CounterSide Tier List New Player Guide

CounterSide Tier List New Player Guide 1 -
CounterSide Tier List New Player Guide 1 -

This site is your only source for all information about the game. – []
You can find complete (stats and) tier lists on the site. This information is based on KR) employees, operators, ships and skins. You will also find guides for PvP, shops, currencies, gears.
All credit goes out to Antillar and Prydwen who gave me permission to share this site.

The Beginner Guide's Preview

About Counterside

Counter side is a sideroller tower defense hero collection. It's a lot of words. The goal of the game is to deploy your heros and destroy the enemy base. Your mission is to avoid your base being destroyed. I won't go into detail about game mechanics, as you will quickly understand them when you play the game. Keep in mind the combat diagram benefits for easier stage clearings if you ever find yourself struggling.
CounterSide Tier List New Player Guide - Beginner Guide's Preview - F37285E

Frequently Asked Question

Is this a free game?
Yes, but only so long as you don’t want to compete at the Ranked Arena. The rewards difference between the top ranks and the bottom ranks is small and Ranked Poker is all about bragging. You can also play Strategy PVP, where you pick one of three players and the game runs on auto. This mode gives you the same currency that you can use to shop in both modes.
Basically, there are events or calendars running at any moment that give tons of stuff for free. Developers are generous.
Can I use emulators to play the game?
Yes, but there is a PC client (available in SEA – Global. It will not be available on launch). However, the official Steam client will be available shortly after launch).
How do rates look?
It's 3.5% to get the highest rarity in game – SSR – on a standard banner. 1% is for the employee who was featured, and 2.5% is to get an SSR worker from the general pool.
You only need to pull 150 pulls to reach pity. Also, there is no penalty for pitting someone you don’t like.
Awakened employees can be obtained on a awakened banner (. This is basically UR rarity from all other games). It's the same chance as for a normal banner: 3.5% overall and 1.1% to get an awakened employee. The difference is that the pity can be saved and not lost when the current awakened Banner ends. This means that you can get an awakened employee approximately every 2-3 month if you're not lucky. Currently, there are 14 awakened workers in the game.
Check out our
Awakened Employee
If you are interested in learning more about them, please refer to the guide.
Are there auto-battle and skip tickets?
Both. However, auto-battle is much smarter than other gachas. If you have the right team, you can clear the majority of game's content by using auto battle.
You will be able to skip a stage if you score 3 stars. Some modes can't be skipped. However, they are in the minority.
Is this a primary or a secondary game?
The main game will be the only one until you unlock all your characters, resources, and then it will become a solid sidegame with many events and added content. If you prefer something more competitive, then the main focus of the game would be the live PVP.
How long does it take you to complete all the dailies
It took approximately 15 minutes for the skip option to be added.

Managing stamina

Eternium, which is what this game refers to as stamina, is what you get in this game. You will quickly level up and receive thousands of Eternium every time you do. You should never use the Get All button on Mail after you have settled your account. Never. You can simply open one mail whenever you run out of Eternium.
It is best to prioritize farming events over all else during events. Not only are they more expensive per Eternium, but the event shop is full with goodies!

Managing Quartz

Quartz is the premium currency and you should never pull on normal banners even though the game offers it. A 10-pull) Quartz (costs 1.5k. Why? Because the game gives enough Blue Contracts to summon tickets). It is best to summon them instead. Quartz are more easily exchangeable for Black Tickets. For 2.7k quartz, you can buy 220 black tickets per week. That's 11 pulls on an awakened banner.
The daily shop should be refreshed 5 times per day. Each refresh costs 15 quartz for 75 total. You can also use the blue summoning tickets (to summon characters. The shop items can be quite expensive so it is worth waiting a few weeks before you refresh it daily.
Quartz will also be required to expand your gear and employee inventories. But only when you truly need it.


To find all the information you need, check out the other guide
A great starter account.

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