Card Quest The Best Rogue Build for Card Quest

Card Quest The Best Rogue Build for Card Quest 1 -
Card Quest The Best Rogue Build for Card Quest 1 -

This guide is for a card quest rogue build that is unbeatable. This build is extremely easy to use and can wipe out the entire board. It was designed to maximize card drawing and conceal features for maximum damage.


Card Quest The Best Rogue Build for Card Quest - Overview - 6E8BA1A

This guide is intended to help new players learn about the Rogue class in Card Quest. If you’re able to use the Rogue Class correctly, it can be very powerful. This build is “unstoppable” since it can be used to defeat every section of the game. It prioritizes card draws, maximizes damage with hide features, and maximizes damage. Explore this guide to learn how it works, and then try it for yourself. You will see two cards at the beginning of each game. They do not belong to any of these sets. These will be explained in the How to Play section of this guide.

Card Selection (: Assassination school)

Below is a list of cards that you should prepare using Assassination School. Below, I will describe in detail how each card works.

Assassination School

Card Quest The Best Rogue Build for Card Quest - Card Selection (Style: Assassination School) - 923A48E

Assassination School allows you to unlock various cards not available at Level 7. To receive these cards, make it a priority to reach Level 7. It should not take much time. The following explains each card and its purpose. We will start with the leftmost and move to the right.

1. Killing Blow– This card is crucial for killing bosses, particularly later ones like The Forest King. Although it is a CHAINBREAKER(that removes bonuses from cards used in succession, it deals massive damages, is UNDODGEABLE, ignores armour, and, even more incredible, ignores strike back damage from enemies with that feature. This is important for slimes or enemies that could damage you if they strike. You also get a two-card draw after you use it.

2. Distraction: Despite its high price, which increases by 1 every time a CHAINBREAKER card has been used, Distraction can prevent any attack you are subject to. It is beneficial against enemies, such as bosses like Manticore, who can attack multiple times per turn, even from a distance. The attack is ignored immediately it is used. It also confuses the target for one round. If the enemy has multiple attacks, their turn is over regardless.

3. Plan Ahead: One of the most powerful cards in Rogue class. This card can build strategy points for cards within this set. Killing Blow requires 3 points. Vanish (requires 1 or 3. You should take advantage of the fact that it gives you two cards and and is free! Even if your strategy points are full, you can still use it to draw additional cards without losing energy points. The trick’s other important feature is that this card creates a (CHAIN for damage cards unless it is a) CHAINBREAKER. If you have the card handy, it is an easy way to start off with maximum damage for any attack.

4. Vanish: This card is crucial for this build. It creates confusion for all enemy on-screen, except for those who are immune to it. This is not a problem for mushrooms. For most enemies, however, it confuses for two rounds maximum. This allows you to increase your energy points and pass for a turn. It also allows you more damage to a confused enemy.

Card Selection (Primal: Dagger)

Below is a list of cards that you should prepare using the Dagger to your primary weapon. This may seem strange, considering that it is such an inexpensive item. According to the Wiki, this weapon is “useless”. This weapon is useless, but you’ll see why when you look at the build. Below I will go into detail about each card.


Card Quest The Best Rogue Build for Card Quest - Card Selection (Primary: Dagger) - E328F96

The Dagger, a weapon that unlocks a variety of cards after defeating the Old Town battle in the City of the Undead. This battle is one of the most important in the game. Although it may seem weak, it is extremely powerful when used with the other card sets described in this guide. Here is a description of each card and its purpose. We will start with the leftmost and move to the right.

1. Backstab– This card is a CHAINBREAKER. It does more damage to enemies than Jab (, see below). However, it should be used as a final attack to kill off your enemies. This card can be used after any number of Jab cards. It does more damage than (, weakens opponents, and ignores 2 armor points. A chain costs 1 energy less and deals 2 additional points of damage. Although it will end the chain, it will only deal with one card after it is used.

2. Jab: This is your primary attack for this build. Jab works best when it’s chained to another Jab card because they draw so often. Backstab, however, is a CHAINBREAKER. If the first card is used or is already part of a chain, you can draw one card per attack.

Card Selection (Secondary – Bare Rogue

Below is a list of cards that you should have prepared to make your Secondary set. Below I will describe in detail how each card functions.

