Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander Career Mode + Resources and Ship Basics

Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander Career Mode + Resources and Ship Basics 1 -
Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander Career Mode + Resources and Ship Basics 1 -

Cosmoteer falls somewhere between Factorio, FTL:Faster than Light.

Both paragons are extremely complicated, and it can be difficult for people to find the right corner.

This guide aims at providing valuable and concise starting knowledge.


Nearly all available resources at the time of writing are youtube videos between 10 and 30+ minutes.

Career mode is excellent, but early mistakes can seriously hinder your progression. People who are busy and want a lot of fun can also miss some valuable things.

Ship Basics

  • A Laser-based ship is the best choice. They use fewer resources, so they require less crew and space micromanagement.
  • An understaffed battleship can be taken to task by an overstaffed fighter. Guns need constant supply and, in combat conditions, can and will be snagged. This is why you will spend most time optimizing your game.
  • Layers of tessellated 2×1 armour (are added, just like bricks). This spreads damage out more than solid blocks.
  • Use the copy/paste function and the mirror placement feature. It can make for somewhat bland ships, but it will get you More Dakka faster with fewer clicks.
  • Engines can and should go in armored boxes. Physics aside, when you start building your ship to big boy numbers, cubes with thrusters pointing inward’ with armored cells last longer.
  • You can slow down your crew by making use of rooms.
  • Manual Door and Corridor placement can be your friend – sometimes, a place is better when there are More Dakka Windows.
  • OSHA is for plebs. A barracking crew is next to a chemical plant/live reactor/explosive cache.

    Because of the shorter paths, it is a great idea.

  • Bigger Reactors require less overall crew – S/M/L generate 1/2/3 Installed Battery per crew trip, which means more things powered.


Resource Basics

  • Basic trade is not profitable. You can choose to be a miner or a pirate privateer.
  • Crewman 50 is worth around 1000 Monies regardless of how many ships you own – fewer crew, surrounded by more armor = richer.
  • Shields and Armour are cost-saving. Every engagement can cause collateral damage to your vessel(and). However, you can still pay for it only to be copper products and not lives.
  • The Mining Laser Is Great – (usually 1 per ship.) is much later in the game and will earn more resources by collecting them all on one trip before being interrupted or hampered by Rude Strangers.


Career Points

  • Cannons are Not Your Friend – Cost of ammunition + crew + space + collateral damage to perfectly acceptable salvage will rarely work to your advantage.
  • You can steal Liberty some ship – If a damaged/abandoned vessel has an airlock, you may transfer the crew to it to take control of it once it’s defeated. Be careful!
  • Battlestar Galactica serves as a cautionary tale. It spreads resources and factory facilities across multiple ships and gives all hyperdrives.
  • Space Dwarfs Can Be Rich – Mining can be very profitable in this game. It is even more so if you can delegate it to dedicated ships and go Pirating Privateering.
  • Do major renovations away from space stations – any resource you don’t have will be purchased and paid for on the spot. This can lead to costly mistakes.


Fleet Basics

  • More ships = better
  • You can create new ships using 3+ structural frameworks on each side (unlockable utility piece). A cockpit and an airlock are required to form the new hull. **This will be simplified in a future update.
  • Stock Ships are great – Door’s Imperium Panion is probably bored out for lower technology weapons until they can be afforded. They are all you need until your move to a Hazard 8 system. Learn ship design by driving or repairing great examples!
  • Stock Ships are Easy – Ships may be remodeled entirely using the Ship Editor > top submenu> Load Ship (Replace) option.
  • Ship abandonment does not always result in all its resources being mined. Deconstruct the ship to one crewman and an airlock before you abandon it
  • Attack the flanks. Stock ships are often designed with armour and shields in front. If you can dodge the armour, 2 ships with 2 guns will do more damage to the enemy than 1 with 4.
  • The attack button can be more complicated than it appears. Clicking on the attack button will set your target. Once you have chosen a target, it will determine your distance and attack angle.
  • Utility ships are great. A mining laser ship without storage space will spend its entire time mining. A collection ship with crew space and storage will have less deadweight on your battleships.


Design Notes

This is where the meat of the game lies. Emprah Willing, if I know more (only had it for a week), I’ll write another guide. Here are the pitfalls I fell into.

  • Brake thrusters aren’t that important – Cosmoteer Space uses inertial drag to slow down your ships, whether or not you want them.
  • 2 Crews are sufficient to operate a cockpit, 3 acceleration thrusters, and a rudder – you’ll rarely need more for a utility vessel.
  • The Deck Cannon can be a trap. You should plan around the entire magazine being fired, then abandon it for the remainder of the encounter. severe has an AOE stun effect on your crew.
  • Railguns can be The Business, but unlocking the cash in lasers will pay dividends in career Salva – The Railgun can consistently hit things through armour. However, you may want to hijack them in the short-mid term instead of spending for the entire ballistics technology tree.
  • More important than crew shirt assignment is room assignment. It’s possible to run ships without redshirts/navy ratings. For maximum efficiency, assign crew quarters rooms to specific ship function rooms.
  • Find out how many crew you need, and then supply them to the ship.
  • Ze plasma Ion is a game-winning weapon that deals reliable, 100% accurate damage to paired ships. It can dissect double or even triple enemy tons at good trade ratios.



Hope you enjoy the post for Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander Career Mode + Resources and Ship Basics, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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