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DarkDIRE Sword of Torn Quest & Walkthrough 1 - steamsplay.com
DarkDIRE Sword of Torn Quest & Walkthrough 1 - steamsplay.com

Step-by–Step guide to the Sword of Torn quest. SPOILERS-A-PLENTY!


DarkDIRE Sword of Torn Quest & Walkthrough - Introduction - D17E21BThe Sword of Torn Quest was added to DarkDIRE back in version 1.19. It spans four kingdoms and is the most difficult quest in the game. The quest's boss fights require players to have strong character builds. It is also difficult to follow certain parts of the quest because they don't use a quest arrow. I have yet not seen a player complete this quest so I decided to create a step by step walkthrough.
If you are able to complete this quest, you'll be crowned Knight of Torn and receive a one-handed sword, the "Sword of Torn", which was crafted from meteorite and haunted with the powerful spirit of Lady Torn. Also, a matching magical scabbard will be provided for the sword.
DarkDIRE has seen a lot of change since The Sword of Torn's release in version 1.19. I have fixed some issues in the quest with release 1.90.
Depending on the nation in which your character is from, the mechanics of the quest and even the ability to complete it may change. This walkthrough is best for characters that are part of The Trade Union Merchants Nation.
These are some items that I would recommend you have before you begin your quest.

  • Elixir Of Enlightenment – You will find Magic Runes throughout the world that must to be read to unlock a door. Your character must pa*s an Intelligence Check to be able read the rune. This potion will give you a temporary boost in intelligence that will allow your character to read any Magic Rune. This item is frequently sold at healers.
  • Elixir to Might: You will need strength in order to push the blocks out of your path. This potion will temporarily give you an increase in strength, which will allow you push any blocks that could block your path. This item is frequently sold at healers.
  • Backpacks – The quest will fill you inventory with keys and other essential items. A few backpacks can be used to store everything, without running out.
  • Scroll of the Remove Curse: If you're interested in using the cursed sword…
  • Bedroll: For quick recovery of stamina and health while you are sleeping.
  • Compa*s: Any type of compa*s will work. Did you know that you could target your compa*s and choose to use it to open a mapping map?

DarkDIRE Sword of Torn Quest & Walkthrough - Introduction - 45863CF
Interesting Fact: Did You Know that all the boss NPCs are regular player characters I created while playing the game. They have custom-made equipment that matches their skills and are therefore strong.

Swampstone: Rank One Trade Union Merchant Kingdom

This quest begins in Swampstone. Talk to Garvin Telldoor at the inn at X.94 Y.76.
Follow the conversation: kindof occupied? remove?
The ink keeper can send you to remove any guest who refuses to leave. This guest is at X:99 Y.66. Jarat Shakefood is Jarat's name. To open his door, you will need the key that the innkeeper provided.
Continue the conversation: kill? no? looking? talking? listening? killing? sear? bring? camping?
Jarat gives to you a mysterious sword wrapped with cloth. Sear must receive it at X.236 Y.181.
Sear and his henchmen are waiting to attack you when you arrive at the camp. During the fight, you will find the mysterious sword unwrapped. It is a cursed sword named Lagion. It is cursed and evil so I do not recommend it. A robe called Magicbane will be sent to you. This item provides magic resistance, which will be necessary for this quest. You will also receive the key.
After defeating your enemies, go back to Jarat and speak to him again.
Follow the conversation: Unwrapped key? terma?
He now asks you to go into the storehouse, and deliver the sword via a magic portal. If you have not, put on the magic robe Magicbane. The storehouse is infested magical-casting moon-bloods.
Visit the storehouse's entrance at the address X:226/Y:176 to explore the building. To continue, you will need to have a bow and some arrows. If you don’t have them, there are two options: a bow at X.227 Y.159 or a quiver at X.218 Y.158.
Once you are both at X:236 and Y:164, fire an arrow to the south through the wall. This will trigger a switch that will open a door. Be careful. Now go to X.238 and Y.170. The door will open to the portal area.
To activate the portal, flip over the lever at south end of room. This will take you to Swampstone's Crystal Sea.

