Brigand: Oaxaca Brigand Player’s Manual

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Brigand: Oaxaca Brigand Player’s Manual 1 -
Official Player’s Manual for Brigand: Oaxaca


The Story So Far

You should have seen this coming.

Framed for murder: a psychotic bandit, blitzed on juices and killed during sexual intercourse by
bullets sprayed through a wooden door. The woman wasn’t so lucky, either. And you were the
only one around, looking stupid.

At least you were safe here, in this comfortable cell in southern Oaxaca, Mexico — safe from the
upcoming war between Uncle Bob’s National Security and Eleggua Tribe, who they say washed
up on the shores of Mexico after their homelands were submerged in the rising ocean.

It has been over a century now since the nukes fell, vaporizing entire cities in the blink of an eye.
Mexico City is gone. Ground Zero. UBNS is once again on the verge of war, but at least you were
safe in this cell, absolved of all sin in the enemy’s eyes.

Until now.

Brigand: Oaxaca Brigand Player's Manual

Basic Interaction

When you are looking directly at an important object, its name will appear above your crosshair,
along with some other important information in parentheses. When you see an object’s name like
this, you can usually right click your mouse to interact with it. Important objects include people,
computer terminals, useful appliances, and obtainable items. Right-clicking on people will engage
you in a conversation, and right-clicking an obtainable item will add it to your inventory.
Here are some examples of important objects:

Beds: You can save your game here. Beds are probably the most important object in the game,
and thankfully there are many. Whenever you rest at a bed, you will automatically recover all of
your Meta, and if your Health is below 10, it will be restored back to 10. If you’re playing on
Wimpy Mode, your health will be completely restored

Doors: Right click a door to open it. Some doors will be locked and require either a key or a
destructive force. A locked wooden door requires a small key to open, but they can easily be
destroyed with explosives or sufficient melee damage. Locked metal doors require multiple
explosions to destroy. Locked alloy doors require a big key and cannot be destroyed. If a door is
sealed (not locked), it does not require a key, but rather a successful hack into a security terminal
somewhere in the vicinity, or a switch.

Outfit Chests: This is where you change your outfit. Outfits can be found or purchased from
merchants, and they each grant certain resistances to the 7 types of damage, described below.
Some have other advantages. Outfit chests are usually found next to your bed.
Wooden Crates: Wooden crates can be smashed, and many of them contain useful items or jink.
Don’t waste ammunition destroying them, however. You should always carry a melee weapon.

Cooking Fires: Cooking fires allow you to cook meat with the Cook Meat ability, described below.
Cooking your meat will double the heath bonus and eliminate any chance of disease.

Voodoo Altars: Using too much Voodoo will decrease your sanity. Eventually, you will have
trouble sleeping, and after midnight you will experience strange and dangerous anomalies. Only
by sacrificing your jink at an altar can you restore your sanity.

Auto-Docs:These are automatic medical dispensaries that can heal wounds, stop poison, cure
disease, or even eliminate radiation in the user’s body. Unfortunately, all Auto-Docs require Jink to
use, and some Auto-Docs are initially unpowered, requiring a charged fuel cell to restore
operations. Hacking an Auto-Doc will cut prices almost in half. They can be destroyed, so guard
them carefully.

Security Terminals:Security Terminals grant you access to the security network of a particular
area. If you have sufficient Software skill or the required user login and password, you can
manipulate most of the automated security systems in the current area, including magnetic door
locks, auto-guns, androids, and more. After you login to a terminal, some functions may require
additional hacks.

Bionics Terminals:Bionics Terminals are very rare. If you find one, you can pay jink to install
powerful cybernetic implants. These implants can be used like normal abilities, but they require
very high Meta. They are also very expensive to install, so don’t even think about it until you’re
rich, chummer. Also, increasing your Software skill will increase the power of cybernetic implants.

Destructible Barrels:Special barrels will have special names, and if you shoot them enough
times, something is bound to happen. Combustible Barrels will explode, Flammable Barrels will
catch on fire, and Biohazard Barrels will leak a poisonous cloud of gas. If you see a special
barrel, try luring enemies near them and destroying them. Damaging a barrel to the brink of
destruction before a fight is an effective way to prepare for your enemies’ pursuit.

Obtainable Items: Obtainable items are essential for victory in Collapse. Just look at something
obtainable and right-click it to pick it up. It will appear in your inventory at the bottom of the
screen. You can carry up to 8 items before you must drop something (default: “F”). Some items
are stackable, meaning you can have up to 5 of them in a single item slot.

People and Creatures: Oaxaca is filled with intelligent people and depraved creatures, each
fighting for a radical faction or wandering the decimated wilderness in solitude. Some people may
even join your cause if you ask politely. You can recruit up to 3 additional characters besides
yourself, chief, and you can switch between them at any time. Having a higher Charisma skill will
insure higher reactions from characters. While looking at a person or creature, you will be able to
tell their reaction towards you: hostile, annoyed, suspicious, indifferent, ambivalent, friendly, or

Hostile characters will attack you on sight.
Annoyed characters will watch you and often refuse to interact with you.
Suspicious characters will watch you, but they will interact with you.
Indifferent characters will not watch you and they will offer you full services.
Ambivalent characters will often give you better prices when trading.
Friendly characters may join your team if you have the right ability.
Loyal characters are on your team and completely under your control.

