Coromon Jebediah’s Cheat Sheet Guide

Coromon Jebediah’s Cheat Sheet Guide 1 -
Coromon Jebediah’s Cheat Sheet Guide 1 -

Answers to Jebediah’s test in the 2nd town

Test Answers

Q: how many known species are there?
A: 114
Q: How many potential variations are there?:
A: 21
Q: Coromon of Different potential vary in appearance only?
A: False
Q: there are types which can only be found on skills?
A: True
Q: poison is effective against…
A: normal
Q: air is effective against….
A: Fire
Q: water is effective against….
A: Fire/Sand
Q: ghost is effective against….
A: ghost
Q: sand is effective against…
A: electric
Q: a trainer may only carry five coromon?
A: false
Q: A trainer challenges you to a battle, you…
A: Accept
Q: Damage dealt is always determined by the attack stat?
A: False
Q: Speed stat determines critical hit chance?
A: False
Q: how many types are there?
A: 13
Q: The following is a trainer rule of Velua: Trainers may not catch Coromon owned by another trainer.
A: True
Q: Normal is very effective against…
A: Nothing

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