Cauldrons of War – Stalingrad Gameplay Tips & How to Unlock the Long Campaign Guide

Cauldrons of War – Stalingrad Gameplay Tips & How to Unlock the Long Campaign Guide 1 -
Cauldrons of War – Stalingrad Gameplay Tips & How to Unlock the Long Campaign Guide 1 -

Playing Axis Fall Blau can be a bit tricky at first, because it’s not clear what to focus on.
Rush Stalingrad? Rush the Caucasus? Focus on Center Group? After about a dozen play throughs, here are some tips and strategies to win a big enough Axis victory to unlock the Long Campaign.

The First Decision

I like to ‘Keep Our Equipment’, as you mostly use German Units. I find most of the non-German troops don’t get used much (as it uses a valuable control point that could be used to move a German division).

On to the Gameplay First Round

Start by shelling Sevastopol with the big guns, then assault, assault, blitz.
Next turn you should be able to overrun Sevastopol. Nice!
Next is Fall Blau Phase 1 – go Blitz, Blitz, Assault, Assault, move 2nd Hungarian up to front and Assault with it. You will get most of the Soviet divisions surrounded. In other words, don’t use artillery at the start. You get much more done with straight-up attacking.
For the Center Group, I like to move the 4th Army in the Strategic Reserve to ‘Push Towards Orel’, so it can be used to artillery in future turns. The 9th Army just north in Rzhev is also excellent to use for artillery in future turns (you have to use the Center Group Action Points somewhere).
Up on the North Group, I move the Befh Division to Dnieper to make a 3 division defence, as this is a 3 Front Width. (Having at least the same number of divisions as the Front Width is something I try to do).

Second Round or Turn

Take over Sevastopol, yeh!
In Center Group, keep pushing Fall Blau. I accomplished the Fall Blau mission with my first attack.
From there I go to ‘Beyond Sosna River’, and create a General Offensive, and attack, which killed a surrounded unit (every unit killed can’t get healed-up to fight again!).
Next is ‘Race along the Don’, and I create a General Offensive (not sure if this makes any difference to Breakthrough, but I think the wide attack helps reduce truck traffic jams. Trucks are apparently important.) Keep attacking and blitzing until your action points are used up.
In the Center Group, move the 4th Army up, and shell with the 9th Army.
Up North, arrange your frontline troops to have the Front Width match, and I like to entrench the non-Leningrad divisions. After all that is done, on future turns you can start shelling Leningrad.

Third Turn

Now that Sevastopol is taken, you get a choice on what to do with the Big Guns (11th Army). I like to ‘Send part to Leningrad’. It takes a few turns for the Big Guns to reach Leningrad, but it makes the Leningrad siege easier and quicker. Plus more change to get the Finns into the war, and their 2 free divisions.
Next choice to ‘Continue our Operations’ or ‘Take Voronezh’. I follow the advice of the Developer Maestro Cinetik, go with ‘Continue our Operations’ to not get slowed down on the road to Stalingrad.
Then I go with ‘Create two groups’ for the extra Command Point (the most valuable resource in the game).
Lastly I choose ‘To Stalingrad’ as rushing Stalingrad is the strategy I find works best.

Fourth Turn

Army Group A can now start the ‘Road to Rostov’. Don’t shell, just attack.
Army Group B can continue “Race along the Don’.
Army Group Center can keep shelling using the two good artillery divisions.
Army Group North can start shelling Leningrad. I like to check every front for divisions that need attention, like isolated divisions that need retreating, or divisions that are down in Cohesion and need Refiting.
More to come!

By Chief Wiggum

Here we come to an end for Cauldrons of War – Stalingrad Gameplay Tips & How to Unlock the Long Campaign Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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