Brigand: Oaxaca Brigand Player's Manual

Your Teammates

You begin alone, but you can recruit 2 other characters besides yourself — 3 more with the right
Charisma ability. These characters comprise your team. At any time you can switch to another
teammate and control his or her actions using the team key (default: alt). If you are playing as
one of your teammates and he or she dies, you will revert back to the main character. If your main
character dies, chief, you’re screwed.

Only your main character can initiate conversations or travel between areas.

You can also use the team window to change team orders. You can alternate between Regroup
(follow the player), Defend (don’t follow the player), and Hold (no movement whatsoever). Be
careful not to allow important teammates to die, as many of them will help you through some
rough patches and generally make for a richer story line.

And you can always talk to your teammates like anyone else. You can ask for advice, training,
information, or tell them to screw. When teammates leave the team, you can usually find them at
their favorite bar if you change your mind.

There are some areas that are so dangerous your teammates will refuse to enter

Brigand: Oaxaca Brigand Player's Manual

Damage and Death

When your health runs out, you’re dead. And when you’re dead, you’re dead, Chief. That is,
unless you use the magical “Restore Character” option, which loads your last saved game. Just
remember that every character has only one save slot, so don’t save your progress at a bed
unless you’re satisfied with the results of your actions.

Fortunately, you can find special outfits that give you resistance to certain kinds of damage (0% to
100%). Certain items and abilities also give you temporary bonuses to damage resistance. You
can change between outfits at an Outfit Chest.

Here are the 7 kinds of damage:

Melee: Close combat weapons, falling, and powerful explosions.
Bullet:Bullets, you know, from guns.
Ionize: Lasers and balls of plasma, often irradiates the target as well.
Heat:High temperatures, mostly from fire and explosions.
Cold: Low temperatures, mostly from Voodoo if you’re in Oaxaca.
Shock: Electromagnetic shocks like lightning and Tesla weapons.
Body:Poison and drowning, things that only affect living creatures.

Brigand: Oaxaca Brigand Player's Manual

Status Effects

Confused: While confused, your meta will drain, your vision will be distorted, and you will be
unable to concentrate on aiming. It will go away over time.

Poisoned: Poison will go away over time, but while it’s in your system, your health will drain
rapidly. Poison also distorts your vision and prevents aiming, causing the same effect as
confusion. Different poisons vary in severity, but they are all potentially fatal.

Diseased: Your disease level will slowly rise, decreasing your maximum health as it does.
Eventually you will be completely unfit for battle. You will need to find a cure for disease. Antibody
pills or an Auto-Doc will do. Fortunately you can’t die from it — at least not directly.

Irradiated: Radiation does not increase or decrease with time, but its effects do accumulate with
exposure. The more radiation in your system, the higher the chance of experiencing negative
results — disorientation, weakness, and finally ionization damage. Take radiation pills when the
effects become intolerable.

Insane: The more voodoo you use, the more sanity you will lose. If you become too insane, you
won’t be able to sleep and you will get headaches and confusion after sundown. Your insane
babbling will also decrease your Charisma. You must make a sacrifice at a voodoo altar to regain
your sanity.

Possessed: Possessed creatures are being controlled by someone or something else, probably
the player. If so, you can end the possession at any time by using the button to change to another
teammate. The possessed creature will regain control of its actions. It will also go away over time.

Concealed: Enemies can’t see you from a distance, so you can sneak up on them even if they’re
facing you. Don’t get too close or use any items, though. It will go away over time.
Infravision: You can see living creatures through fog and darkness. This also allows you to see
concealed enemies. It will go away over time.

Hungry: Don’t waste any food until your hunger level reaches 25. Eventually you will start losing
health. Only your main character has to eat.

Brigand: Oaxaca Brigand Player's Manual

The 14 Skills

When you begin the game, you can distribute 25 Skill Points among 14 unique skills. Vitality is
probably the most important, as it determines your maximum health. However, Willpower
determines your maximum Meta, which you need for special abilities. The cost of the ability is the
same as the skill level required to unlock it. For example, the Bandage ability requires that you
have 5 points of the Medicine skill to unlock, and every time you use it, it will consume 5 Meta.
Fortunately, Meta recharges over time. Health does not.

