Cave Crawlers – Enemy and Boss Tips

Cave Crawlers – Enemy and Boss Tips 1 -
Cave Crawlers – Enemy and Boss Tips 1 -

This is a guide for Cave Crawlers – Enemy and Boss Tips

This guide is a basic outline based on what I’ve observed from playing video games.

The Basics

A few basic guidelines to help you get into the CAVECRAWLER’s world. It is your responsibility to figure out how to make the most of what you have.

Maintain your torch by pressing to refill it whenever it becomes low on gas, noting that for each 1 percent you add, only 1 of what was initially available will be consumed – there won’t be an endless supply.
Weapon selection should only be determined once an adequate weapon has been discovered. You may go multiple floors without finding one suitable sword, but you could discover one later on! I recommend waiting to enhance your skills until you have found the weapon of your choice; in my case, I found I couldn’t locate an axe despite eight levels spent increasing its abilities.

If your torch runs out of fuel, press F to strike the flint. Keep your torch charged up when not being used; store it away when not needed.

To help open passageways, it is advised to use bombs to break through walls. Simply drop one on top of a wall with TNT at its base – this will open the blocked passageway so you can pass through.

5. When playing co-op games with someone, make sure that both parties possess expertise in torch work. Don’t rely on using similar skills like those found within another person’s team; one with diverse sets of capabilities makes for the ideal experience.

6. Medic Skills are torch abilities. By using these abilities you can heal twice as fast on each floor and get three points. Medic Skills provide an excellent way to avoid dying from something as simple as a bat strike.7.5 7

8. Revive team members nearing the end of lives and having someone assist in keeping them comfortable before taking them away is always beneficial, but at all times try to lift them up instead of sending someone away to give aid if necessary. Death may always be present but don’t dwell on this idea too much: focus on living.

9-9 When playing co-op games, divide weapons and armor into rolls before doling out potions to those most in need – healing pots will likely benefit tanks over assassins for example.

10 – Be wary of hitting any teammates on your team or any potential threats when playing alone; when in groups it is wise to avoid areas that require running for cover as hitting can result in knockback and result in deadly consequences. Knockback can be devastating.

Tips from the enemy

Beware of getting trapped in a huge group.

Slimes aren’t harmful to you. They just slow your progress. You can ignore them to kill a goblin prior to engaging them.

If you only see one goblin, their companions are likely to be nearby.

If you aren’t paying to your surroundings, bats could attack you from behind or on the sides.

The crystal enemies are much more powerful than their weapon counterparts. Be careful not to attack them and kite them away in larger groups.

Boss Tips

Don’t be worried if you are unable to see the boss, but do kill his gang and keep the area clear.

The second boss could be compelled to charge his crystals. This could weaken his. Avoid being too close to the massive crystals and circle strafes when you are able to.

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