Conquest of Elysium 5 Complete List All Magic Items

Conquest of Elysium 5 Complete List All Magic Items 1 -
Conquest of Elysium 5 Complete List All Magic Items 1 -

This is a basic list of the Magic Items in CoE5.


This is a basic list of the Magic Items in CoE5.
In-depth details are at Google Docs: – [] 


These are the items that I was able to find data on.
There may be items missing.
If anyone encounters items not on the list, please let me know so I can add them to the list.


A Chest Full of Fire
Adept’s Spell Scroll
Alchemist’s Armor
Alchemist’s Mortar
Amulet of Anti Magic
Amulet of Bear Control
Amulet of Cold Resistance
Amulet of Hate
Amulet of the Spider King
Archmage’s Spell Scroll
Aseftik’s Armor
Athame of High Sacrifice
Athlete’s Haubergeon
Axe of Sharpness
Barrel of Toads
Blood Armor
Blood Stone Gauntlets
Bloodstone Amulet
Bloodstone Armor
Bloodstone Ring
Boarhide Armor
Boots of Regeneration
Boots of Scouting
Boots of Strength
Boots of the Forest King
Boots of the Mountains
Boots of the North
Boots of the Spider King
Boots of the Swamp
Boots of the Winter Queen
Bottle of Children’s Tears
Bottle of Demon Blood
Bottle of Living Water
Bottled Spirit
Breastplate of Protection
Brigand Boots
Brimstone Boots
Burning Sword


Celestial Platemail
Cloak of Displacement
Cloak of Mirrors
Club of Dreams
Club of the Ogre King
Conch of the Triton Kings
Coral Ring
Crow Master’s Gloves
Crown of Bones
Crown of Command
Crown of Golden Mastery
Crown of Hades
Crown of Intimidation
Crown of Iron Mastery
Crown of Overmight
Crown of Silver Mastery
Crown of the Ancients
Crown of the Bull
Crystal Heart
Demon Armor
Demon Whip
Devil Spores
Dimensional Rod
Dragon Scale Mail
Dream Crystal
Durgon’s Robe of Authority
Dwarven Shoes
Earth Boots
Elixir of Health
Elven Armor
Elven Cloak
Enchanted Chainmail
Eye of the Night
Eye of the Old One
Fire Brand
Fisherman’s Trident
Flail of Pain
Flame Spear
Frost Brand
Frozen Star


Gauntlets of Giant Strength
Gauntlets of Knighthood
Gauntlets of Power
Gauntlets of Protection
Gem of Concentration
Gem of Fire Resistance
Gem of Flying
Gem of True Seeing
Gloves of Kokytos
Gloves of the Forest
Golden Platemail
Golden Scepter
Golden Sickle
Great Tetsubo of the Oni King
Heart of Life
Heavenly Seal
Helmet of Might
Helmet of the Dark Knight
Helmet of the Efreet
Helmet of the Triton King
Horn of Valor
Horror Helmet
Hydra Bowl
Hydra Skin Armor
Ice Spear
Infernal Gauntlets
Infernal Tome
Infernal Torch
King’s Pendant
Kithaironic Lion Pelt
Kobold Skin Boots
Lightning Spear


Mace of Order
Mace of Pain
Mace of Unlife
Magic Acorns
Magic Bean
Magic Flowers
Magic Lamp
Magic Spores
Map of Inferno
Map of Kokytos
Map of Pandemonium
Map of the Abyss
Metaphysical Map
Mirage Crystal
Mirror Armor
Mitre of Splendour
Monolith Armor
Moon Stone
Morningstar of Flames
Morningstar of Strength
Necklace of the Winter Queen
Nomad’s Helmet
Oakbane Axe
Orb of Power
Orb of Projection
Orb of the Gods
Pendant of Luck
Pendant of the Desert Emperor
Pendant of the Forest King
Pendant of the Gods
Pendant of the Ice Lord
Pile of Bones
Pocket Lich
Poison Cloud Wand
Portable Pit
Rainbow Armor
Rime Armor
Ring of Evasion
Ring of Infinite Gold
Ring of Invisibility
Ring of Protection
Ring of Shadows
Ring of the Dead
Ring of Water Breathing
Ring of Wizardry
Robe of Invulnerability
Robe of Power
Robe of Shadows
Robe of the Arch King
Robe of the Arch Magi
Rod of Death


Sacred Ark
Scepter of the Goblin King
Scroll of Abyssal Paths
Scroll of Astral Travel
Scroll of Hades Journey
Scroll of Heavenly Ascension
Scroll of Infernal Paths
Scroll of Kokytos Paths
Scroll of Pandemonic Paths
Scroll of Returning
Seeing Stone
Serpent Amulet
Serpent Kryss
Shadow Boots
Shadow Stone
Shaia’s Enchanted Boots
Shaman’s Staff
Shoes of Flying
Shoes of Protection
Shoes of Speed
Shovel of the Mole King
Silver Armor
Silver Gauntlets
Snake Staff
Solar Lance
Solar Mace
Soul Stone
Spell Scroll Level 1
Spell Scroll Level 2
Spell Scroll Level 3
Sphere of Power
Spider Wand
Spirit Eye
Spirit Ring
Staff of Fire
Staff of Lightning
Staff of Power
Staff of the Arch Magi
Staff of the Magi
Staff of the Night
Staff of the Spirit World
Star Ruby
Star Sapphire
Stonebone Amulet
Sun Helm
Sword of Enfeeblement
Sword of Heroes
Sword of No Weight
Sword of the Damned
Sword of War*


Tablet of Secrets
Tablet of the Myrmeke
Tablet of the Underworld
Thorn Staff
Thunder Gauntlets
Tomb King’s Amulet
Tome of Afterlife
Tome of Arcane Mastery
Tome of High Magic
Tome of the Elemental Planes
Tome of the Lower Planes
Torleifur’s Ring
Totem Mask
Trader’s Medallion
Tribal Mask
Trident of the Sea
Twisted Figurine
Venom Sword
Vine Whip
Wand of Acid
Wand of Combustion
Wand of Disintegration
Wand of Fear
Wand of Fire
Wand of Frost
Wand of Sleep
Warrior’s Charm
Whispering Skull
Witch Wand
Wizard’s Hat
Woundfend Amulet
Wraith Crown
Wreath of the Arch Druid

Mods Only

*Only available through modding
Axe of Lords*
Balances of Famine*
Book of Plagues*
Divine Mantle*
Hell’s Reign*
Orb of Air*
Orb of Earth*
Orb of Fire*
Orb of Water*
Soul Scythe*

Written by Outis

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