While playing the game, you will earn additional Skill Points for completing various jobs. Skill
Points can be used to upgrade your skills, but you must first find somebody willing to train you.
Ask anybody you come across if they can teach you skills, and you can spend your Skill Points to
upgrade your skills. You won’t be able to upgrade a skill beyond the level of the person training

Here are the 14 skills:

Vitality: Determines your maximum Health.
Willpower:Determines your maximum Meta.
Agility: Movement, jumping, and fall resistance.
Strength:Melee damage, throwing, and swimming.
Survival: Hold your breath and live off the land.
Stealth:Stay quiet and avoid detection.
Charisma:Improve the reaction of others.
Pistols: Quicker aiming with pistols and SMGs.
Rifles: Quicker aiming with rifles and shotguns.
Chemistry:Produce poisons and explosives.
Medicine: Heal both yourself and others.
Hardware:Modify, repair, and build weapons.
Software:Hack terminals and use cybernetics.
Voodoo:Translate sacred tomes to learn spells.

Special Abilities (Intro)

The higher your skill levels, the more special abilities you can unlock. Every ability costs 3 skill
points to unlock. To use one, press the abilities key (default: “V”) and select the ability. This will
cost you a certain amount of Meta. Some abilities are “passive”, meaning they are in effect on a
constant basis with no Meta cost. Below is a complete list of special abilities, arranged by the skill
level required to unlock them. This is also the same as the Meta cost for using them.

Brigand: Oaxaca Brigand Player's Manual

Special Abilities (page 1)

Willpower naturally increases your maximum Meta, which is essential to use most abilities. More
Meta also lets you hold your breath underwater longer. Willpower abilities let you see a target’s
stats and recharge Meta faster.

(25) Analyze Opponent: You can appraise sentient creatures with a keen eye. This ability
reveals statistical information about a target character.

(50) Meditation: If you are standing still, you will regenerate an extra 1 Meta every 3 seconds.
This is a passive ability.

Agility naturally lets you run faster, jump farther, and swim faster. Agility abilities will further aid
you in mobility. Agility pairs well with Strength, since it lets you get up close and personal much
more quickly.

(20) Run Like Hell: You can sprint on cue, allowing for easy escapes or a surprise flank. You
receive a temporary +10 bonus to Agility. The amount and duration increase with a higher Agility

(30) Jump Attack: If you attack while in the air with a melee weapon, you will deal +6 damage.
The amount increases with a higher Agility skill. This is a passive ability.(50) Feather Fall: Use this ability before landing to resist some fall damage. Use it as close as
possible to the ground to resist maximum damage. This skill can also be used while sliding down
a cliff.

Strength naturally increases your melee damage, throwing damage and distance, and swimming
speed. Strength abilities let you use melee weapons more effectively. With maxed out Strength,
you will be able to eliminate baddies with whatever is just lying around.

(10) Power Strike: Perform a single blow dealing +6 damage with any melee weapon equipped.
The damage increases slightly with a higher Strength skill.

(10) Throw Weapon: Throw a melee weapon if you have it equipped. The distance the weapon is
thrown depends on your Strength. With 30 Strength, you can throw weapons underwater.

(15) Intimidate: You can target a hostile intelligent character and intimidate them, causing
confusion and making them run away for a short time. Some enemies are immune. This also
functions as a passive ability, allowing for new options in dialogue, especially toward those with
nervous personalities.

(25) Speed Strike: You can attack with melee weapons 50% faster. With 40 Strength, the speed
is doubled. This is a passive ability.

Special Abilities (page 2)

Survival naturally lets you hold your breath underwater longer. Survival abilities let you survive in
the wilderness without the need of assistance, such as finding and cooking food, scavenging for
items, and resisting damage.

(5) Cook Meat: Near any cooking fire, you can cook raw meat or demon parts, eliminating
disease and converting it into dried meat, which is much healthier. With a higher Survival skill,
you can cook various chemicals and juices from demon meat.

(10) Chem Tolerance: This ability prevents the confusing effects of alcohol and cuts the body
damage taken from juices and cocaine in half. With 20 Survival skill it completely eliminates the
body damage from taking these substances. This is a passive ability.

(10) Forager: Search the area to find food and other natural items. Certain areas will give you
better items. This ability can be used 3 times per chapter. The maximum uses will increase
significantly with a higher Survival skill.

(20) Scavenger: Search the area to find technological components and chemicals. Certain areas
will give you better items. This ability can be used 3 times per chapter. The maximum uses will
increase significantly with a higher Survival skill.

(30) Mind Over Matter: This ability gives you a temporary +40% resistance to heat, cold, and
shock damage. The amount increases with a higher Survival skill.

(50) Last Stand: If you are at 10 health or below, you may use this ability to receive a temporary
+30 to your Strength and Agility skills, as well as a temporary +50% resistance to melee and
bullet damage.

Stealth naturally makes your movement quieter, so other characters won’t turn to look or come
investigate. Stealth abilities give you the power to hide from hostile characters’ vision, as well as
make sneak attacks on unaware targets.

(5) Night Prowler: You know how to blend in with your surroundings in the darkness. You can
conceal yourself from sight for 12 seconds at night or in dark areas. The duration increases
significantly with a higher Stealth skill. This also functions as a passive ability, concealing you
while underwater.

(20) Sneak Attack: Use this ability on a living enemy who is not currently targeting you and you
will deal +10 damage. You must have a non-energy weapon equipped to use the ability.

