Chivalry 2 How to Fix Blurry Quality Image Guide

Chivalry 2 How to Fix Blurry Quality Image Guide 1 -
Chivalry 2 How to Fix Blurry Quality Image Guide 1 -

Tweak the Unreal Engine 4 settings to get a cleaner, less blurry image.


I have played many Unreal 4 Engine games, Chivalry 2 is by far one of the worst culprits in terms of having a blurry image.
I have done a number of configurations of Anti-Aliasing + DLSS to no avail, it also appears DLSS sharpening is not available.
I have two solutions, one for lower end PCs and one for Higher.
Before the two options, there is something I recommend doing.

Recommended Engine Tweaks

Go To;

  • C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Chivalry 2\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  • Open Engine.ini

At the bottom, copy and paste the following;
This will do the following

  • Force maximum anisotropy
  • Disable any Vignette
  • Disable any depth of field
  • Disable any film grain
  • Disable any motion blur


Low-End Fix: Engine Sharpening Filter

Underneath “r.Tonemapper.Quality=0”, add the following line;
After the = you can put a number between 1 – 10, around 4 is a sweet-spot that prevents the image from becoming overly filtered, but it’s subjective what the limit is.

High-End Fix: DSR

At the end of “r.Tonemapper.Quality=0” copy and paste the following;
This is NOT to be used in conjunction with the sharpening filter.
This will completely disable Anti-Aliasing (FXAA/TAA). You will then need to ensure you have set up DSR on your PC to enable you to select higher resolutions than you native resolution to then down-sample.
nVidia DLDSR – [] 
AMD DSR – [] 
In-game, change the resolution to one or two settings higher than your native resolution (unless you are already using a 4K monitor)
For example, I am using 1440p 2560×1440, so I have set mine up as 3413×1920.


Im using an RTX 3080 with the game running in DX12 mode, I average 90-110 FPS using this higher end solution and now the image is blur free.
Best of luck, hope it works for you.

Written by Imonkeymoo

Here we come to an end for Chivalry 2 How to Fix Blurry Quality Image Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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