DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED Spoilers & Useful Game Tips

DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED Spoilers & Useful Game Tips 1 - steamsplay.com
DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED Spoilers & Useful Game Tips 1 - steamsplay.com

This guide contains spoilers about gear and places and some npcs and it can be useful to more experienced players too.
Alright, lets break it into some segments first:
1. Choosing your class and gift
2. First areas
3. Early game
4. Mid game
5. Late / End game
6. DLC – Finale
7. Additional information
1. Choosing your class and gift.
I recommend one of those 2 classes : 1. Pyromancer – Because it starts on SL1 and you can have Pyro Glove immediately – Pyromancy may show useful in this run. Chose Master Key.. 2. Thief – It starts with Master Key, so you can choose any other gift, l obviously recommend Black Firebomb if your plan is to have that delicious hammer early. (STR Build)
2. First areas
Now there are 3 paths. For more of a casual style l recommend going to Blighttown and its boss first, even if you don’t have a good weapon you can kill NPC invader there and summon them to help you out. Boss is strong for you but not them, bait the boss with attacks so NPC can kill it for you. – Another advantage of this route is because you will have access to more pyromancy easily, and upgrading it if you like the path, also next boss is easy to be killed and you gain nice early armor. You will gain a lot of souls so its a nice boost for the start. – Only issue may be going back up to shrine from there but its absolutely worth in my opinion.
Other option for a casual playthrough is that you go to Catacombs first. Area is deadly but short, just drop down before first passage over bridge, do not light any bonfire if you decide to explore it can be run ending mistake! Make sure to be human, NPC summon will await you. After the boss dip back to Shrine, do not proceed and do not light any bonfires, you will be pwned. Use shield to block the boss and let NPC pwn it. You don’t need special weapons.
No Summon path – Go up the stairs, follow path till you reach the boss, its funny because for hardcore players most obvious path is the way.
3. Early game
Lmao you still don’t have a proper weapon, but do not worry. If you decided on Blighttown first you may have some good pyromancy with you. If not going to Catacombs is the way for easy weapon, you will have to get Gravelord’s sword. Minimum Strength you need for it is 16 but you also need 13 Dexterity, just don’t tell anyone you leveled that. Sword has bad scaling and upgrading is expensive, so if you do not plan going for Strength build it is still viable. If you like Strength pick up Zweihander on a graveyard next to the Shrine (Second Path)
For Dex best option is Balder Sword, you have to farm it tho, good luck.
Another option is going for Drake Sword, its weaker but it only has STR requirement and base DEX of 10.
Yet another option is trying to kill Black Knights in their respective areas for their very strong weapons.
> Those Scale with Dex/Str but more with Str minimum and recommended is just 36 Str and 18 Dex.
– Get Havel’s Ring and Grass Crest Shield going down the tower into woods following the third path.
– Go for the other boss required to open Sens Fortress, ring the bell after beating them.
> Following path for that boss there is a NPC locked nearby, release him and return to shrine, kick them of the ledge and quit out and reload to pick up their items. Ring of Favor will be one of them, equip that ring. (Never unequip because it will break)
– Get Woods (Basin) boss.
-Clear Sens Fortress and its boss with pyromancy and your Gravelord Sword
4. Mid Game
Welcome to Anor Londo!
– Go left from bonfire to kill some enemies and get Crystal Halberd. That’s your new main weapon.
> Crystal Halberd has fixed durability of 20 and it will break after it reaches 0, on 6 you will get a warning and weapon will be weaker,
use it only for bosses while your clearing tools are Pyromancy and/ or Gravelord Sword or maybe Zweihander.
> Crystal Helberd is only fixed by reinforcing it and by no other means, it requires chunks to reinforce it and it is recommended after it falls to 0 or 6 durability.
> Kill Anor Londo Boss
> Kill additional Anor Londo Boss (optional and it will remove access to some covenants)
Now you have tool that lets you warp, talk to beast in Shrine to activate gates, or follow Blighttown path but stop to explore Dark Londo and its boss for alternate beast and placing if you wish for PvP.
5. Late/End game
Weapons specified should carry you, or if you find anything other with nice scaling for your build invest in it. This is just no thinking ez run. Now you might have to reinforce your Crystal Halberd a bit. If you are lucky you already have some of Black Knight weapons, decide on one you like and reinfoce it with Twinkling Titanite, it will be your main carry. If no luck level Pyromancy glove and it will carry you when Crystal Halberd can’t. 4 gates are open and 4 new paths with them too.
> Kill Lower Undead Burg Boss and Depths Boss if you didin’t
Gates are open Following those paths : 1. Blighttown Path – after killing second boss, lava will go away, following the path golden gate will be removed, kill 2 bosses there and one more that will be one of the main 4. 2. Dark Londo hides one of the main 4. 3. Left of the Anor Londo first bonfire, golden gate is broken, it will lead you to one boss that is one of the main 4. 4. Deeper in the Catacombs golden gate is broken leading to the final boss of the main 4.
– Considering the difficulty l recommend going 1, 3, 4, 2.
– At this point if you forgot return to Asylum boss do it, find the doll and enter the painting in Anor Londo for additional boss. Note : Area can’t be left till you enter boss arena and decide to leave or kill them.
Note : For the main boss number 2 you must wear certain ring which requires killing additional boss behind the gate in the Basin, kill your blacksmith Andre for it or buy for 20k souls.
DLC – Finale
I recommend doing DLC area as last before final boss because it is most difficult.
– Get your weapons reinforced to the maximum
> Kill all 3 DLC bosses
Note 1: After killing first DLC boss kill the NPC next to the bonfire for the 3 Elizabeth Mushroom – powerful healing consumable
Note 2: Do not consume second DLC boss (not the one when you go down) soul after killing them, instead just light bonfire after them, rest and return into boss room and kill NPC inside to get armor with huge curse resist (useful for Anor Londo golden gate boss) and decent PvE/PvP dex weapon. After that you are free to consume the soul.
Note 3: For the final boss in the DLC you have to trigger cutscene for it to be fightable in normal ways.
> Go below the Shrine where your warp tool is placed, feed it main 4 souls for it to unlock final boss area.
> Defeat the final boss (If you offered 30 humanity to the NPC after Blighttown boss in order to save Solaire, he can be summoned for this fight.
7. Additional information
– I’ve finished my No Estus-No Humanity-No Heal-No Regen run this way and had pretty ez time. It was bit spicy at times but it wasn’t too sweaty, proving that Crystal Halberd, Pyromancy or any Black Knight weapon or all together will give you easy time. :p
> If you plan on doing this run l recommend going for Catacombs late because there is no way to survive the fall and kill the boss without significant amount of HP. You can also take no damage if you buy Fall Control spell from NPC later on. (requires 15 intelligence)


This guide purpose is to explain how to beat the game easily while you are having fun doing so 😛

Written by BadWitch

Hope you enjoy the post for DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED Spoilers & Useful Game Tips, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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