(30) Day Prowler: You know how to blend in with your surroundings anywhere. You can conceal
yourself from sight for 6 seconds, even in daylight. The duration increases significantly with a
higher Stealth skill.

(50) Master of Shadows: You are automatically concealed at night or in dark areas. Just be sure
not to attack or interact with anything. This is a passive ability.

Charisma naturally improves non-hostile characters’ reaction towards you so they will give you
better prices and generally be more agreeable. Charisma abilities will often unlock more options
in dialogue, or let you recruit more teammates.

(5) Detect Motive: Informs you of your target’s faction, and possibly other information for
important characters. This also functions as a passive ability, allowing for new options in dialogue.

(10) Negotiator: This ability gets you bigger rewards for accomplishing jobs. This is a passive
ability, allowing for new options in dialogue.

(10) Motivational Speech: You can motivate a teammate with a few positive words and a
confident smile. Target somebody on your team and that person will receive a temporary +10 to
Agility, Strength, Pistols, and Rifles. The amount increases with a higher Charisma skill.

(15) La Mordida: La Mordida, the Bite, is a local word meaning “bribe”. Pay 50 jink to any
member of a non-hostile faction to raise the respect of that faction by 3%. The respect increases
more with a higher Charisma skill. This ability is useful for bribing people who saw you steal

(20) Man’s Best Friend: You have an affinity for animals. You can charm a hound to follow you
and fight for you with a piece of meat. With 20 Charisma skill, you can even charm hostile
hounds. The hound will join the team, but you cannot directly control it.

(30) Lady’s Man: Pay 60 jink to a hooker to acquire her protection services. She will join your
team, follow you to new areas, and stay with you until she dies or is dismissed. With 40 Charisma
skill, the price decreases. This also functions as a passive ability, allowing for new options in

(40) Recruit Soldiers: Pay 100 jink to a friendly UB Merc, Thug, or Scav Ghoul to make him join
your party. Pay 200 jink to a friendly UB Elite or Juicer. The character will join your team, follow
you to new areas and stay with you until he dies or is dismissed.(50) Born Leader: You can have one extra character on your team, for a total of 4 (including your main character). It also opens up new options in dialogue. This is a passive ability.

Special Abilities (page 3)

Medicine abilities let you heal yourself and others. Most require you to have medkits, so stock up
on them at stores. Medkits and bandages are good for keeping your allies healthy if you have a
large team, so Medicine pairs well with the Charisma ability.

(5) Bandage: You can use a rag as a bandage on yourself or another. Rags will restore 4 points
of health. The amount increases with a higher Medicine skill.

(10) Medkit Efficiency: This ability will double the health bonus when you use a medkit on
yourself or another, from 10 to 20. This is a passive ability.

(20) Pharmaceuticals: Using a medkit on yourself or another will completely eliminate poison.
With 30 Medicine skill, it will also treat viral diseases. With 40 Medicine skill, radiation is also
treated. This is a passive ability.

(30) Painkillers: Using a medkit on yourself or another will give a temporary +25% bonus to
melee and bullet resistance. The amount increases with a higher Medicine skill. This is a passive

(40) Immunization: You are immune to viral diseases. With 50 Medicine skill, this ability also
allows you to immunize others using a med kit. This is a passive ability.

(50) Medkit Mastery: This ability will triple the health bonus when you use a med kit on yourself
or another, from 10 to 30. If you also know the Medkit Efficiency ability, then the bonus will
quadruple to 40. This is a passive ability.

Chemistry abilities are for producing poisons and explosives. Chemicals can be found scattered
about inhabited areas, especially chemical storage rooms. Using them, you can poison your
blades, produce grenades of various types with tin cans and blast caps, and more.

(5) Poison Blade: You can poison a blade with malonitrile. With 25 Chemistry skill, you produce
strong poison, which is twice as deadly. With 50 Chemistry skill, you produce deadly poison,
which is four times as deadly.

(10) Produce Grenades: You know how to craft grenades using a tin can, a delay fuse, and
various fillers. A higher Chemistry skill lets you produce a larger variety of grenades. Your
throwing distance depends on your Strength skill.

(20) Produce Chems: You can combine a variety of chemicals to make different chemicals. A
higher Chemistry skill lets you produce a larger variety of chemicals.

(25) Produce Rockets: You know rockets. You can convert a basic rocket into any other kind of
rocket if you have the right chemical. Unfortunately, the current chemical filler in the rocket will be
wasted. A higher Chemistry skill lets you produce a larger variety of rockets.

(35) Rig Glaive: You know how to combine boomprill and a throwing glaive to make a so-called
boom glaive, which explodes shortly after impact.(50) Demo Man: You’ve mastered the explosive arts. You can create an explosive charge with a
pipe and a canister of hexogen. A hexogen charge is the most powerful explosive in the game.

Hardware abilities let you repair, modify, and build your own weapons using technological
components, found or purchased. You can increase your firearms’ damage, accuracy, and more
with these abilities. The higher level abilities allow you to build powerful energy weapons.

