Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb’s Guide to OKW

Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb’s Guide to OKW 37 -
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb’s Guide to OKW 37 -

In this guide I will describe any and all aspects of the Oberkommando West Faction. Doctrines, build orders, units – it all will be here.
Wehraboos rejoice!

Overview of the faction

Ah, the OKW. Probably one of the most transformed factions since the release, arguably even more drastically than the USF or the original factions in the beta stages of the game. Almost everything got changed: Engineers are now melee range fighters, volks are now not forced to blob with panzerschrecks, and god knows what else.
One thing didn’t change, though: OKW is a faction based on very aggressive pushes with expensive, albeit very effective, and specialized units, and not being very good at defending. From their mainlines, towards their mediums, the one is clear: they’re going to bleed you dry with their very mobile and fast playstyle.
OKW requires base building, although it’s vastly different than the EFA factions since their buildings are de facto mobile sWs trucks that were set up, which serve different functions: one will grant healing, other will give you repair engineers while the last building will serve as a strong point of your defensive, defending the points with 3,7cm flak gun.
(Also from at this point I’d like to say that I’m more of an allied player, so the unit descriptions might be either biased or somewhat short)

Tier One – Command HQ

Headquarters, just like any other factions will grant you access to your engineers and like in most cases, your mainline infantry. In addition to that, HQ also provides the OKW’s AT gun, MG as well as the myth, the legend, Kubelwagen.
Your starting unit, those are your engineers. Strums are armed with deadly SMGs (yes, I do realize that STG44 is an AR, but game files state that they’re SMGs, so I’m going to call them SMGs), and should be used with head, because while their second-best received accuracy (for starting unit, that is) stat is nice, don’t forget that any and all competent players will ALWAYS target sturms in the early game, making them extremely squishy. Because of that, they should be used as ambush troops – hide them behind some random bush, building near the place where the enemy is expected to stand, like behind the buildings in River Crossing and such.
Strums, like any other engineers, can place barbed wire and mines. WIth doctrines, they can also place flak emplacements, trenches (axis variant), tank traps, and two big irons: LeFH artillery piece and Pak 43, a big AT gun. Most of the things can build with the help of either defensive (all of the above), Luftwaffe ground forces (trenches, tank traps, and flaks. Gift from the vCoh’s PE), and overwatch (LeFH) doctrines.
Note that sturms that can’t build cashes, instead of that they have to rely on the scavenge ability, which will deconstruct a given wreck (or abandoned support weapon)
Sturms can be also upgraded in three ways :
– Combat package – Grants the squad with one regular panzerschreck and immunity to cold, which nowadays is useless. Not exclusive with a support package.
– Support package – Grants the squad minesweeper, which can be holstered. Also increased repair speed. Also allows them to cut wire.
– Flammerwerfer – Exclusive to Fuerstorm doctrine. It’s a flamethrower. Now it can be equipped along with support package.
Veterancy wise, sturms get concussive grenade (same as the ostheer’s elite troops one), less weapon cooldown and RA, more accuracy, and finally less damage when repairing. At vet 5. It Will probably not help them very much.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Tier One - Command HQ - F622D3E