Crystal Sea: Rank 5 Set from Ares-Set Kingdom

The portal will take you to another portal room located in Crystal Sea. You will be hidden behind a wall. You will be invisible to the guards until you move. Once you are ready, you can use the portal to return to Swampstone. With the key obtained from Sear earlier in this quest, you can unlock the door.
NOTE: Guardians drop healing potions, and generic keys.
Fighting your way through Terma caves to a hidden nook located at X.33 Y.0. Here are the remains of a fallen knight. Take gem and the book. Read the journal.
You have found the remains Sir Hane’s loyal companion, the same knight that wrote the journal. Sir Hane was with his companion in the Crystal Sea, where they were attempting to recover the corrupted Sword of Torn now called Lagion or the Scabbard Of Torn. Wonder what happened Sir Hane.
You have the sword. However, you still need to find its scabbard. The scabbard is available in the Crystal Sea.
You will need to fight your way out the caves. You must be careful because the enemies will jump up from Rank 2 and Rank 5 once you leave the caves. Moon-Bloods, gla*s cannons which hit hard but then fall quickly, are a good time to take your time. The guard can be very tough. Keep your stamina and strength up by using the bedroll during fights. At least one bra*s key should be obtained from dead guards.
You might need it in Tornton.
DarkDIRE Sword of Torn Quest & Walkthrough - Crystal Sea: Rank 5 Set of Ares-Set Kingdom - 55279DC
HINT: Greencastle Expansion members can also hire a Knight for Hospitality. Take a trip to Union Port to hire help at the Freelance Lounge at X.20 Y.266.
Fight your way towards X:101 and Y:122 You must walk on the letters correctly to solve this puzzle. To spell SET, you will need to walk over S, then E, and then T. Before you enter the Dungeon of Ares Set go west/left along to the coast to X.101X.73. Flip this lever once and return to the Dungeon Entrance, X:101Y.118.
Grab the lamp oil and head north after you have defeated the enemies. Locate the torch at X.97 Y.115. Find a lamp in X:106Y:93.
Be careful when you enter the room at X.101 Y.99, The Odd Room. Push the block at the X:102 Y.94 North to gain unlimited access. Otherwise, the floor will collapse. If you can't push it, you can use the Elixir to Might.
The Northern Watch Room will have a Crystal Sea Key at X:101 E:77 (, provided that no one else has obtained it first). It should have spawned by the outside lever you flipped at Ex:101 Y.73.
Take the key and return to the Dungeon Entrance. Unlock the door at X.103X:110.
The Murder Hole Room at X.120 Y.110 is very difficult. Important: Light your torch or lamp and grab the torch at the end of each room to open the door. You will be amazed by traps, and Moon-Bloods behind the walls will rain down magic attacks on you.
Once you are there, go north to X.111.Y.98. To see the Necklace of the Evil Eye, use your torch/lamp to light both lamps.
Make sure to turn off your torch/lamp. Take the necklace, and head north. At X:114Y:82, exit the dungeon and follow the coastline east. Enter the Witch Cave at X.134 Y.77.
Go to the pedestal located at X.128.Y.90. Wearing the Necklace of the Evil Eye, an Area-Set Dungeon keys will appear. Take the key. Leave the Witch Cave and return to the main Dungeon at X.114 Y.81.
The new key will allow you to unlock the back doors of Murder Room and exact some revenge.
Go to X.134.Y.109 to fight through the temple area.
BOSS FIGHT: Brous the Blood Well

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Do not step on the blue tiles. It is a trap. They will force you into the middle a group of enemies. There is a secret tunnel at the address X:151, Y:95. You can walk through these walls.
Brous, the Blood Well boss, is found inside. He is a health regen-builder who is also surrounded with healers. He carries "XOR, the Sword of Depths", the magic sword of Crystal Sea. It will AOE with low damage frequently. To pull down a small number of enemies at a given time, use the secret tunnel. End the fight with Brous.
Brous will require high damage output in order to defeat you once you have taken on him. His health will regenerate very quickly. If you're unable to defeat him, you might need to improve your skills, create better equipment, or ask for help (players or NPCs). Brous can be the most difficult boss in this quest, depending on how you build your character.
The door will be opened once Brous is defeated. Brous will be able to drop his equipment. But, make sure you get the Treasury Key he drops.
Turn north through the door, and you will find the Treasury Door at X:192Y:90. You will find two magic swords when you unlock the door. The Scabbard of Torn is the item that you are looking for.
You will work your way east out of the dungeon to open the gate at the X:231:Y:109.
Once you are outside the gate, go south around the coast. Locate the bear cave at: X:178 Y.131. Defeat this bear to activate the magic ruin in the cave. If the magic ruin is not activated, you can use the Elixir of Enlightenment.
Now that you have the cursed sword Lagion in your possession, grab the Gem of The Forgotten Knight and teleport into the kingdom of Tornton.
Tornton (random site) contains a graveyard as well as the family tomb of Weryn. The journal contains the location. To unlock the tomb's doors, you will need to have a key. The crystal sea key may work, but other guards may drop keys. You can defeat the evil undead in the interior. Talk to the Knight of Torn ghost. He is waiting to be returned his sword and scabbard. You have both.
DarkDIRE Sword of Torn Quest & Walkthrough - Crystal Sea: Rank 5 Set of Ares-Set Kingdom - D302CE6
Follow the conversation: sword torn? ares-set? good? suun-more? ares? moon? calibur? sealed? baal? blocks? library? older?
The knight's ghost can give you a Great Library Key. To obtain the Spellstone, the knight's ghost will give you a Great Library Key. You can use a compa*s to find a post that is traveling. This is the best way to get there. Follow the Storehouse portal back towards the Crystal Sea to Swampstone.
Go back into the dungeon, just before the room in which you fought Brous The Blood Well. There is another secret tunnel at the X:170/Y:124. You can unlock the true library at Ares by using the key that the Ghost the Knight of Torn provided. You will find the Spellstone at: X:195 Y.132. You can also get some vorpal epic weapons for free.
Optional Side Adventure: Library of Aresset: Now go to the X:247/Y:98 address and enter the Cave of the RedCaps. Unless you want to fight more enemies, avoid the spawning ranes. Make sure you're wearing the Necklace of the Evil-Eye. You can also pick up the hidden Ares-Set Library Key, X:258Y:63. Return to the Evil Library Door, X:192:Y:93. There are some Evil-Eyed epic weapons available for you to take.
Use the Gem for the Forgotten Knight to return Tornton and again talk with the Ghost of Torn.
Follow the conversation: spellstone spellstaff? paladin?
You will be gifted a Gem Of Lady Torn. It will allow you to teleport to Grifmae Valley.