(5) Silencers: You can silence a Crow 10mm or a Thumper SMG with an engine muffler.
Unfortunately, this will also halve the gun’s range.

(10) Gun Smith: You can repair standard firearms, but this will reduce the gun’s maximum
durability and should be done with caution. Also, you can’t repair something if it’s completely
broken unless you have 25 Hardware skill. Simply target a damaged firearm and use the ability.

(15) Upgrade Pistols: You can tinker with any standard pistol or SMG, improving one aspect of
your choice: damage, accuracy, or rate of fire. This requires a box of pistol parts. Simply target a
standard pistol and use the ability.

(20) Upgrade Rifles: Using a wire, you can tie back the sear of a semi-automatic assault rifle and
convert it to full-auto. This doubles its rate of fire. Simply target a standard assault rifle and use
the ability.

(20) Recycle: You can use this ability on grenades and some weapons to break them down into
their components. These can be used to build different weapons. Unfortunately, recycling
grenades will waste the chemical filler.

(25) Recharge Cell: This ability allows you to replenish an empty fuel cell with a canister of
methane hydrates, also known as firedamp. Simply target the empty cell while carrying firedamp
and use the ability.

(30) Upgrade Lasers: You can either repair a laser weapon, decreasing it’s maximum durability,
or upgrade one using an advanced lens, which makes it do more damage. You can’t upgrade or
repair broken lasers, however. Simply target a laser weapon and use the ability.

(30) Laser Weapons: You can create laser weapons using capacitors, a femto-flasher, and some
other components. These weapons include a laser pistol and a laser blaster. This ability also lets
you repair laser weapons you are targeting, though it reduces maximum durability.

(35) Tesla Weapons: Using a pipe, a capacitor, and a coil of wire, you can produce the slow but
powerful Tesla pistol. This ability also allows you to produce Tesla grenades and rockets. Tesla
weapons are effective against electronic security like auto-guns and robots.

(40) Plasma Weapons: You can combine 3 capacitors, a plasma chamber, a fuel injector, and a
pipe to make a Tsunami plasma rifle. Plasma weapons deal heavy ion damage.

(40) Gun Expert: You can repair a standard firearm without penalty. Simply target the damaged
weapon and use the ability.

(50) Master Techie: You have mastered the high-tech biz. You can repair energy weapons and
various other machines without any penalty except Meta, even if it’s completely broken. Simply target the damaged weapon or object and use the ability.

Special Abilities (page 4)

Voodoo abilities can only be learned by translating tomes. They are primarily meant for
destruction, but there are a few spells useful in peacetime. Be warned, using voodoo will slowly
drain your sanity, requiring you to make sacrifices at an altar or face unknown consequences.

(5) Word of Pain: With the invocation of demonic words, you can cast a slow-moving missile that
follows your target and deals 1 to 3 body damage, depending on your Voodoo skill. This spell has
an extremely long range, but it’s also non-lethal. There is very little risk of insanity.

(10) Acidic Corrosion: This spell shoots corrosive acid at one target at medium range, dealing 3
heat damage. The heat damage increases with a higher Voodoo skill. This can even corrode
metal objects and your enemies’ metal weapons. Unfortunately, you will also receive 3 heat
damage. There is very little risk of insanity.

(10) Fearomone: This spell will scare and confuse one living creature, hindering its accuracy and
causing it to flee for a short while. There is very little risk of insanity.

(15) Chilling Orb: This spell will launch a frigid orb of dangerously-cold vapor, a substance alien
to our world that deals 6 cold damage. The amount of damage increases with the caster’s Voodoo
skill. There is little risk of insanity.

(15) Parasitic Touch: This spell deals 4 body damage to a living creature at close range and
restores your own health for 4 points. The amount increases with a higher Voodoo skill. With 30
Voodoo, this spell also causes disease in the target and cures it in the user. There is little risk of

(15) Bone Blast: This spell will blast your enemy’s bones at fairly close range, dealing minor
body damage and causing a temporary penalty to the Agility, Strength, Pistols, and Rifles skills.
The damage and penalties increase with a higher Voodoo skill. There is moderate risk of insanity.

(20) Control Weather: This spell can cause a gloomy blue fog to spread over the land, limiting
the visibility of everyone, useful if you’re using melee weapons against firearms. This spell can
also clear the skies or create rain at your whim. There is moderate risk of insanity.

(20) Blood Vision: This spell grants you infrared vision for 12 seconds, allowing you to see living
creatures through fog and darkness. The duration increases with your Voodoo skill. There is
moderate risk of insanity.

(20) Ghost Fire: This spell will release a hot whirl of flame that will dance slowly towards one
living creature, burning until the flame runs out. It lasts for 6 seconds total, but the duration
increases with your Voodoo skill. It can only be used at night. There is moderate risk of insanity.

(25) Incineration: This spell will cause a small fireball to hurl towards your taraget. It is still useful
for hurting groups of enemies. There is high risk of insanity.