Your mainline infantry in most of the doctrines. They are… kinda lackluster, to be honest. Below average DPS, beating only conscripts and osttruppen, upgrade that is ‘meh’ at best, pretty bad veterancy.
Where Volks shine though is in their abilities. First off, they’re the only unit in OKW’s arsenal that can place sandbags, and with defensive doctrine, they can build bunkers, but ONLY the MG bunkers. Aside from that, they can scavenge wrecks (like sturms), lob lava grenades, and with doctrines, can throw regular and smoke grenades, place a flare in captured territories and lob a volley of infiltration grenades. Additionally, they can repair vehicles via scavenge doctrine and Thorough Salvage ability.
As I said, volks can be upgraded with 2 STG44s, which improve the squad’s close-mid range performance by a margin, but keep in mind that this version of the AR is still inferior to the Pgren’s STG, whose DPS is double of the volks STG.
With Fuerstrum, they can get assault grenadier MP40s, which are a mediocre sidegrade at best, since assgrens MP40s aren’t the best in the world. Still, they are better than nothing, work best decently in urban maps. Try to engage the enemy with either support equipment or when he’s weak since the mp40volks will lose to PPSh cons if engaged in a 1v1 fight. Oh, also they can throw smoke and HE grenades with this upgrade.
Veterancy for the volks is, meh. They get two RA bonuses, a little cooldown, and an accuracy bonus and that’s it. Vet 4 grants them a Tommy-like sight increase in cover, and vet 5 gives them passive healing.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Tier One - Command HQ - A73B6BB
MG 34 Heavy Machine Gun
Every time I look at myself and think that I’m the most worthless thing on earth, I remind myself that MG34 exists. Now don’t get me wrong, the MG itself is fine, it’s just the lack of creativity since it’s just a slower firing MG42 that kills this gun for me, you know? LOOK, EVEN THE VET IS THE SAME AS MG42. They could make something creative like it is the most accurate mg, but naah, let’s just copy the mg42’s stats and call it a day! Change the sound, lower the suppression and rate of fire, and here we go!
Anyway, MG34 is available once you tech. Vet 4 and 5 grant a RA bonus and sight and range bonus respectively.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Tier One - Command HQ - CE2A04A
RW 43 8.8cm Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher
Probably the most cost-effective AT gun in the game, Rak is available from the get-go, and initially is okay. Shorter range than the rest of AT guns, but the ability to retreat and garrison buildings (which is broken to the point that even the balance team can’t fix it), and camo at vet 1. Where it shines though is in its veterancy (and also price, since it’s the second cheapest AT gun): pen increase, more speed and reload speed increase. While it’s a very powerful tool, keep in mind that as any AT gun it can be decrewed, and most of the vet bonuses apply only when the puppchen is in ambush position.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Tier One - Command HQ - 74C0D48
Kübelwagen Military Car
This is the best unit in the game.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Tier One - Command HQ - 0DDC3CD
Okay, jokes aside. Kubel is the OKW’s equivalent to the WC-51 or the Bren carrier and it’s not that great. Sure, it’s a good anti-sniper tool, especially now, but aside from that, it’s not really useful in its stock state. With vet, it get maphacks, get faster, repair passively (when out of combat), gets more combat bonuses, and finally, on vet 5, the MG can suppress infantry. Kubel also gets shared vet, just like the other non-doctrinal ULVs, and WC.
Oh yeah, it can also capture points with above-average speed.

