting Match
VES/JES/MAA/LEP = Old King’s Court
OCC/VES/HWM/HEL = Divine Intervention
GR/PD/HEL/MAA = Yellow Brick Road
PD/VES/OCC/HEL = Cultural Exchange
VES/PD/HWM/MAA = The Uneasy Suspects
VES/PD/OCC/MAA = Third Opinion
OCC/VES/RUN/LEP = Stars Above
PD/OCC/VES/RUN = Conflagration
OCC/JES/FLA/LEP = Crimson Court
VES/OCC/FLA/HEL = Grave Discomfort
PD/VES/FLA/LEP = Rue Morgue
VES/PD/FLA/LEP = The Malady Militia
PD/OCC/HEL/FLA = Near Death
VES/RUN/FLA/MAA = Rain of Sorrows
GR/JES/FLA/LEP = No Regrets
PD/OCC/FLA/LEP = Biology Assignment
GR/PD/HWM/FLA = Graveyard Shift
OCC/GR/FLA/LEP = La Danse Macabre
GR/PD/RUN/FLA = Toxin Trickery
OCC/MAA/FLA/HEL = Army of Fools
HWM/PD/HEL/FLA = The Harbingers
RUN/MAA/FLA/LEP = Ruthless Orchestra
JES/MAA/FLA/GR = The Stumbling Corpse
GR/OCC/PD/FLA = Grave Prognosis
VES/JES/FLA/LEP = Bitter Memories
OCC/FLA/HEL/LEP = Pain and Power
OCC/FLA/HWM/LEP = Borrowed Time
PD/RUN/LEP/FLA = Doctor’s Orders
GR/PD/FLA/LEP = Blight Town
PD/GR/FLA/HEL = Cadaver Caravan
PD/GR/FLA/LEP = Rot Squad
RUN/OCC/LEP/FLA = Fever Dream
PD/GR/OCC/FLA = Rain of Blight
PD/HEL/VES/FLA = Medical Breakthrough
GR/PD/FLA/RUN = Dying Blight
VES/RUN/FLA/LEP = Last Light
GR/FLA/HEL/LEP = The Bell Tolls
GR/HWM/MAA/FLA = The Iron Fortress
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