Bare Rogue

Card Quest The Best Rogue Build for Card Quest - Card Selection (Secondary: Bare Rogue) - B65DCB1

The first Secondary class in the game is Bare Rogue. This is the Rogue class. As with the Dagger, it would seem pointless to use at later levels. But it is an essential part of the build that is required for it to function and one of the reasons it is so powerful!

1. Cheap Trick This card is probably the most important in this build. Cheap Trick can stun any stunned enemy. If you use it once, it creates an effect called CHAIN that can be used to generate more Cheap Trick cards or attacks. If you already have a Chain and use Cheap Trick, it will activate its most significant feature, which is the ability to generate a whopping two cards with 0 energy cost. Similar to Plan Ahead (, see the Assassination School set in a separate section.) allows for card draws and is much more common than Plan Ahead.

2. Arm Parry– This card is almost worthless at a higher level. It can provide some defense but without armor charges, it is not very effective against higher-tier enemies. It also does not avoid poison as the Distraction card from the Assassination School set does (. See separate section in this guide). If you do not have armor charges), this card is sufficient for attacks that cause 2 points of damage, or less, and it generates one card draw on the first use. two cards are generated if it is in a CHAIN. This card is usually discarded in higher-level battles.

Shadow Cloak Armor

Card Quest The Best Rogue Build for Card Quest - Armor: Shadow Cloak - 0AA7297

The Shadow Cloak, a piece of armor that you receive in the second level, is a piece of armor. It is obtained after you defeat the battle in the City of the Undead, known as the Roofs. Although it reduces your energy level by two points, it also causes confusion among all enemies at the start of every Battle. It can also serve as a last resort to avoid an attack. See the Assassination School section). However, it affects all enemies that can be confused. This makes it work like the Vanish (card from the Assassination School set. See separate section).

Trinket – Garrotte or Smoke Bomb

Card Quest The Best Rogue Build for Card Quest - Trinket: Garrotte or Smoke Bomb - FFE6A5E

You can use this build with two trinkets. The Garrotte is your first trinket. It can be obtained by completing Rogue’s tutorial. It is only able to do 8 damage per attack but if used to kill an opponent who is confused or stunned, you will get a two card draw. You can use it in a bind to draw two cards quickly, increasing your chances to draw something like Plan Ahead. Garrotte can also be used in all encounters as it recharges after a every victory.

Card Quest The Best Rogue Build for Card Quest - Trinket: Garrotte or Smoke Bomb - 32A7731

The Smoke Bomb is a second trinket that you may receive. This trinket was received in the City of the Undead during the High Town battle. It can be used for defense or offense. It’s especially useful against high-tier enemies, such as The Forest Kings, who drops multiple enemies on three occasions. It can confuse all enemies that are visible on the screen when used in either of these cases. It is similar to the Vanish cards in the Assassination Schools set (and Shadow Cloak armors (. See separate section).

Bag: Poison Darts

Card Quest The Best Rogue Build for Card Quest - Bag: Poison Darts - E230600

The Poison Darts is one of the first items you get for the Bag. They are obtained after the Dwarven Mountains Mountain’s Foot battle. The Poison Darts inflict a minimum of 2 damage to each attack, unless the enemy has been confused and/or stunned. They will deal more damage depending of armor (, but ignore 2 points of armore17Y. They then poison for 2 damage per turns for 3 turns. This makes them useful for taking out any enemies that might be affected by them. They are useful for this build as they can hit enemies at a distance to do a little damage, and also start a CHAIN. They can be used 6 times per encounter and recharge 2 darts. These items are more valuable than higher-level Bag items, as you can use them all in one encounter and then have them all returned within three rounds.

Playing the UNSTOPPABLE Game

Card Quest The Best Rogue Build for Card Quest - Overview - 6E8BA1A

Let me now show you how to set it up. I will include a video to show you how I use the build. But once you have seen how the card drops work and how you deal with your damage properly, it should be easy to understand. You will find the following steps helpful. The two cards at the bottom are included with any Rogue card set. They can be used in any Style, Primary, and Secondary set.

How to Use your Card Deck

I have organized each explanation according to how they were introduced in the guide. The following section describes how to put all the cards together.

