Cyberpunk 2077 Where is Zaria located?

Cyberpunk 2077 Where is Zaria located? 3 -
Cyberpunk 2077 Where is Zaria located? 3 -

Welcome. This Cyberpunk 2077 Where is Zaria located?

An article on a mysterious possibility that could happen after you defeat the cyberpsycho “Zaria Hughes” in the Watson District.

Where can I find Zaria?

Zaria is located in the Watson district, in the following location, and she will just begin her spawning at 8pm.

Cyberpunk 2077 Where is Zaria located? - Where can I find Zaria? - CE11806

This is the local:

Cyberpunk 2077 Where is Zaria located? - Where can I find Zaria? - EF5713E

The first sound and the fight

However, I’m not certain about the level required for fighting her(cuz every time I battle the psycos, I’m around level 20plus), but It’s not difficult to defeat. I believe that the melee method is the faster one (because she’s able to dodge bullets).

The strange sound (a terrifying breathing sound) begin as soon as you get to the area to investigate. This is what you see in the video. It begins at 0:16.

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The interesting thing is that the sound can continue to continue for an interminable time after the fight. It continues to repeat until you save or reload your save games. (As you’ll learn in the next section.)

A bug or a kind of “scary” feature?

Is this a frightening feature or just an issue? When you’ve finished the battle the sound will keep repeating until you reload your save. The save will continue to repeat until you reload it. (The first time that this happened to me was about a year ago during my first playthrough, and they’ve never “fixed” this issue in the current version of patches.)

I did some internet research about the lore (and it is well-known that this quest has a horror vibe with glitches and screen glitches) of this quest, Zaria, but I couldn’t find any information about the infinite noise.

You can rest or advance time in the game and the sound will continue to play. The sound of it continued to annoy me, even though I was already in the badlands with another cyberpsycho.

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If you’d like to test it yourself, visit the location and save it before fighting her. If the sound stops then reload the save and try again. To test it I played it a few times over the course of today. The sound would sometimes continue and at other times it stopped.

Feel free to make a comment here if similar experiences prior to. (Mine was at dawn while I was playing and this happened.)

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