Bro Falls: Ultimate Showdown Auto Clicker Guide

Bro Falls: Ultimate Showdown Auto Clicker Guide 1 -
Bro Falls: Ultimate Showdown Auto Clicker Guide 1 -
In depth strategies in preparation to successfully dominate the “I have a good day” button.


Formal Introduction

At first glance, the “I have a good day” button which will from now be referred to as “the button” has no meaning as there is no indication to what the counter of numbers actually correlates to.

When I discovered this button, I knew there had to be something beyond the regular assumption, I knew that this button… it had meaning… it must have a purpose.

For most of my hours in this game instead of actually playing, I have dedicated my career to developing strategies and using already known ones to gain mass amounts of points.

(For comprehension later, CPS = Clicks Per Second)

Butterfly Clicking (Easy Difficulty)

This is one of my favorite clicking styles due to its easy to learn mechanics, butterfly is the combination of the index and middle finger “fluttering” onto the mouse button.

Bro Falls: Ultimate Showdown ULTIMATE Guide to the


The reason for my praise to this clicking style is the actual bang for its buck. While butterfly clicking, you can output extreme amounts of clicks without expending precious stamina due to the relatively easy motion required.


The only problem about this style of clicking is that it is very much dependent on the type of mouse you have. A simple example could be that you feel like you are “fluttering” just as fast on one mouse and achieving 15+ cps although on another you may only break 10 maximum. The reason for this may be that actually some mice actually will “double” click due to vibrations of the repeated pressing. Experimentation and research is key here if you are looking for a perfected mouse.


There are many tutorials on YouTube of how to achieve a near perfect form, those who are very good at butterfly can quite possibly hit speeds of up to 20+ CPS.

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Jitter Clicking (Medium-Hard Difficulty)

I had previously used this method and grew quite fond of it. Unfortunately, due to its overall inefficient practical use over long periods of time I had to drop it. It involves hovering a finger over the mouse button and flexing your arm/wrist to achieve a “jitter” hence the name.

Bro Falls: Ultimate Showdown ULTIMATE Guide to the


The use of this style of clicking is purely for someone who needs to really fast really quick. It is perfect for short bursts not more 20-30 seconds at time.


Believe me when I tell you that this method can get quite tiring. Extended durations of jitter clicking for 40-50 seconds can lead to arm pains and discomfort. A good starting point would most likely be around the 15-20 second max range.


Similarly to butterfly clicking, this style is widely spread across the internet with various tutorials on how to do it right.

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  1. hey i found out what its for, at certain point amounts example (500,1000,10000) it gives you gems when i got to 10,000 points i had 30,000 gems p.s. i ran an auto clicker on it

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