Tier Two – Battlegroup HQ

Battlegroup, also known as the medical, is probably the more common tech that most of the players tend to gravitate towards. It provides a reinforcement point (despite what those salty guys in the forums might tell you), useful half-tracks, indirect weapons, and in the late game, a forward retreat point can be established here.
Also note: If going with Medical, it’s imperative that you research the “Mechanized Group Support” upgrade that will allow you to build to get snares and weapon upgrades for volks/jaegers/fusiliers.
Sdkfz 251/20 Half-track w/Infrared Searchlight
After its rework in 2020, the unit has lost its relevance in the eyes of many. Unfortunate, but in my opinion, they were too fast to judge it.
Costing 200 manpower and 10 fuel, which is a chip of what you’d usually get, the Uhu HT is a great recon tool, which increases your sight, detects invisible units, and best of all, can call a recon place to scout like major can. The only downside to it is that it can’t vet, must be protected, and most importantly cost popcap. Other than that, Uhu’s pretty useful in wide, open maps with little cover, like Nordwind or Vaux Farmlands.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Tier Two - Battlegroup HQ - 9825EA2
leIG 18 7.5cm Infantry Support Gun
Oh, look, the only indirect that autofire wasn’t nerfed to the ground.
Serving as the mortar equivalent, ISG is the weaker brother of the Pak Howitzer of the USF, possessing way way less AOE, but it shoots faster than the Howie. Aside from that, it can also shoot a smoke barrage, and that’s about it.
Oh, also forgot to mention that with the Fuersturm ISG can lay down an incendiary barrage, which is good at taking down emplacements or as an area denial tool.
Vet is nothing special for indirect. RA, decrease in recharge, one more shell per barrage, and more damage and pen on vet 5. For some reason.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Tier Two - Battlegroup HQ - 5D69190
SdKfz 251/17 Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Weapon
Flaktrack is the go-to vehicle of the OKW for the early-mid game. It provides support via its fairly good autocannon, which while dealing a hefty amount of damage, also deals suppression. Keep in mind that the HT has to set up before it can shoot. It is also the second-best AA source for OKW.
As for abilities, Flaktrack can deploy pocket sand to escape from those pesky double AT guns, and…yeah, that’s it.
Veteran bonuses are pretty good. Vet 2 increases the damage and rate of fire while decreasing scatter, vet 3 makes the Flaktrack more maneuverable, while vet 4 and 5 increase the accuracy and penetration respectively. Though you will have to work VERY hard on getting those experience points, since the thing first and foremost is quite fragile (it’s a half-track after all), and until vet 2 models simply outright refuse to drop sometimes.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Tier Two - Battlegroup HQ - C9F4B19

Tier Three – Mechanized Regiment HQ

T3 building offers specialistic light vehicles. From light vehicle killers, towards the anti-infantry and scout in one package, and ending on very map dependant rocket arty. You can also get repair pioneers who will repair your or your allies’ vehicles automatically.
Panzer II “Luchs” Light Tank
Luchs is an anti-infantry specialist, with just enough armor to resists any small arms. It’s good at its role, has a bonus to units in heavy cover (or garrison) thanks to the new patch, and em… it’s not really good against heavier than a scout car? Treat it like a grown-up 222 without additional sight range.
Veterancy for luchs allows it to camo itself whilst increasing its detection radius, improves its combat performance (aim time reduction, accuracy including moving accuracy), makes it more maneuverable, and vet 4 and 5 will increase the damage and give you the suppressive fire ability. Suppressive fire is supposed to suppress infantry, but the problem with it is that you’d have to slaughter an entire village to get it first, so I will just say that it’s too late.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Tier Three - Mechanized Regiment HQ - D2FE0C2
SdKfz 234/2 “Puma” Armored Car
Crème de la crème of the anti-vehicle… vehicles, Puma is the rival of the British AEC if it comes to getting rid of those pesky T-70s and Stuarts. Puma boasts pretty impressive for its price penetration and damage, good mobility, and defensive smoke to protect from threats such as rushing infantry or handheld AT weapons. Speaking of, keep in mind that Puma is quite fragile and is NOT immune to small arms, unlike the Luchs.
Veterancy gives the Puma an aimed shot ability, that will either stun or outright snare a vehicle. If you want to bully SU-76s, this is the perfect ability, since it does both things to the poor thing. Further veterancy gives additional speed, damage, reload, and accuracy bonuses. Vet 4 and 5 will give the Recon Vehicle ability to shoot even further and to detect camouflaged units.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Tier Three - Mechanized Regiment HQ - 5EC703F
Wurfrahmen 40 Multiple Rocket Launcher
Stuka zu Fuß is a divisive unit to be sure. From one side, there’s the 4v4 crowd, that cries that Stuka is completely broken and should be nerfed to the levels that Ullapool Caber from TF2 was nerfed, while the 1v1 crowd never bothers with it, since it’s just kinda meh for the game mode. Although both of those crowds will agree in some cases: Stuka is a great tool for getting rid of the British emplacements, support weapons (AT gun walls especially), and in rare cases, blobs of incoming infantry or vehicles.
Now, Rocket HT has been revamped and its underused veteran ability, the Napalm barrage has been buffed severely, and aside from working like a normal Pwerfer barrage (I mean by that it causes a very small amount of suppression) and also burns them! Pretty cool, huh?
Veterancy is the aforementioned Napalm barrage and recharge of the barrage.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Tier Three - Mechanized Regiment HQ - FC969AA

