Conqueror 940 AD 30 day walkthrough

Conqueror 940 AD 30 day walkthrough 1 -
Conqueror 940 AD 30 day walkthrough 1 -
This guide will provide a walk-through of the first 30 days in Conqueror 940 AD. It will also provide insight from my time in the game.


Days 1 -10

This guide was written on 4/20/2021. The date is relevant because as of this date the game still had many bugs. Note that most of the bugs work in the player’s favor. A few bugs create frustration but are not game breakers. I experienced one bug that forced me to Alt+Ctrl+Del to the Task Manger and I had to kill the game using that method. Even then the games auto-save allowed me to re-start the game from the day before the bug, and the bug causing event did not re-occur. The developers are still working on the game and things may change as updates are made. 
It is useful to know that the game auto-saves every Day and it retains your last 5 Days. If something “unusual” happens you can always load a previous Day. 
This guide was written using the Knight difficulty. I don’t know if choosing a different difficulty will change anything. 
DAY 1 
• Start the game and click on the Dashboard button in the bottom middle of the screen. 
Your available resources are shown across the very top of the screen. You have 250 gold, 0 food, 100 wood, 0 stone, and 50 people. Food and people have a maximum. Researching technologies can increase the maximum. 
• Click the small slider bar under the Building heading and then click in the small blank window next to the slider bar. Click on the Wiseman’s hut. Note that it will take 3 days to build the hut and it will cost 30 gold and 20 wood. You have enough resources, so the 3 days are the relevant stat. 
• Click the slider bar under the Skills heading. Then click the small train icon next to health. 
• These are your only options for Day one. In fact, these are your only options for the first three Days. 
• Did you notice that each time you activated one of the slide bars the Manpower bar in the lower left decreased? You will have enough manpower to perform three actions per Day. 
• Note that to train Health will take 3 Days at the start of the game but as your skills rise, they will take longer to train. 
• Now click on the Hourglass in the lower right-hand corner to end your Day. 
Day 2 
• Your Advisor Aldo will interrupt to introduce himself. Once you have read his pleasantries click ok. Then click the Back button in the lower left-hand corner to return to the main screen. 
• You will be presented with the Beginning Turn Report, or BTR on the top menu. 
• Note that under the Active column you are building the Wiseman Hut and training Health. This is what we selected so all is good. 
• You can also monitor resource consumption in the horizontal bar labeled, surprisingly, Resources. In this case gold is -10 and Wood is -6. That is the per Day cost to build the Wiseman hut. 
• Nothing completed this Day and nothing new is available to you this Day. 
• Also, note that under the hourglass in the lower right-hand corner is a form of calendar. You are now in day 2, month 1, year 1. The calendar is not used often but it is especially useful when loading a previous Day. Note the date before loading. 
• Hit the hourglass to advance to Day 3 
Day 3 
• This looks just like Day two without the Aldo introduction. 
• When you are done looking around the different menus, advance the Day. 
Day 4 
• Now we have some action. We finished building the Wiseman Hut and we finished training health. Both activities are now shown in the Completed column. 
• Notice all the research available to you. By completing the wiseman hut we can now research many more technologies. 
• Once you have finished looking through all the new research available to you, click on the Dashboard button, on the menu above the large BEGINNING DAY REPORT title. On the far left. If you click the Dashboard button in the bottom middle, you will need to click twice to reach the Dashboard screen. 
• The Dashboard now has a new area, Research. We will get to that in a minute first click on the blank window in the Building area. The only options available have both been completed. You need to complete some research before we can build anything new. Go back to the Dashboard. 
• We have the available Manpower to complete three actions but since we can’t build anything we will, once again, only work on two. 
• Click on the slider bar under skills and then click train on the icon next to Health. 
• Now to Research. Click on the slider bar then click in the blank window to the right of Economic. Look at all your research options. You have four categories to choose from Personal, Economic, War, and Defense. You can switch between the categories by using the menu immediately above the Economic title. When you are done reviewing the research go back to the Economic screen and choose Dirt Road. Note that it will only take 1 day to research. 
• When you are finished making your selection advance the Day. 
Day 5 
• As promised, your research into Dirt Roads completed in one day. You can now actually build a dirt road. Your health training still has a few days until complete. 
• Go to the Dashboard. 
• Now click on the slider under Building and then click the blank window. Click to build the dirt road and note that it will take 5 days to build. It will cost 50 gold. We have 222 gold in our supplies so we can build the road. 
• We are still training our health so there is nothing to do under skills. 
• Click the slider under research and go into economic. Check the days to research for each of the technologies. Granary and Forestry both will take 5 days. Remember that building the road will take 5 days. To maximize efficiency, I suggest choosing Granary, for reasons that will be apparent later, but you could choose Forestry. The research for either of these technologies will complete on the same Day as you finish building your road. This will allow you to continue building, without interruption, while you research your next technology. 
• We have queued three actions for this Day, that’s the max, so advance the Day. 
Days 6, 7 and 8 
• Everything is progressing. Resources are being consumed by building the road. Nothing more to do. Advance the Day. 
Day 9 
• Your health training completes. Your research and road building continues. 
• Start a new Health training session and advance the day. 
Day 10 
• Aldo interrupts again to inform you of the new things your kingdom can do now that you have a road. Acknowledge Aldo and return to the BTR. 
• Sure, enough you have finished building the road and you can now Trade with other Kingdoms, send emissaries to other Kingdoms, and you can train in the skill Barter. 
• As you planned, research into either Forestry or Granary has completed. 
• Return to the Dashboard and start building either your forestry building or your granary building. Note that to build the forestry building will take 7 days, to build the granary building will take 3 days. 
• Turn off your skills training by clicking on the slider. The manpower bar should partially fill. 
• Start to research Town Hall 1 under economic. It will take 2 days. This is important if you are building the granary which will only take 3 days to build. If you are building the forestry building, 7 days to build, you could start to research granary. 
• Now that you have a road there are two new sections on the Dashboard, Social and Trade. Let’s send an emissary to another Kingdom. This will allow you to trade with them and potentially improve your relationship with them. Activate Social by clicking on the slider bar then click on the select icon. This will present a list of the other kingdoms in the game. There are two options on this screen, Kingdoms and Ladies. The Ladies tab is empty right now so focus on Kingdoms. I suggest you choose the first kingdom Akrull. Some kingdoms will start hostile to you. Hostile Kingdoms may attack. Akrull will start as friendly. 
• This should complete our three actions for the day, Building, Research, and Social. Advance the day. 

