Conan Exiles PvP Guide

Conan Exiles PvP Guide 1 -
Conan Exiles PvP Guide 1 -
Conan Exiles: PvP Guide for new players and also for PVE players.



Some players kept asking me for some pvp tips or even for making guide, I was really sceptic about this, but since Conan Exiles went free for this week and some new players might actually come, so i decided to make it. 

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At the beginning some settings that will help you improve in PvP 
Its pointless to make a video about it when there is actually one existing 
Credits to Maloeiro for his video: 

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I understand that big fov might be a problem for many of you, I started from 100 up to 125 its easier to get used to it. 


There are couple builds in the game but I will show you what I personally use in this meta 
Nr.1 Str 5 build 
Light silent legion – helmet, chest, legs 
Khari overseer – boots, bracers 

Strength 50
Agility 20
Vitality 40
Grit 20
Encumbrance 20

Nr.2 Vit 5 build 
Light silent legion – helmet, chest, legs 
Voidforged dragonhide – boots, bracers 

Strength 40
Agility 20
Vitality 50
Grit 20
Encumbrance 20

I would highly recommend you to train a lot with spear, its a great weapon because of the reach and its good for aiming, also its good for team fights because you have smaller chance to hit your mates. 
Secondary weapon is totally up to you it could be one handed sword, axe, two handed sword, doesn’t matter its your choice, feel free to test it on your own. 


In this section I will try to give you some tips about PvP 
Lets begin with the spear, spear fight is all about prediction and timing. 
Mostly you want to wait for your opponents move, for an example when your enemy does a roll 
try to predict where he could land and immediately hit him 
also you can roll to cancel your animation if you end up missing target 
Switch weapons without animation 
Just change your weapon while you are rolling 
Double attack 
Another thing is double attack mechanic/glitch 
you can perform this with any weapon 
How to do Double attack 
Roll and when you are in the middle of animation double click your attack 
it needs some practice like everything in this game, but trust me if you will master it, this will be helpfull 
Spend some hours into training server to boost your knowledge about mechanics, weapons, game feeling. 


Practice a lot, here is the best training server: 
[Training Server] Dogs of the Desert [Training Server] 
See you all on Exiled Lands 

Written by yodamoss

This is all for Conan Exiles PvP Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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