Card Quest The Best Rogue Build for Card Quest - Card Selection (Style: Assassination School) - 923A48E

For bosses or cases where enemies need their lives saved, Killing blow should be reserved. This is the first example of when to use it on a regular enemy. Despite the higher cost, distraction can still be avoided. It is essential to avoid enemies’ attacks in later battles. It is important to have at minimum one, or even two, in your hand if you have many enemies left or are anticipating hidden enemies. For example, the Forest King will reappear if you defeat his various add-drops. Therefore, you will need 1 to avoid him attacking and then confuse him. Plan Ahead can be used easily and should not be discarded. Use this card first if you can to make your attacks stronger before you attack. Vanish is perhaps the most crucial card in this deck. It is a good idea to always have one on hand for larger battles. Because it is more common than Killing Blow, you will be dropping cards constantly using the (sets. It can cost one or three strategy points. If you see it costing 3 and want to skip it until the next Plan Ahead Card to use Killing Blow is available, the easiest option is to use a CHAINBREAKER cards. It will reduce to 1 strategy points but have a higher price at 6 energy point rather than 3.

Card Quest The Best Rogue Build for Card Quest - Card Selection (Primary: Dagger) - E328F96

The Dagger isn’t weak. It’s best to start with Jab, draw more cards with other build sets, and then end with Backstab. The first attack on confused opponents will do more damage, but it also breaks the confusion. It does more damage if they are stunned but it does not affect their status. Confusion and stuns them more and causes even more damage. Because of the high draw rates, you can effectively waste an entire team of enemy players in one turn. Important information: You can start the CHAIN by using the Plan Ahead Card that is part the Assassination School (. See separate section). Or you can use the Poison Darts (. See separate section) to take one hit. If they can dodge, enemies will usually do so unless they are confused or stunned. Once these statuses have been lost, enemies can and will dodge again for as many times they can. Jab works well against enemies with lower levels of life, such the fairies. While they are confused, you can net more cards, quick deaths, and continue the damage cycle.

Card Quest The Best Rogue Build for Card Quest - Card Selection (Secondary: Bare Rogue) - B65DCB1

Cheap Trick is a key feature of this build. It costs nothing when it is part a CHAIN. This can include any attacks. However, it can stun or generate two cards. This card, along with confusion through a card like Vanish ((see the Assassination School section in this guide)), can cause massive damage to your enemies when you begin using your attacks. Some enemies will not be stunned by Cheap Trick, but it will still generate 2 card draws (or 1 card draw if in a CHAIN) and even if the enemy does not suffer any effects. To generate more card draws, you can and will always use this card. It is free in a CHAIN and you can only benefit from its use regardless of whether its confuse effect works. Arm Parry is a card you’ll primarily discard unless there’s a card draw or another defense. It can be quite useful against enemies that deal less than 2 damage. However, it is not useful for later battles unless your opponent has armor charges or you want to get a single card draw.

Card Quest The Best Rogue Build for Card Quest - Playing the UNSTOPPABLE Build - 2B29DEDCard Quest The Best Rogue Build for Card Quest - Playing the UNSTOPPABLE Build - D0BD8DF

These cards can also be found in other classes. They are however crucial for the Rogue build. Concentration gives you 2 energy points and draws 3 card. Inner Strength is a draw that draws 1 card and gives 5 energy points. This build is known for its high draw rate, which includes cards like Cheap Trick, Plan Ahead, and others. You will pull one or both of these cards quite often. This allows you to keep your energy levels up while slowly dealing out cards that are needed for specific situations. Even if your energy is exhausted, they will still draw additional cards. Inner Strength is especially useful if there is nothing else to use. Spend 5 points to draw a card from your deck. Then, refill with Inner Strength as if it never happened. You might not get the card that you need the first time you draw it, but it helps in such sticky situations. Both are CHAINBREAKER card, please note. However, Cheap Trick cards can be easily activated again to keep damage high. They can only be used in attack phase, not defense. You should also ensure that you have enough energy before you enter the enemy’s turns. Distraction can reduce your energy quickly so you will need lots!