Grifmae Valley, Rank 6 Conclave of Secrets Kingdom

The elves in Grifmae Vally are hostile to many strangers. If you are a member or a trade union member, they will not attack you. Talk to Sir Hane at the old Paladin’s cottage.
Follow the Conversation: Did you fail? spellstone? spellstaff? grifmae? elves? faith? aelf? restore? field? new? information? guild? prepare? hid? evening?
This will give the quest to locate a part of the tool that the thieves guild has left behind. Follow the quest until X:61Y:37. To cross the bridge, you will need to go to X.61 Y.37. You will then find the path at X.77 Y.97. Once you reach X.61Y:37, take the shovel and dig up the hook. You can take it and use Lady Torn's Gem to quickly return Sir Hane.
The next quest will be the same. To dig up a necklace, it will take you X.110 Y.49. Sir Hane will return it to you and give you the next fetch quest.
This quest will take your to X.115 Y.123: Once you get it, you can return to Sir Hane with a Gem of Lady Torn.
Sir Hane will show you how to a*semble your tool and take you to Lady Torn's ancient temple at X:33:Y:183. Be sure to bring the Scabbard and Lagion of Torn. There will be a block blocking your entrance. Push it out of the way. If you need to, use the Elixir of Might.
Enter the Forgotten Temple Lady Torn and stand in front of the statue of the diamond. Lagion will appear to threaten you.
DarkDIRE Sword of Torn Quest & Walkthrough - Grifmae Valley: Rank 6 Conclave of Secrets Kingdom - 91D1A5E
Drop the weapon's scabbard at the Stone Circle named Weapon Scabbard in Torn. The door will open. You will transform into a cat if you go north into the room.
Go back, take the weapon scabbard with you and return to.
Combat is something you should avoid if you're a cat. Also, it's best to avoid going during the day to avoid the undead.
Talk to Fishbane the cat by going to X.29 Y.21. To speak to him, you must have a cat. If your cat buff expires you can return the temple to obtain it again.
Follow the conversation: fishbane cats? task? me? combs?
You will now need to talk to Combs (X:47, Y:286). Combs may be moving around so you may need search around.
Keep the conversation going: yes? good? key?
Return to Fishbane at the X:29 and Y:21 times, and he will give another quest.
Follow the conversation: Other? convincing? faith? elves?
Fishbane will forward you to Prissy (one of his other brothers) at X:154 Y.236.
You may have to run around in circles to pa*s the guards. Talk to Prissy if aggro is low.
Follow the conversation: stole? bad? key?
Prissy said that he had left the key at the hands of nature. Take the Castle Mae Key and go to X.159 Y.230. It is behind the statue.
Fishbane can be reached at the address listed above.
Follow the conversation: prissy last? tarts?
Tarts are located at X.295 Y.220. He is hiding behind a bush. You might need to cut it down in order for him to be visible.
Follow the conversation: where? get? nonone? griffins? avoid?
In the Griffen Cave, the key is hid by tarts. To get it, go to X.281 Y.64
After you have the key back to Fishbane. He will then send you back to Sir Hane at the following address: X:132 Y.10. For a quick route back to Sir Hane, use the Gem of Lady Torn. If you don’t want to wait for your cat buff to expire, you can use a remove buff trap at: X:279Y:198.
Talk to Sir Hane if the cat shape buff has expired.
Follow the conversation: a*sa*sin worries? thinks? fights? yes?
BOSS FIGHT: Board Dark Hand
Boar The Dark Hand is a high defense a*sa*sin. Boar doesn’t attack first. When he defeats you, take the Phase Blade. Return to Sir Hane
Everything you need now to get the Spellstaff should be in your possession. Go to X.227.Y.18. To cross, use the grappling hook. Once you're on the other side of the coastline, fight your way east.