Tier Four – Schwerer Panzer HQ

Schwere (as it is known by everyone) is the final OKW tech building, and the most infamous, mostly because of its armament – 3,7 Flak Gun, boasting very decent penetration while being so accurate that it could outshoot Simo Häyha himself. This is going to be one of the priority targets for your opponents, keep that in mind and never forget that. Schwere is also vulnerable to AT guns and tank destroyers since they can outrange it. Also, off maps (British Air Supremacy Operation is notorious for that) can damage or outright destroy your base.
Schwere deploys three units suited for the late game: Obers, who are more expensive to maintain than 2 conscript squads, Panzer 4, and a Panther. Also Jagdpanzer IV. Forgot about it.
*Note: If you build every building and unlock the battlegroup upgrade, you will be able to call in a king tiger, which will be described below.
Also known in the files and beta as the Honor Guard, Obers are stock elite infantry available for the low low price. In very, very basic terms, they are better grenadiers: they both are 4 men squads, have an MG upgrade, and have grenades that allied players constantly get triggered by.
Anyway, keep in mind that obers are VERY expensive, but very effective with their upgrades, or even without. That aside, Obers from the get-go have a couple of abilities: booby trap strategic points (another gift from the vCoh’s PE) and lob a bundle grenade.
They can be upgraded in two ways :
MG34 MG – The stock upgrade now available from the get-go, MG34 provides one of the better firepower improvements in terms of long-range combat. Squad fires the MG on the move and is overall the safer choice since the models won’t be dropping that much in the distance of say, 20 units.
IR STG44 – Available for the Special Operations and Grand Offensive doctrines, the upgrade provides a literal crapton of damage in the close-mid distance, and on top of that, the ARs can ignore most of the yellow cover. Oh, and the upgrade also grants them the ability to detect camouflaged units. Fun for commando-focused players, isn’t that right?
Veterancy for Obers is one of the most notorious, since they get a whopping 40% accuracy bonus, passive healing, and sprint when out of combat. Other than that, they can throw smoke grenades that work like White Phosphorous (they damage and slow down infantry inside its radius) at vet 1, and suppress with fire at vet 4, which does what it says.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Tier Four - Schwerer Panzer HQ - 174B9B1
Panzer IV Ausf. J Medium Tank
OKW’s Panzer 4 is essentially the vet 2 Ostheer’s Panzer IV, and this is a good tank from the start, considering its ridiculous armor value of 234. Yeah, that’s a lot. Other than that, I don’t really have much to say about it, since the tank while very versatile, it’s nothing really special in the grand scheme of things. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, even very good, but it’s simply kinda boring from my perspective.
Veterancy grants the tank combat blitz ability, which aside from the obvious speed boost tank also gains rate of fire and accuracy bonuses that work ONLY on the move. The rest of the vet is pretty standard: scatter decrease, reload, even less scatter and moving accuracy as well as slight increase when stationary.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Tier Four - Schwerer Panzer HQ - 921A314
Jagdpanzer IV/70 (V) Tank Destroyer
In the spectrum of axis armor, Jagpanzer is a very unique tank. It’s the only 60 range TD of that Germany has, and similarly to luchs, jagpanzer can camouflage itself. Right, what Jagpanzer excels at is survivability. Nice, almost equal to panther armor, way below average target size and increase in health when Jpanzer hits vet 2 as well as mentioned above camo makes it very survivable support tank, ready to snipe an unsuspecting Jackson that is repairing.
Veterancy, as already said increases health, gives the tank camo, makes it fire faster, more accurate and vet 5 gives the tank a pretty big bonus on the first shot out of camo in from of penetration and damage increase (25%, so roughly 200 damage, 220 pens. Give me a break, I suck at math).
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Tier Four - Schwerer Panzer HQ - 8E5F231
“Panther” Medium Tank
The most expensive unit out of the building, Panther is as controversial in the game as it is in real life, which makes it one of the most interesting cases in terms of units in the game. First off, THIS IS NOT AN AI TANK. Panther is an interesting tank destroyer, not a versatile platform like the P4. So, what do you do with it? Simple, hunt tanks, especially if allies will roll out anything bigger than generalist heavy, since P4s as good as they are, ain’t gonna kill an IS-2 frontally. Panther, with good micro, however, can. Though keep in mind that one or two Panthers are enough. You don’t need to spam them.
Veterancy is the same as on the other version now: Blitz (OKW version), armor, reload and speed, vet 4 less scatter and vet 5 is moving accuracy and sight increase while stationary.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Tier Four - Schwerer Panzer HQ - B09C64D
“Tiger II” Heavy Tank
The posterchild of wehraboos, I have to say that King Tiger is probably the best heavy tank in the game. Think about it: a crapton of armor, health pool is larger than usual heavy tanks, good AOE and on top of that, it’s the only Heavy Tank that still deals 240 damage. Regardless, KT is veeery slow and a priority target for, well, any player on the battlefield. Proceed with caution while using it.
KT has pretty meh veterancy. Spearhead, the ability that increases forward turret rotation isn’t really used that much, since it locks the tank into a casemate-like state, and combat blitz is only available on vet 5. Aside from that, vet is pretty standard for a heavy: scatter reduction, weapon accuracy, reload and speed.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Tier Four - Schwerer Panzer HQ - 4BE82D0