Days 11 – 20

Day 11 
• Everything progresses. Advance the day 
Day 12 
• If you researched Town Hall 1 then it will complete this turn and the Town Hall 1 building is available. 
• Access the Dashboard screen and activate the research for whichever is available Forestry, or Granary. 
• Your building is still building, you started new research and your emissary is still on its way to Akrull. Those are your three actions, advance the day. 
Day 13 
• If you built the Granary, it will complete. This makes the following research available, Bakery, Oxen harness, and Improved Granary 1. Your maximum food storage has increased to 75 and your kingdom is now generating 5 food per turn. 
• Access the Dashboard and start building the Town Hall 1. It will take 3 days to build. You should complete building the Town Hall one day before your research into the Forestry finishes. 
• Building, Research, and Social are all active. Advance the day. 
Day 14 
• Everything progresses. Advance the day 
Day 15 
• Your friend Aldo interrupts to let you know that your emissary made it to Akrull and has returned. You have a new trading partner. Acknowledge Aldo and return to the BTR. 
• Your emissary completed its mission, your research and building continue. Access the Dashboard screen. 
• You could send a trade mission if you wished but I suggest you wait. The draw backs to trading at this time are 1) you only have 15 food, and your caravan can haul 25 items, 2) you only have 1 trade partner, so the sale prices are limited. I do not recommend you sell wood. You need all your wood for building, but food is expendable. 
• I suggest you send an emissary to another Kingdom. I won’t include spoilers here, but I will identify the hostile Kingdoms later in the guide. 
• If you are following the guide, you are building the Town Hall, you are researching Forestry, and you just sent out your second emissary. Those are your three actions. Advance the day. 
Day 16 
• You finish building your town hall. This increases your population growth by 1 per day and increases your maximum population to 750. Forestry research will continue for one more day and your emissary is still traveling. Access the Dashboard screen. 
• You don’t have anything to build so activate Skills training. You should have one turn of training toward Health but training in Bartering is also available. Bartering is a much more important skill early in the game so the smart move is to train Bartering but if you are OCD like me you may want to continue training Health. Note that you will only train one turn and then go back to building so this is not a critical decision. 
• Training Skills, Research, and Social are your three actions. Advance the Day. 
Day 17 
• Forestry research has completed. You can now build the Forestry building. 
• Your emissary is still traveling, and you trained a skill. Access the Dashboard screen. 
• Activate Building and start on the Forestry building. 
• Turn off skills training. 
• Activate Research. At this point you have several options, under Economic you could research Scribe Hut, this will reduce your time to research. Also, under Economic you could research Blacksmith which opens the Blacksmith building that starts the path to Infantry and Polearm troops. Under War you could research Carpentry, this opens the carpentry building which starts your path to Archery based soldiers. Under defense the Trench technology allows you to dig a trench around your Town which reduces the frequency of raids. Choose to research a technology that suits your play style. 
• With Building, Research and Social active you have three actions. Advance the Day. 
Day 18 and, 19 
• If you followed the guide there is nothing to do but advance the Day. 
Day 20 
• If you followed the guide your second emissary returned. Aldo provides information about the kingdom your emissary visited. Depending on the kingdom you selected you may or may not have another trading partner. Acknowledge Aldo and return to the BTR screen. 
• You continue to research, and your Forestry building is still being constructed. Access the Dashboard screen. 
• I suggest that you send out another emissary. Five of the eight Kingdoms are friendly and make good trade partners. The more trade partners the more options you will have to select pricing for both selling and buying items. 
• You could choose to train your skills or try your hand at trading. If you decide to trade, I recommend you trade food. Activate the trade slider and click on the Open Panel icon. Your advisor Aldo will walk you through the details of trading, so I won’t cover those here. I will let you know that a good price for selling food is 10. A bad price is under 5. The best price you are likely to find currently is 5. The reverse is true if you are buying food. You should not need to buy food until late in the game. 
• Make you selections and advance the day. 
• Your experience for the next several days will vary based on the actions you have chosen. I will skip ahead to results based on previously recommended decisions or predetermined actions. 