Yellow Ethereal Trees will appear when you reach X.25 Y.28. The Phase Dagger can be used to walk through them. WARNING! The dagger will drain you of your health. Continue west through the trees, and quickly unwield your dagger on the opposite side. Rest and regain health before you continue. Turn the switch on at the East Switch House. Use the Phase Dagger to get back to the coast.
Once you reach X.240, Y.162, head west into the forest. Continue west to X:173Y.161, and then head south to reach the Elven Smith shop. Take the key and unlock the door at X.164. This is a false wall. Go south through this false wall to activate your Magical Rune. If you are in need of Enlightenment, you can use the Elixir of Enlightenment.
Turn around and head west until you reach Castle Mae Doors. These can be unlocked and you will find the Western Wall Key in the castle at X.126 Y.165. Then, leave the castle in the same way you entered it.
Turn south to the coast. If necessary, you can use the Elixir to Might. Follow the coast to the west.
Once you reach X.161 Y.56, use Phase Blade to traverse the tree south. Enter the gatehouse, and flip the switch.
Continue south along the brick road to reach the coast. Use the Nursery key to open the doors.
You can use the Phase Blade to move between the trees. The flowers signify places you can go back to normal to rest and restore your health. Beware of the Aleya spirits, they will attack when you are ethereal.
Take the brick road south and follow the signs to X.185 Y.88. Take a look at the map and find your way towards X:171Y:123. This is the path that will take you through the maze. You will be at X.162 Y.143.
DarkDIRE Sword of Torn Quest & Walkthrough - Grifmae Valley: Rank 6 Conclave of Secrets Kingdom - 5F09B6C
Follow the phase blade to X.114Y:148. Next, go south to (X.114Y:156) and switch off ethereal. Wait for your health to be restored. From here, you can go west towards X:92Y:158.
Be on the lookout for Griffins. Lock the door at X.88Y.169 and go in. To stop the Griffins from entering, lock the door. Continue and be ready for wood aelfs, lions, and other threats.
Head west through the forest to X.73. You will reach a graveyard.
Enter the Tomb, and push the block at the X:104 Y.226. Push another block at: X:107Y:222. The floor circle marks a false wall. It will be impossible to pa*s through without being ethereal. Use the flowers to mark your place and regen your health.
You must exit the maze at: X:147 Y.204. Use the magical rune. If you are in need of Enlightenment, you can use the Elixir of Enlightenment.
Return the way you came and go past the graveyard, to the lion's enclosure, and open the door at: X:91 Y.182.
You will find X:94 Y182, then lock the doors behind you to keep the enemies away.
There is an ambush on X:138Y:189. After defeating them, open your door and enter.
BOSS FIGHT: Arlie Me the Arcane Grinder
The sign says "Magic Keep". Be prepared to fight mages. Arlie Mae, Arcane Griffin, drops Elite Key. The Spellstaff can be purchased at X.146 Y.215. There are many other treasures in this area. The portal called "Magic Keep", will teleport, but only to a hazardous spot. To exit the griffin cavern, run north immediately after you have used the portal.
Sir Hane will return you to continue your quest to join the Spellstone, and the Spellstaff. Make sure you have both.
Follow the quest to find the sorcerer. To find him, you'll need to walk along the waterfall's bottom. Once the sorcerer is able to join the Spellstone & Spellstaff, the Rod of Spells will become yours. Return to Sir Hane
Sir Hane will send your back to Temple of Lady Torn. Once you have reached the quest coordinates, wait until the quest ends before entering the temple. Next, enter the temple. Stand just south of Lady Torn's Statue at X.22 Y.186.
Lagion will wage war against him. After the battle is won the cursed sword Lagion can be returned to the Sword of Torn. The Scabbard of Torn, too, will be restored. You have also been awarded the title of Knight in Torn.


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