Doctrinal Infantry and support equipment

Well, if the stock infantry of the OKW had was a let down to you, then fret not! The doctrinal one is… honestly hit or miss, with more of it hitting rather than missing. But hey, let’s jump into it.
Fusiliers are a mainline replacement from the Breakthrough and Grand Offensive commanders. They’re supposed to be a recon troop and be more versatile than Volks, but honestly, if you’re going with them, please, don’t go ham and just spam them, since they’re probably the WORST mainline in the game before the upgrades. They trade without it around on par with the rear echelon. Yes, they’re that bad. The situation changes with the G43 upgrade, where they become somewhat capable, albeit still having the weakest variant of the weapon (I will be having every variant of the weapon written somewhere eventually). Ability wise, they have a locked behind a tech grenade, snare, and veterancy locked flare and sprint. For some reason.
Upgrade wise, they can be upgraded in two ways :
– Recon Package – honestly, in terms of upgrades, recon upgrade is very powerful. It grants the squad one more model, 3 G43 (weakest variant still, but like other G43s pretty good at killing retreating squads due to the weapon’s good moving accuracy, takes up two weapon slots) and increases range.
– AT weapon package – 2 Panzerschrecks. Also, the snare gets removed. This upgrade gets the attention of blobers of all kinds for some reason.
Veterancy wise, Pfuseliers are pretty good. Flare, accuracy boost, weapon cooldown decrease, and RA. Aside from sprint, they also get a capture rate for some reason at vet 4.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Doctrinal Infantry and support equipment - FAEF2EF
Sturm Officer
Officer unit exclusive to Breakthrough and Spec Ops, often getting blobed with fusiliers or Volksgrenadiers. Combat-wise, they’re just ober squad with lower reinforcement cost and a few cool abilities, three to be exact. Target them, which marks enemy unit making it easier to hit (useful for those pesky vet 3 rangers with the lowest RA for allied units). Force retreat which aside from retreating marked unit, all nearby units get 50% more accuracy, so be cautious with its usage. Finally, we have a smoke grenade. It’s a smoke grenade.
Veterancy is somewhat similar to Obers, featuring the same accuracy, RA, and weapon cooldown bonuses (which is now vet 5). Vet 2 increases squad size by one additional ober model, and vet 5 gives the officer and STG, which this time is not bad, because that’s the pgren’s one. Also like any other officer unit, it gets shared veterancy from nearby units.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Doctrinal Infantry and support equipment - D3DA24D
Jaeger Light Infantry
If you hate fun, spam this unit.
Alright, alright. I will describe them. Jaegers are elite infantry from the scavenge and overwatch doctrines, and they’re known to be… unfun to play against. Why? The problem lies in their G43, which snipes models that are below the 70% HP threshold. And considering that one volley of three K98 can deal up to 64 damage… yeah, you get what I’m getting at. Also, they have sniper camo like pathfinders.