To Play the UNSTOPPABLE Building

Once you understand the card functions, this build is quite intuitive. Although you won’t get the Shadow Cloak until later in ((see separate section of the guide for more information)), the primary card sets listed above are the heart of how it all works. Your goal is slowly to take out enemies and cause as much damage possible with cards like Vanish or Cheap Trick. Damage rates are much higher when an enemy is confused, stunned, or both. This is especially true if you are using attack card in a CHAIN. You’ll find that you can easily win many battles using continuous draws from cards like Jab (, especially when you are using Cheap Trick. Your progressive damage is insurmountable even for enemies with high levels of health. Although there is still some chance, it is a card game. The great thing about this build though is the high draw rate. This means that almost all of your chances of winning are eliminated. This build makes it extremely easy to win the Forest King Battle. There are still some strategies you need to learn for battles like when HIDDEN ENEMIES will appear, but this is all part of the build. Please let me know if there are any questions. One battle might cause you trouble. That is why this guide contains another section.


Card Quest The Best Rogue Build for Card Quest - WARNING! MUSHROOM CAVERNS! - 0BB8960

The Mushroom Caverns, with its irritating Mushroom Heart boss, is the battle that can cause you trouble. This is because the vast majority the enemies in the battle are completely immune to both confuse, stun and other tactics. This battle is also more difficult for the Rogue class, who works best in melee, but must be cautious of damage. This build is not as effective at preventing confusion and/or stun from winning. Although it is possible to beat it, you need to save Killing Blow and use it to kill any enemies with strikeback damage, such the Acid Mushroom. The Mushroom heart is the most difficult enemy because it spawns more mushrooms and has healing and strikeback abilities. It also deals damage that cannot be dodged and has a lot health. The key is to make sure you kill it first, and then put your heart into it. You can beat it without stress by slightly modifying your build. This will allow you to win this particular battle and then you can continue with the normal layout. The three tweaks below should make it easy. It is possible to beat it with a regular build, but it is tough. You must capitalize on tons of card draw and Killing Blow.

Armor: Brigand Armor

Card Quest The Best Rogue Build for Card Quest - WARNING! MUSHROOM CAVERNS! - 45EAA9B

Because of the high amount you will take from mushrooms during this battle, your life might be more than what the base build provides. The Brigand Armor is obtained after defeating the Logging Village battle within the Enchanted Forest. It is quite early in the level. This armor increases your overall health by 8 points. It also provides three armor charges of 2 each and one card draw. It takes two rounds to recharge. It is possible to increase your defense against cards such as Arm Parry (if you have the additional armor charges. For more information, see Secondary: Bare Rogues in this guide). This gives it an advantage for mushroom fights.

Trinket: Dragonstick

Card Quest The Best Rogue Build for Card Quest - WARNING! MUSHROOM CAVERNS! - AAC10BD

Unfortunately, this item is not available until later. However you can skip the Mushroom Caverns in order to get it very easily. It is available in the Dwarven Mountains after you have completed the Dwarven City battle. It can be used as an offense or defense or, dealing 6 damage per use and also burning the target for a single turn. You can use it three times and it doesn’t take into account strikeback damage. This will allow you to quickly defend against enemies like Acid Mushrooms while fighting the boss. This should be saved for when you beat The Mushroom Heart, which spawns a lot of them.

Bag: Dwarven Bombs

Card Quest The Best Rogue Build for Card Quest - WARNING! MUSHROOM CAVERNS! - F3CD08E

This Bag item is obtained after completing Dwarven Tunnels in the Dwarven Mountains. They are similar to the Dragonstick but deal 8 damage to their target and and four damage to one target. They will only dodge if they can. You have 3 bombs, so it is important to save these bombs for the Mushroom heart. Additionally, if your path is in the Dwarven Mountains and you choose the Old Mines route before the Mushroom Caverns, you can earn an additional 3 bombs by finding a treasure box, buying one from a seller, or defeating the boss at the Old Mines battle. You will receive a free bomb when he dies. This will give you 6 total Dwarven Bombs that you can use to deal 48 points of damage to the Mushroom heart. Usually you will end with 5 bombs including the ones in Bag. But, occasionally, you might find a chest that has one in it along the path that will increase the total. If you find the battle too difficult, these tweaks will help!


Written by Deaf Sparrow

Here we come to an end for Card Quest The Best Rogue Build for Card Quest hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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