(25) Choking Cloud: This spell creates a poisonous cloud of gas for 10 seconds on a living
creature. The duration and deadliness of the poison increase with your Voodoo skill. There is high
risk of insanity.

(30) Unliving Weapon: This spell will cause a random organic corpse to explode within a 20
meter radius. With 40 Voodoo skill, two corpses will explode, and with 50, three will explode.
There is high risk of insanity.(30) Soul Shackle: This spell will summon a restless loa to fight for you for 8 seconds. The duration increases with a higher Voodoo skill. There will be a heavy loss of sanity.

(30) Eyes of the Beast: This spell will allow you to possess a hound or demon for one minute.
More powerful demons require a higher Voodoo skill to possess. There will be a heavy loss of

(35) Eleggua’s Curse: Use this spell to give one of your melee weapons a bonus of 4 cold
damage, permanently. This spell will devastate your sanity.

(40) Call Lightning: This spell will call a bolt of lightning on one target for 20 shock damage, but
it only works outside while it’s raining. This spell will devastate your sanity.

(40) Demon Friend: This powerful spell prevents demons, evil spirits, and diseased hounds from
attacking you for a random period of time. This spell will devastate your sanity.

(50) Abyssal Gate: This ultra-powerful spell summons random demons to attack everybody in
the area, including you. This spell will devastate your sanity.

Cybernetics abilities can only be learned by installing implants at a bionics terminal for jink.
Upgrading your Software skill will make your cybernetics more powerful. They require strong
Willpower and drain a lot of Meta when used.

(0) Neural Network: This is the framework for any cybernetic implant. It is an expensive
installation, but once you have the Neural Network, you can install any other implant. This is a
passive ability.

(25) Skull Gun Implant: This cybernetic implant allows you to pulverize your enemies with a
powerful bolt of electricity from your frontal lobe, dealing 8 shock damage to all those immediately
ahead of you (very short range), increasing slightly with your Software skill. Each use rattles the
brain, causing confusion in the user, but with 50 Software, confusion lasts half as long.

(25) Muscle Flex Implant: This cybernetic implant allows your muscles to flex at a power beyond
your natural Strength. You get a temporary +10 bonus to your Agility and Strength skills. The
amount and duration increase with your Software skill.

(25) Aim Stabilizer Implant: This cybernetic implant stabilizes your arm muscles, increasing
your accuracy. You get a temporary +10 bonus to your Pistols and Rifles skills. The amount and
duration increase with your Software skill.

(25) Cyber Eye Implant: This cybernetic implant grants you infrared vision for 5 minutes,
allowing you to spot living creatures through fog and darkness. The duration increases with your
Software skill.

(25) Security Worm Implant: This cybernetic implant allows you to access local computer
networks remotely — with your mind. You will still need to hack the main system if you don’t know
the login.

(50) System Flush Implant: This cybernetic implant allows you to completely flush your system
of all disease, poison, and radiation, thanks to a complex network of immunity nanobots.(0) Aquatic Lung Implant: This cybernetic implant is highly useful but also very expensive. It
allows your lungs to extract oxygen from H20, allowing you to breathe underwater indefinitely.
This is a passive ability.

(0) Dermal Armor Implant: This cybernetic implant is installed beneath the skin to protect you
from external damage. It permanently increases your melee and bullet damage resistance by
10%. This is a passive ability.

(0) 3-Second Surprise: Too bad for you — the 3-Second Surprise cyber implant causes you to
explode 3 seconds after death. It can also be activated at any time by a skillful hacker. This is a
passive ability.

Brigand: Oaxaca Brigand Player's Manual


Oaxaca is filled with various factions, all vying for power. Doing jobs for these factions will
increase their respect towards you, allowing you to trade, get information, and even recruit
members on to your team. The factions are as follows:

Uncle Bob’s National Security (UBNS): Uncle Bob’s National Security has conquered most of
the territory from Oaxaca to Texas, taking advantage of the nuclear strike on Mexico City that led
to the Great Collapse. They have accumulated many recruits thanks to their relative technological
superiority. UBNS has excavated many Pre-Collapse military compounds, and they have the best
military equipment in Oaxaca besides Baroque Tribe.

Eleggua Tribe: Eleggua Tribe is from the sunken islands of the Caribbean, and they recruit from the submerged coastlines of Mexico. Eleggua Tribe seeks to remove Uncle Bob’s National
Security from Oaxaca territory, and claim at least some of the farmland for those without homes.
They are led by Mr. Mungo, who currently resides in Pochutla, overseeing the invasion.

Scawuen Tribe: Those that have undergone mutations from the radiation of the Mexico City
strike have converged to form their own tribe underground, distant from any so-called civilization.
The deformed scavenger ghouls often paint their faces so travelers will fear them instead of pity
them. They are a weak tribe, but they collect technological pieces from across the wasteland for
recycling or selling.

Baroque Tribe:Not much is known about Baroque Tribe, other than that they are from a far away
land and their technology is beyond any in Oaxaca. Currently, their massive airship, the
Polyphonic, is floating over the southern Pacific coast. Surely other tribes would pay handsomely
for information regarding their purpose for being here.