That aside, jaegers also come overburdened with abilities. Booby traps, sprint, and salvage, additionally a medkit known well by the ostheer players. With overwatch, they can also plant flares to control points. If you’d chosen the scavenge doctrine they get infiltration grenades instead.
Veterancy gives the Brandenburgers medkits, RA, even more accuracy, more rate of fire, and now they have weapon cooldown on vet 5 instead of additional RA increase, so I can rip hair from my head even harder when I play brits!
(oh yeah, also they get supposed to get better camoflauge on vet 2, but this feature seems to be broken. Camo will be instantly taken away when out of cover)
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Doctrinal Infantry and support equipment - 82DF643
Falls are elite infantry exclusive to the Luftwaffe Ground Forces doctrine. Coming with 2 grenadier K98 and exclusive FG42s, which are a pretty good weapon, which while having a damage dropout at the range of 8, it’s not as drastic as the other automatic weapons. The fire rate of FG42 also helps, since it’s very high. And now, with the arrival of the new patch, they can get 2 more of those rifles once the T4 truck is set up.
Also, they can throw the bundle grenades and the smoke german WP smoke equivalent, same as the obers.
Paratroopers’ weakness is very visible though. First things first, they are a four-man squad and cost A LOT. Not as much as the obers in their upkeep, but still a lot.
Veterancy grants the falls a smoke grenade, RA bonus, and a sniper camo (albeit this feature seems to broken and works like JLI’s camo, so they loose it the second they leave cover), accuracy along with weapon cooldown, passive healing, and finally damage increase when attacking when camoed.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Doctrinal Infantry and support equipment - 04C0360
Flak Emplacement
Available for defensive and Luftwaffe doctrines, Flak is an… emplacement. With an AA gun. Annoying to deal with might buy you some time.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Doctrinal Infantry and support equipment - 5B8B4C4
It’s the ostheer bunker, but in defensive doctrine. Same stats as any other bunker. Can we move on?
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Doctrinal Infantry and support equipment - 701EB5D
Pak 43 8.8cm Anti-Tank Gun
Big iron available for the defensive doctrine. This is the ultimate anti-armor weapon, beaten only by the 17 pounder, which has infinite penetration (no, I won’t get tired of saying that, it’s just too ridiculous not to say it every time). What Pak has that 17pdr doesn’t hasn’t is native piercing rounds! And the fact that it can be decrewed.
Veterancy improves rotation, reload, accuracy, reload (again), damage and finally, it slightly increases its range.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Doctrinal Infantry and support equipment - 97331C0
leFH 18 10.5cm Howitzer
An indirect weapon that is available for Overwatch and Defensive doctrines.
Has Air-Burst shells, which are supposed to be effective againts infantry, but most of the people called this change dubious.
Yeah, that should do it. Let’s move on because I don’t want to waste time on this thing.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Doctrinal Infantry and support equipment - 98EA0C4

