Crypt How to Win Strategy Guide

Crypt How to Win Strategy Guide 1 -
Crypt How to Win Strategy Guide 1 -

Don't panic. Prepare.

Start the game

Step 0 – In the Title Screen go to Options and then check Can Win the game. Start the game.
Step 1: Use your key to exit the beginning area.
Step 2: Find the strange artifact close to the coffin.
During the above steps, press E next to any pots that are visible. This could save you some time in preparation.

Preparation for Running


Greg can roam from this point onwards if you pick up any keys. He will bang his coffin but won't be able get out of bed until you grab your first key. Below is a list of what preparation you should do. Mentally note down the locations of all keys and remember where they are.

The Lever Room 2 keys

Switch the levers to this configuration in the lever area. This orientation will be from the moment that you enter the leverroom (R is for lever pointing right, L is for level pointing left)
From there, you will be able to walk across the bridges, starting from the left going forward, then moving left, and finally reaching the end of the room. DO NOT GET THE KEN. Instead, find a Tome and go. Note the location of the second key, which is on the ground below and possibly under the second bridge to the last bridge you cross when leaving the room. It glows, so search for a glowing spot.

The Stone Room, 1 Key

The Stone Room is located just to the left from the four key holes in main room. Three blocks are stacked on top one another and you need to make the correct permutation to unlock this key. These symbols can be found within The Maze. But we're too busy to look at symbols, so we're going force the lock. Rotate the top three times, the middle two times, and then the bottom three times. DO NOT PICK UP YOUR KEY. Instead, go to The Maze. Pick up any Tomes in this room and head out.
If you don’t want to walk around looking like a chicken without its head, I suggest that you go to this.
guide –
This guide will show you how to navigate the maze using all the maps and point you in the right direction for any tomes you may have missed. You can rate this guide five stars if it was enjoyable.

The Maze, 1 key

The maze can be very confusing. The maze is made up of three layers. This maze may be meant to match the Stone Room. You can check each layer (to search for the tomb. If you haven’t found it yet,) is where you will look for a little corner. Inside is a key. If you still haven't found the tome search for it and find your way back to this key room. Otherwise, it is time to execute our escape plan.


You should be in the Maze by the key and have the 3 tomes.
These are the names of the tomes:

  • Tome of Perdito Tempus
  • Tome of Foetor
  • Tome of Stercus

BEFORE YOU START, once Greg has picked up your keys, Greg will spawn and begin to get faster. It is RECOMMENDED that you use the following movement tech. Move diagonally and occasionally press sprint. This will give you maximum speed to outrun Greg when you're moving through obstacles.
Now, let's start.
First, grab your key and escape the maze. Although it is easier said than done. Greg should not be after you. Continue on to the Coffin Room, then go into the Stone Room. Grab the key from the Key Room and return to Coffin Room. Quickly move to the Lever Room. Cross the platforms to the opposite side of the room to grab the key. You will need to cross the platforms again and then drop down where the key was found. You will then find the (staircase on the right side of the room. If you are running back), you can find the keyholes.
The order you place your keys seems to matter (. To make luck, put them in the following order: 3 1 2 4,). Pushing them in should activate a secret exit in the maze.
Reports indicate that the exit can also be found at these locations:

  • In the Stone Room just behind the Pedestal.
  • The Lever Room is located at the far end, just to the left from the pedestal.
  • At the bottom of the Maze.
  • In the middle level, in a long corridor.

Place each of the books on the pedestals and the exit opens.


Now, rub it in Greg’s face.
Thank you to the following steam members who helped to solve the puzzle, and helped YOU win the game.
CellarPhantom or EL REY DEL SERVIDOR to locate the secret exit.
KektusBOD (& many others) to help you move diagonally and faster.
gristCollector is a great tool to help you find an easier solution for your Stone Room.

Nightmare Mode

This is the point where you should stop playing if there are no more achievements.
Click options to activate nightmare mode. Enable the Greggening and Can Win Games. This strategy will require more effort than in normal mode but if you can efficiently kite Greg, this strategy CAN work.
I recommend the following: Find the key in the maze and insert it into the slot. Follow the bridges to reach lever room. There, you will find the keys. Next, go into the stone room. Grab the key and insert it in the last slot. Then HOPE the exit will appear in the stoneroom.


Written by Veldstadt

Here we come to an end for Crypt How to Win Strategy Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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