Bounty of One How to Unlock Ollin + Abilities & Upgrades

Bounty of One How to Unlock Ollin + Abilities & Upgrades 1 -
Bounty of One How to Unlock Ollin + Abilities & Upgrades 1 -

Ollin is an OMG mage character that receives cooldown reductions and damage. His weapon can reduce attack speed by 50%, but also deals significant AOE damage, making it a great choice for high score builds.

Unlocking Ollin

Ollin, a mage character, can be unlocked by receiving below 50% Cooldown Reduction in a run before endless Mode (no redemption Option a

Bounty of One How to Unlock Ollin + Abilities & Upgrades - Unlocking Ollin - F529010


Special Abilities

Ollin starts with his Mighty Mezcal Staff. It fires a ball containing giant cactus each 8 seconds. The cactus itself is 2x more damaging and explodes into 10 smaller projectiles when it hits. Normal damage is dealt by the smaller projectiles.

Interactions with Pierce/Bounce

no pierce, bounce and the cactus would do 12 times damage if it exploded on a boss (. It would do 2x damage from the boss’s cactus and 10x to the 10 smaller projectiles).

If you have pierced, bounce, the cactus will only do 2x damage to the boss. After that, it will pierce through/bout off the initial target and explode at subsequent targets.

Other Buffs

Ollin also comes with a 20% cooldown.


His weapon suffers a 50% penalty for reducing attack speed.

His ability does not scale and area of effect upgrade.

Upgrade and Scaling

Ollin is an Oath mage that greatly benefits from cooldown reduction

damage. His weapon has a 50% penalty for reducing attack speed and he accordingly does not Scale well with fast attack speed

Wave clear should only be done at one point. You can’t trigger the explosion if there are too many pierces. According to my experience, bounce is not good Ollin.

Critical Damage Threshold

Phase 1: 200 Damage before the 1st boss to one shot T2 ranged units, dog skeletons and T2 ranged units.

Phase 2: 300 Damage for T3 white-hatted units and ranged units; 350 dmg to two-shot‘s T3 zombie charger; and 400 dmg to moles.


Core Products – 6 best items before 1st Boss

1. Triple-shot

2. Back-shot

3. Far Sight (100 projectile speed)

4. Damage item (Eagle Eye, 60% critical Chance)

5. Bullet storm (useful for early defense)

6. Mezcal defiance/Onion/Bowgun (flex Slot)

Items that are compatible with cooldown reduction

  • Hero’s Landing (requires AOE for best results)
  • Parting Gift (requires AOE for best results)
  • Plot Armour
  • First Aid Kit

Items to Avoid

  • Little friend (1/3 dmg, 4x attack speed &) (We want to one-shot enemy with cactus)


364k High Score in Patch 0.8e

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