Colossal Cave Tips Earn 350 Points (Breakdown & Full Walkthrough)

Colossal Cave Tips Earn 350 Points (Breakdown & Full Walkthrough) 1 -
Colossal Cave Tips Earn 350 Points (Breakdown & Full Walkthrough) 1 -

Due to the constrained inventory space and turn options in Colossal Cave, 350 points are challenging to obtain. Planning, effectiveness, and effective inventory management are required. Additionally, having some familiarity with the game’s rules will be helpful.

In the first section, I’ll detail each deed and circumstance that grants points. In this area, you’ll find everything you missed.

In the video, I’ll walk you through the full procedure. You must bring each of the 15 items to the wellhouse, gather every point, and then leave the cave. I designed the route to take the pirate’s sporadic appearance into mind. You should still be able to find his hiding place, though, to do the job before your lantern runs out.

Points Breakdown


If you don’t read the instructions you will start the game with 32 point.

Points from Treasures 218

Each treasure you see award 2 points (15×2 = 30 total). Any interaction (eye, hand icon, etc.) counts as “seeing” treasures even if you don’t pick them up.

Every treasure you discover Place in the wellhouse You can earn points for the following:

  • Gold Nugget, Diamonds and Precious Jewelry, Rare Coins, and Bars of Silver: 10 points per each (5 x 10) = 50 total
  • Ming Vase and Persian Rug, Egg-Sized Emerald, Platinum Pyramids, Golden Eggs. Gold Eggs. Rare Spices. Golden Chain. or Pearl: 14 points each (9×14 = 126 total).
  • 12 points Pirate’s Treasure Chest


Additional Points 100

These events and actions are non-treasure activities that award points

  • 25 points if you are attacked by a dwarf the first time (this is almost automatically).
  • 1 point Dropping the Spelunker Today Magazine in Witt’s Ende
  • 25 points for surviving the “cave closing soon” warning
  • 10 points surviving to the cave’s closing
  • 35 points for breaking down the wall of a repository with dynamite
  • 4 points for staying in the game (these can be awarded at any ending, even player deaths, as long you didn’t quit)



Doing any of the following will result in points being lost

  • Please read the instructions
  • Listening to the narration
  • The death of a loved one


Video Walkthrough


0:00 – Entering Cave

1:08: Treasure Roundup 1 Gold Nuggets and Diamonds, Precious Jewelry and Rare Coins, Bars of Silver

7:13: Treasure Roundup 2 – Ming Vases and Persian Rugs, Egg Sized Emeralds, Platinum Pyramids

15:17: Treasure Roundup 3 – Golden Eggs and Jeweled Tident, Rare Spices. Golden Chain, Pearl

24:11 – Interlude: Pirate’s Treasure Chest

27:47 – Treasure Roundup 3 for continued

32:17 – Exiting the Cave and Ending

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