China: Mao’s legacy Definitive Mao Living Document & FAQ Questions and Answers

China: Mao’s legacy Definitive Mao Living Document & FAQ Questions and Answers 1 -
China: Mao’s legacy Definitive Mao Living Document & FAQ Questions and Answers 1 -

This is a collection of information I have found on the steam forum and elsewhere on how the game works, how to influence different things in the game and some FAQ questions and answers.

Influencing variables and FAQ

Improving Relations with USSR/USA
-Support their wars
-Put reformist/hardliners in government positions, particularly MFA(foreign affairs) and Premier.
-Spend money on diplomatic missions in the budget
Lowering Diplomatic Reputation
-liberals/reformers in MFA and government reduce it
-Liberal doctrines reduce it
-Picking the less aggressive options in events
Improving Standard of Living
-Invest more in agricuture/industry/services
-Reducing corruption
-Invest more in welfare
*Changing economic system will cause drop in SoL
Reducing corruption
-Invest in state mechanism
-Invest in MSS
Reducing liberalisation
Improving party unity
-Party envelopes
Improving support of the people

FAQ questions

What are the Government positions?
-Premier is basically like a Prime Minister type role beneath you, as head of state.
-CMC is Central Military Commission, so head of military.
-MFA is Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they’re representing you abroad.
-The Premier/MFA can influence your diplomatic relations a-lot, so a reformer in both could help with the USA but harm with the USSR, for example. But it depends on their own doctrines too.
-Regional positions affect things like party unity (as does premier.) corruption, income and if your ministers will scheme against you more often. They also influence mind liberalisation and science.
Traits of leaders
-Thrifty in a region – +0.1 to Budget
-Hard Man – lowers party unity, popular support and liberalization
-Idol – reverse Hard Man
-Harsh – lowers party unity, liberalization and corruption
-Soft – reverse Harsh
-Westophile – in MFA/Premier lowers reputation by another 0.1 and improves relations with USA, while hurting relations with USSR
-Sinophile – doesn’t do that, but a Liberal Sinophile will still lower reputation
-Schemer – will join a conspiracy against you
-Pragmatic – won’t
-Scientist – adds science points
-Petty Tyrant – lowers popular support? don’t know, don’t care, you shoot these
Gold reserve effects
-Gold Reserve – does nothing if you’re on Planned Economy or Automation, if you’re going to Bird’s Cage or more liberal(which increases corruption), you need 60 Cash (or more if more liberal) in there to stop your economy from dropping and negate the corruption. Putting in more (75+) will start improving economy and reducing corruption further. Failing to do so will get you Oligarch domination.


I made this document partly for my own use but also to share as a living document containing a collection of the information I have been able to glean from the steam forum about the game since KremlinGames seem constitutionally incapable of writing a manual or explaining 90% of the game mechanics.
Please correct/suggest additions, I would be very happy to make amendments and additions for my own interest as much as anyone else!
Where I have copy and pasted someones explanation I have credited their input with a @.

Here we come to an end for China: Mao’s legacy Definitive Mao Living Document & FAQ Questions and Answers hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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