Crystal Project Quintar Breeding Guide

Crystal Project Quintar Breeding Guide 1 -
Crystal Project Quintar Breeding Guide 1 -

This is a simple guide to Quintar Breeding.


To begin breeding you need to beat Quintar “mini-bosses” that are located at specific places (usually in Overpass) and gain quintar-eggs of different types and natures.
Blue = Rental
Red = Normal
Ingame tips:
River and Trusty can only be found in the wild.
Fancy can only come from an egg.
Fiendish parent = Type and Nature equal to Fiendish parent.
Brutish parent = Type equal to Brutish parent, Nature from the other parent if possible.
Brutish will override Fiendish
Fancy parent = Allows mutations, meaning that the type can be something other than either parent.

Capture Locations

In Rolling Quintar Fields:
Blue Fiendish
North West of Okinawa:
Red Trusty
West of Callisto Shrine:
Red Trusty
West of Northern Stretch:
River Woke
West of Catfish Sanctuary:
River Woke
North West of Dione Shrine:
Blue Trusty
North East in Quintar Reserve:
Red Woke
Nearby Yamagawa M.A.:
Blue Trusty
Poko Poko Desert South East:
Desert Brutish
Poko Poko Desert South West:
Desert Brutish
Poko Poko Desert North West:
Desert Fiendish
West of Ancient Labyrith:
Red Trusty

Breeding Basics

Fiendish X Anything = Fiendish
Woke X Trusty = Fancy
Fancy X Trusty = Woke
Fancy X Woke = Brutish
Red X Blue and one parent Fancy = Highland
Fancy Desert X River = Black
Fancy Highland X River = Aqua
Black X Aqua = Golden
Breeding Requirements:
Mood must be “Happy!”
Required number of different race-tracks won for a parent if the other parent is of the following type:
Blue, red = 0
River, Desert, Highland = 2
Black = 3
Aqua = 4
Golden = 5? (not tested)
Desert X Black:
Desert parent must win on 3 different race tracks, the Black parent must win on 2 different race-tracks and both parents must be “Happy!” for the Breeding to be successful.

The Breeding

Recommended Quintars to Capture:
Blue Trusty
Red Woke
River Woke
Desert Brutish
1: Blue Trusty X River Woke = Blue Fancy
2: Blue Fancy X Red Woke = Highland Brutish
Highland Brutish X Blue Fancy = Highland Fancy
Highland Fancy X River Woke = Aqua Brutish
3: Desert Brutish X River Woke = Desert Woke *
Aqua Brutish X Desert Woke = Aqua Woke
4: Desert Brutish X Blue Fancy = Desert Fancy *
Desert Fancy X River Woke = Black Brutish
Black Brutish X Desert Fancy = Black Fancy
5: Black Fancy X Aqua Woke = Golden Brutish
I picked Desert Woke and Desert Fancy as the quintars to breed into Black Brutish and Aqua Brutish because I found them the easiest to win 4 races with (1, 2, 3 and 4 or 5). If you like the Highland quintar better, you can change them to Highland Woke and Highland Fancy in the first part of step 3* and 4* respectively (Desert Brutish -> Highland Brutish). The breeding sequence in this guide was made when Black Quintar required the other parent to have won 4 races before it would agree to mate (now requires 3).
If you need help with the races there is a guide for it written by another member of the community.

Written by Respwner

Here we come to an end for Crystal Project Quintar Breeding Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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