Doctrinal Vehicles

Surprisingly, OKW doesn’t have a lot of very unique call-ins. Yeah, most of those things here are either units that are already in the game and have their counterparts in the ostheer.
SdKfz 221 Scout Car
221 is the veteran of the game, being available before for ostheer as a stock unit before the 222 became the norm somewhere in… I have no idea when, to be honest. Anyway, 221 is exclusive to elite armored and is serving as the answer to the ULVs of allies such as the WC or UC. Aside from that, it’s a pretty good early game harassment unit, that just like any other ULV.
Veterancy is pretty good. Reduction of target size and defensive smoke, more sight and accuracy for its MG34 (yes it’s mg42 but for some reason, game files are calling it MG34), more speed and health, RA reduction when in lockdown mode and finally the Rigel, the immobilization mine.
SdKfz 223 Command Car
The game treats them as separate units. Basically the same unit, but with more armor and health (couldn’t find the exact increase, sorry). There’s also one more difference: lockdown mode. This ability allows the 223 to double the resource income for the player, which is the only way OKW can actually do it.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Doctrinal Vehicles - DB84B68
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Doctrinal Vehicles - A8FA317
Ostwind Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Weapon
Ostwind, but placed in scavenge doctrine. Get in the T4 building. Vet 4 increases damage and 5 rate of fire.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Doctrinal Vehicles - F657C6D
Flammpanzer 38(t) Flamethrower Tank
Exclusive to Fueuersturm, Flamehetzer is an anti-infantry specialist, like everything in that doctrine. It shoots flames and doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. Pretty good against the British.
Veterancy increases weapon stats, RA, damage, and range.
I’d love to say something more about this vehicle, but my craptop gets a stroke every time it sees a flame on the screen. Sorry about that.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Doctrinal Vehicles - 8AD357F
Opel Blitz
Used for cheese tactics in Fueurstrum doctrine, this truck reduces the cooldown and reload of nearby infantry, allows for reinforcement, and can heal infantry in friendly territory. Doesn’t have any veterancy.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Doctrinal Vehicles - 57D3B1F
“Panther” Command Tank
Panther with unique camo in the Special Operations doctrine. It doesn’t really differ from the stock Panther (aside from that it’s a call-in unit) in terms of combat capabilities, and the fact that has mark vehicle ability (25% bonus damage and 15% received accuracy penalty to the target). What makes the Command Panther special is its veterancy, which improves its aura of command aura, which grants as follows:
Default : +15 sight range, +10% speed, +10% ac/de-celeration.
Veterancy 1: additional +10% ac/de-celeration.
Veterancy 2: additional +20% accuracy.
Veterancy 3: additional +20% reload speed.
Veterancy 4: additional +5 weapon range.
On vet 5, infantry gets +20% accuracy and +20% reload speed.
As you can see, the bonuses are tremendous so try to keep your command panther alive throught the match, and you’ll be greatly rewarded with overpowered late game.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Doctrinal Vehicles - 73D03C2
“Sturmtiger” Assault Gun
Elite Armored specialty, Strumtiger is a heavy breakthrough tank, that can shoot a rocket that is very infamous for wiping everything in its path. After the shoot, ST needs to be reloaded, and whilst reloading it can be decrewed if something hits it, be it a tank gun or a panzerschreck. Ability wise, aside from firing the gun and reloading it, the crew can throw grenades.
Veterancy grants the ST more vitality, armor, reload speed increase, more range, and even more reload speed.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Doctrinal Vehicles - 126CD54
“Jagdtiger” Tank Destroyer
Jagdtiger is the equivalent to the ostheers Elefant, albeit it’s a bit more expensive and more versatile than Porshe Tiger. Available to the Breakthrough doctrine, Jag is perhaps the best tank destroyer in the game as well as the victor of the title “the most armored tank in the game”. It still can be pierced by the MG42 with API rounds. Anyway, the tank can be also upgraded to be more maneuverable.
Ability-wise, Jag has two of them, both from the get-go. The first one is a (28.3 kg APCBC-HE Shells) that allows the JT to penetrate any game object to hit its target, and the second is a ZiS3-like supporting fire.
Veterancy grants more shells to the supporting fire ability, improved reload, speed, accuracy, and again reload, grants less scatter, and increases health at vet 5.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Doctrinal Vehicles - 9A56597
“Tiger” Command Tank
The big boy from the Grand Offensive doctrine, it’s an ostheer tiger. Vet is the same as the ostheer’s tiger, but in addition to that, it gains command tiger ability(reload speed and RA, and from vet 2 onwards also accuracy to all nearby allied tanks). Vet 4 grants the Combat blitz and vet 5 improves mobility. Oh, also vet 2 improves scatter now.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Doctrinal Vehicles - A9F7B89
A smol tank, able to be built from any HQ that you’d established with overwatch doctrine. It’s a demo charge on tracks. Has sniper camo. Can be detected by minesweepers.
Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb's Guide to OKW - Doctrinal Vehicles - 7CDC008

