Book of Travels Basic Game Information & FAQS – Early Access

Book of Travels Basic Game Information & FAQS – Early Access 1 -
Book of Travels Basic Game Information & FAQS – Early Access 1 -

FAQs regarding late pledges, EA launch, and getting started on Discord.

Intro & Basics

This is a Community created (not official) quick guide to address some FAQs.
It is growing increasingly obsolete as we approach EA launch.

Early Access launches October 11, 2021, at 17:00 UTC

After some delays – [] , the new release date was announced on Sep 24 – [] . The exact time was revealed on Oct 7 – [] . I will leave the Guide up until EA actually launches.

Backers get Steam Keys before EA Launch

In a Kickstarter update posted on September 29th – [] , Might & Delight revealed a staged timeline for when Backers would be allowed to access their Steam Keys before the public launch of EA on October 11. All backers now have their keys.
It remains possible to pledge late, on Backerkit ( – [] . All late backers are intended to get their keys before EA launch. BUT some steps the the pledge/reward process may need to be completed manually by someone with Might & Delight or someone at Backerkit. Be patient.
Official communicsations say that all pre-order offers end:

  • 9.59am PST
  • 12.59pm EST
  • 6.59pm CEST
  • 1.59am JST (October 12th)

But there’s some screwyness here — the US is in Daylight time (PDT and EDT), not Standard time.
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4 Quick Notes:


  • Cancelling a Backerkit pledge is difficult — you cannot cancel the pledge, only the Project Creator (Might & Delight) has that option.
  • I do not think Steam’s refund policy applies if you purchase a Steam Key through Backerkit. If you’re hoping to play for 2 hours and then debate asking for a refund, then you should wait until EA Launch. (Also, my two cents: you will not be able to make any worthwhile evaluation of the game inside of 2 hours of gameplay).
  • There is no non-Steam version of the game; any purchase of the game means purchasing a Steam Key.
  • You don’t need to pledge late to get the game: when EA launches it will be available to everyone for purchase on Steam, for $30USD.


Late Pledges (Backerkit)

Might & Delight are still accepting late pledges through Backerkit. Backerkit is a legitimate and commonly used pledge manager. Go to the original Kickstarter page – []  and click “Make a Late Pledge”to be redirected.

    So if I pledge now I can play right now?

    Almost: there may be a step in processing your pledge that needs to be handled manually by someone at M&D (in Sweden) or at Backerkit (US West Coast). You might face a small delay.

    Is it cheaper if I pledge now?

    That depends. Pledging at some tiers (like Traveller and Nomad) can get you Extras like an in-game item for BoT, which sweetens the deal but also drives up the cost a bit. All indications at the moment are that the public price of the (incomplete) game at EA launch will be $30 USD. Recently an option was added for a “pre-order” late pledge on Backerkit that only gets you the game (no extras) for $25 USD — even this thrifty pledge-tier will get you the game before EA launch.

    Are any of the extras that come with a late pledge exclusive to backers?

    Yes, and they are sketched out in this Kickstarter post – [] . With a late pledge at a high enough level (anything above the basic “pre-order” option) you can still

  1. get your name (or handle) in the credits
  2. get a “Traveller’s Knapsack” in-game backer-exclusive item
  3. get a “Cozy Nap” skill
  4. get a “Traveller’s Knotspell” skill
  5. get a “Coterie Brew” tea recipe/skill.

Aside from this, the extras that are now available with a late pledge through Backerkit are some other games from the same Studio, and some digital goodies (maps, soundtrack, etc.) that are intended to be eventually released as DLC for Book of Travels that everyone will be able to buy. The original Kickstarter campaign involved additional “Early Bird – [] ” exclusives, but that’s done: late backers will not get those.

    Are all of the original pledge tiers available?

    No. Click through Backerkit to see the more limited set of late pledge options that are available.

    Can I pledge late, then change my pledge to one of the fancy Kickstarter tiers, like “Secret Cultist?”

    You can upgrade your pledge among the available Backerkit tiers, but Secret Cultist tier has not been available on Backerkit for months. I think your options are what you see on Backerkit.


Early Access Launch, Keys, etc.

Early Access launches October 11, 2021 – [] .

    So if I make a late pledge right now can I play right now?

    Almost: there may be a step in processing your pledge that needs to be handled manually by someone at M&D (in Sweden) or at Backerkit (US West Coast). You might face a small delay.

    Where do I find my Steam Key?

    Follow this link – [] , click “log in” at the bottom, and then click the “Get Your Digital Downloads” button. (Alternatively, if you did not create a Backerkit account when pledging late, just monitor your email.)



At present, the Discord is far more lively than the Steam Forums. Join it here – [] . After you’ve joined the Discord, start here – [] , and follow the instructions to “click the handwaving icon” to gain access to the main channels.

    What are “Discord Roles” and how do I get them?

    They’re identifiers on the server that pop up next to your username in your profile, and they can be used to determine which channels on the discord server you can access.

    Some special roles like the “Backer Role” might have come with your pledge. (Go to – []  and look at your “Digital Downloads.”) Send a direct message to @MaD_Oliver on discord to activate them, including your email and the code you received after backing. (And be patient, it’s a human, not a bot.)
    If you didn’t get a code as a late backer but are on the discord, DM MaD_Oliver with the email you used on backerkit and he can still set up your Backer roles for you.


“Account Codes” and in-game rewards

When you pledge, you’ll get an “Account Code” that you’ll use to get any in-game rewards. (E.g., if you’re a late backer, your account code will let you access the “Traveller’s Knapsack” item).

  • Your Account Code is not the same as your Steam Key. The Account Code needs to be applied (once) through the “Account Settings” menu in-game.
  • At the moment, applying an Account Code will not deliver any of your in-game items during character creation or in your starting inventory. You will find them somewhere in the game world… near a train station…in one of the “Trainmaster’s Chests”
  • You can maybe find your Account Codes by going to – []  and clicking “Get Your Digital Downloads.”
  • If you don’t see a button there for “Digital Downloads” (because you pledged late) then just be patient. See the table at the start of this Guide.
  • You only get one Account Code regardless of your pledge; any in-game goodies are bundled into that code. (We think. If not, you’ll surely receive communication in the future about any additional Account Codes.)


Written by Genghis Pawn

Here we come to an end for Book of Travels Basic Game Information & FAQS – Early Access hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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