Days 20 +

Day 24 
• Your forestry building is completed. You gain the Two Hand saw research and the Improved forestry research. 
Day 30 – raids 
• Aldo will advise that Bandits have found your settlement. Two days later you will be raided. Early in the game the raids will take small amounts of loot, gold, food, or wood. 
• While the amounts taken during a raid are small, it is annoying to lose the resources. At times, the raids may take resources you need to complete a building. After each raid re-evaluate your resource needs. 
• In the future the raids come at random times which can be influenced by your settlement’s defenses. You will only receive advance notice of a raid if you have troops. If you have troops, you will be asked if you wish to defend. If you don’t have troops, you will only know of a raid by looking at the results on the BTR screen. 
• Defending against a raid can be tough. If you don’t have sufficient troop strength you will lose the battle and all your troops then you will lose the resources. It is best to just accept the losses to the raiders until you feel your troop strength is sufficient. 
Day 20 month 2 – Advisors 
• I know I said this was a 30-day walkthrough, but this is an important concept. 
• Around this time Aldo will interrupt to inform you that you have advisors. For the next nine days, each day a new advisor will introduce themselves to you. After all the introductions are complete you will start receiving petitioners in your throne room. 
• Petitioners will present situations that give you the opportunity to increase one of your skills, impact the relationship with another kingdom, or gain/lose commodities. You may have options to buy weapons or troops at greatly discounted prices. 

Hints, Tips, and Thoughts

That’s 30 days of advice. I have included some random thoughts below. 
• The three hostile kingdoms are Lorillow, Penalia, and Regania. I recommend that you avoid contacting these kingdoms until you can defend your settlement. 
• There are many troop types. I prefer to avoid researching troops that I wont use. I don’t waste time on low or middle tier troops. I find they just die defending against raids. I tolerate raids until I can field an army of high-end troops. A good Halberdier with enhance armor and enhanced attack tares up raiders. 
• It is always profitable to buy weapons or troops when they are offered in your throne room. You can always sell the weapons for more then you paid for them. The troops you are offered may not be of high quality, but they are always cheaper then if you built them yourself. 
• Early in the game Bartering is the most useful skill. You will see the impact this skill has on the market prices when you move the sliders. The starting price for food may be 10 but with a little skill in barter it will change to 3 etc. 
• It is easy to select a building or a skill and forget to activate the action with the activation slider. It is also easy to activate an action but forget to select a building to build or a skill to train. Double check before you advance the day. 
• Remember the game auto saves every day and you can go back 5 days. This allows you to back out a bad trade, trades take 3 days, or go back a day if a throne room action went badly. 
• You can only trade with kingdoms if you have a good relationship. Early in the game if something gives you a negative relationship with one of your trading partners, you won’t be able to trade with them until the relationship improves. 
• Early in the game avoid researching technologies that add a percentage to commodity output. Adding 15% production increase to 5 production will provide a gain of less than one production while researching Granary 2 or Forestry 2 will provide an increase of 3 production, plus other benefits. 
• In the early game selling food is a way to gain quick gold. Once you have four of five hundred gold saved, see if it is more profitable to buy and resell other commodities. If prices are right, you may be able to buy and resell stone for 30 or 40 gold profit each. Do not buy weapons for resale until you have an armory. You won’t be able to resell weapons unless you have enough Armory space to hold the weapons. This applies during the entire game. 
• Check the cost of crafting weapons compared to buying. I find that a low-priced weapon is often cheaper than the cost of all the components needed to craft. Many weapons require wood, and I would rather use the wood for buildings. 
• In the early game food is only used to sell or meet situation requirements in your throne room. Later in the game food is needed to create troops. 

Written by gkmetty

Hope you enjoy the post for Conqueror 940 AD 30 day walkthrough, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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