The Subz:Though not as powerful as an official tribe or corporation, the Subz are an influential road gang that stretches across much of southern Mexico. They lack the ideologies and ideals of other factions, and instead they sell their services to anybody willing to pay the right amount of money.

Intertribal Intelligence Corporation (ITIC): Though ITIC currently works closely with UBNS,
they are not in any sense a subsidiary. ITIC is largely considered to be neutral and their services
are offered to any tribe that can afford them. The company began as a merger between various
government intelligence agencies from before the Great Collapse, and the cribbers who work for
ITIC specialize in obtaining and storing all kinds of intel, from ancient speeches to modern tech

Hostile Demons: Demons love human flesh, unfortunately. I guess we taste like fried chicken to them, chummer. Just make sure you keep your eyes peeled when you’re away from the more
“civilized” areas.

Brigand: Oaxaca Brigand Player's Manual

Key Characters

Uncle Bob:The founder and CEO of Uncle Bob’s National Security, Inc., Uncle Bob is first and foremost a businessman, and secondly a gun enthusiast. He buys and sells mercenaries as if
they were weapons themselves. During a battle in Texas, Uncle Bob lost his legs and they have
since been replaced by robotic prosthetics made of light-weight carbon nanotube. Currently, he is
protecting Ricardo’s plantation at Junk Fort in southern Oaxaca.

Ozee:The infamous pirate, Ozee, is currently incarcerated at Ricardo’s plantation. Rumors
abound about his past deeds, all completely contradictory and mostly ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Now all that is
known is that he is working for Eleggua Tribe and Mr. Mungo, which he states openly. He does
not seem to fear his eminent execution.

Ricardo:Ricardo runs the banana plantation and beer brewery near Freeway 175 at Junk Fort. He is usually found toting his Ettin 12-G around the Rusty Nail Saloon, and he’s usually quite
drunk. Should his brewery get destroyed, he won’t be too happy with anybody.

Laughing Coyote:Long-time friends with Ricardo, Laughing Coyote grew up in the area around Freeway 175, making him the perfect ambassador. If you make friends with Ricardo, Laughing Coyote will join your party. He dabbles in Voodoo and Medicine, and knows how to handle a pistol. LC is a man of few words. He has a brother in Pochutla.

Gaozhong: From the sunken city of Shanghai, Gao lost his eye to pirates during his travels. His mechanical eye gives him temporary infrared vision — if you can find it. He is addicted to
gambling, and he sympathizes more with Eleggua Tribe, who have lost their homes to the rising
ocean. Gaozhong loves banana beer at the bar, and he won’t join you unless the brewery is

Carmen: Carmen is a skilled cribber from ITIC, meaning she can crack encoded messages over computer networks. Uncle Bob hired her because he hates computers. She also speaks Spanish, Caribbean, Baroque, Haitian, French, Neo-French, and two kinds of Mayan. She’s getting bored at Junk Fort and she’s looking for an opportunity to show off her skills elsewhere.

Marvin:The head ghoul of Scawuen Tribe, Marvin the Toad makes his home in the Topo Tracks, an underground network of caverns somewhere near Freeway 175. Lately, Marvin’s scavenger ghouls have been getting more aggressive towards the UBNS mercs, and nobody knows why.

Tio the Shaman: A genuine psychotic through-and-through, Tio has serious Voodoo skills. Mr. Mungo recently hired him to help protect Pochutla, but his unstable nature makes him an
untrustworthy ally.

Mr. Mungo:An incredible self-publicist, Mungo is never seen without his assault rifle and vest, giving a speech to a bunch of pissed off Elegguan pirates moving inland to Pochutla and beyond. His homeland is below the ocean, and he and his tribe have nothing to lose.

Junebug:Junebug defected from Baroque Tribe and word has it that he’s lying low somewhere in the area. Mr. Mungo is desperately searching for his hideout to get his hands on Baroque laser technology. Maybe if you could get to him first, you’d have a bargaining chip.

Father McVannon: Father McVannon does not much resemble a priest with his dirty robes and stained yellow teeth, but that’s what he is. He is the Big Chief of Baroque Tribe and commands technology beyond the understanding of most denizens of the wasteland. He wields a katana like his trusted assassins, and his massive airship, the Polyphonic, floats patiently off the southern coast of Oaxaca

Brigand: Oaxaca Brigand Player's Manual

Obtainable Items

Right click the mouse to obtain an item, left click the mouse to use it. You can carry only 7 items,
so choose them carefully (though some items will stack). If you already have the maximum
number of items in your inventory, you can always drop one of them to make room for another
(default: “F”). You can return later to obtain items you’ve dropped if need be. It’s always a good
idea to start a stash of items in a safe location, where other characters can’t swing by and pick
them up.

Items have Durability, and when it runs out it will be destroyed. The Hardware skill will let you
unlock abilities to repair various weapons, or you can pay someone to do it for you, if they like
you enough.