Doctrines in a nutshell

Breakthrough – You are a team player who realizes that your team needs a heavy tank destroyer, a hipster that refuses to use the Grand Offensive in 1v1s or want to use Sturm Offizier. Or the Jagdtiger for a reason.
Elite Armored – Pretty late for Sturmtiger aboose, but you can still use the self spotting King Tiger I suppose.
Fueuerstorm – Pretty good for cheese with Opel and Hetzer’s a superb anti infantry tool.
Defensive – Please stop.
Grand Offensive – Oh look, it’s the most popular doctrine for OKW. Cool.
Luftwaffe – PSA for everybody, please use volks in trenches while using valiant assault. Please.
Overwatch – It’s pretty much meta because of the versitility that the doctrine provides. Skillplanes? Sure. Broken a*s infantry? There you go. Artilery? Of course.
Scavenge – You forgot that Overwatch exists. Or want to use Ostwind.
Spec Ops – Sturm Offizier with infiltration grenades.

Build Orders

Meta 4 volk :
Pfuselier Build :
Elite Infantry focus :
Volk-Volk-Elite Inf-Elite Inf-T2-FLK-T4

Do and Don’ts

– Just as it is the case with soviet or USF – You always want to engage your enemy first. Your volks and sturms work very well in the early game as aggression units. If they’re charging a unit that is not prepared, that is.
– Hit and run. OKW shines at this type of playstyle.
– MG34 is essencial for blob control. As much as I dislike it, I build it every game (or not if I can get my hands on USF .50 cal or Vickers)
– Treat Puma as a “poke” vehicle. Get into effective range of it, take a shot, and getaway. Remember that you have a range advantage.
– Don’t spam elites. You’re going to bleed manpower. HARD.
– Most of the cases, you are not going to need a panther, really. Just get 2 P4s.
– If you’re a defensive player, switch to Ostheer (yeah, defensive OKW touched me when I was young)

Further Sources

Greyshot’s Fallschirmjäger Analysis:

YouTube player

Helping Hans’ breakthrough doctine breakdown:

YouTube player

A few words from Imprerial Dane about Grand Offensive (might be outdated):

YouTube player

As for my sources, they’re the usual suspects : Veterancy guide – [] , Serealia – [] , Ability – []  guide and new source pointed to me by Felinewolfie, – [] .


If I’m being serious, I think that OKW was the second worse faction to describe. A lot of reworks meaning that 90% of the regular sources would be outdated. Units not being very impressive themselves. Man, OKW really has a rough time in 1v1s. Poor bastards.
Anyway, that’s it from me, hopefully, you’d learned something, and eh, gave other factions a shot. If you’re still scared, you can read my guides about the allied nations!
wow, that’s the best plug that I wrote
Thanks again for reading.

Written by Le Negev

Here we come to an end for Company of Heroes 2 A Weeb’s Guide to OKW hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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  1. Yo. Thanks for the guide! Way too difficult finding update-to-date guides on this faction when you’re just starting out. I went from getting absolutely blasted wondering what exactly I was doing wrong. I’ve played many-a-RTS so while I’m good at the the fundamentals, this game was still kicking my butt. I’ve played two games since reading this guide and I’ve improved significantly and enjoyed the game a lot more as a result even if I still lose. Thanks!

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