Some items have a certain amount of uses as well. If the uses run out, you must reload the item
(default: “R”). In order to reload, you must have either a spare clip of ammo or another weapon
that contains the same type of ammo. Keep in mind that carrying more than one of the same
weapon is a good way to store ammunition in your limited inventory.

Currency: The most common use for jink is purchasing weapons or supplies at certain
merchants, through it comes in handy in many other situations as well. Merchant prices will
decrease if they have a high reaction towards you. Copper coins are 1 jink, silver coins are 5 jink,
gold coins are 25 jink, and platinum coins are 100 jink.

Food:Food will recover a small amount of health. It includes meat, fish, mushrooms, and fruit. With the proper Survival ability, you can cook meat to improve nutrition, and even extract special juices from the internal organs of demons at a cooking fire. If you are playing Badass mode, you need to eat food on a regular basis or starve to death.

Med Kits:Med kits are important because they allow you to make use of your Medicine abilities. Med kits can be used 3 times, and each use heals your target, the amount depending on your abilities. Also depending on your Medicine abilities, med kits can grant extra resistance, cure
poison, treat disease, treat radiation, and even grant immunity to all disease if your skill is high

Juices: Juices are illegal substances that damage your health but temporarily increase your skills or resistances. Each color has a different effect. You will have to find the appropriate documents to learn more about juices.

Melee Weapons:Melee weapons are used at close range, and the damage increases with your Strength skill. The most common melee weapon is the axe, used for chopping bananas. This
category also includes shovels, sledgehammers, and katanas. Bladed weapons can be poisoned
with the proper Chemistry ability.Thrown Weapons: The distance you can throw a weapon depends on your Strength skill. Each item has a different weight, effecting the distance it can be thrown. Cinder blocks are heavy, grenades are average, and glaives are light. Grenades come in many forms, including methane (the weakest), concussion, flame, poison gas, and electric shock.

Pistols:Pistols and pistol ammo are common and cheap. Increasing your Pistols skill improves your aiming speed. However, pistols have short range and deal less damage than rifles.

Rifles:Rifles are more rare and expensive than pistols, including the ammo. Increasing your
Rifles skill improves aiming speed. Rifles deal more damage than pistols, usually have longer
range (except shotguns), and some even have scopes that allow zooming.

Energy Weapons:Energy weapons include laser weapons, electric weapons (Tesla), and
plasma weapons. They must be recharged with a fuel cell, which in turn can be recharged with
firedamp (methane). Energy weapons are extremely rare and most have to be built with the
proper Hardware abilities.

Heavy Weapons:These massive guns require a high Strength skill to obtain and the ammo is rare, but they are very powerful. Heavy weapons include rocket launchers, miniguns, and the like.

Ammo: Clips of ammunition will completely recharge a gun. However, the ammo clip will be gone afterwards, so try to use them when your gun is completely empty. You can also recharge ammo from other guns of the same type, depending on which comes first in the inventory.

Chems:The Chemistry skill relies on mixing chemicals. The most common use of chemicals is to make grenades or poison bladed weapons. Chemicals can can be found anywhere, but
especially in chemical storage areas, marked with the appropriate sign.

Components:Tech components are used for building and modifying weapons with Hardware
abilities. Common tech components include pipes for guns, tin cans and blast caps for grenades,
wire coils and capacitors for energy weapons, and more.

Keys: Small keys will open locked wooden doors. Big keys will open locked metal doors. There are also many special keys for special doors. Some metal doors are sealed, however, and can only be opened by hacking into a terminal or finding a switch.

Texts: There are many books and notes scattered about. To read them, pick them up and use them. Many will give you a free skill point.

Tomes:Tomes are books that contain knowledge of voodoo spells. You must first translate the tome, which requires a certain level of Voodoo skill. You must wait a half a day to attempt to
translate another tome, but once you do, you have the spell memorized permanently. Beware:
using too much voodoo will devastate your sanity.

Misc:You will find more.

Brigand: Oaxaca Brigand Player's Manual

Other Info

Difficulty Settings:
There are 3 difficulty settings to choose from. Choose wisely, chief, because you can’t change
difficulty without starting over.

Wimpy: In Wimpy Mode, sleeping in a bed will completely restore your health and you do not
have to eat food to survive.
Normal: In Normal Mode, sleeping in a bed only restores you back to 20 health. The rest you
must restore using food or medicine, but food is not essential to survive.
Badass: In Badass Mode, sleeping in a bed only restores you back to 20 health and your main
character must eat food regularly or starve to death. Other teammates don’t have to eat.

Exclusive Mode:
Running the Exclusive Mode executable will look slightly crisper and allow you to play on dual
monitors without cursor problems, but the downside is that you cannot minimize the game.

New Stories:
You can place new story files in the “stories” folder to play completely alternate campaigns. You will also need an assets folder of the same name as the story file. Visit Steam or for more content and the Panama DLC. Refer to the Builder’s Manual for information on creating your own stories,

Map of Surrounding Areas:

Brigand: Oaxaca Brigand Player's Manual


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