Bloons TD Battles 2 Boomerang Wizard Super Strategy

Bloons TD Battles 2 Boomerang Wizard Super Strategy 1 -
Bloons TD Battles 2 Boomerang Wizard Super Strategy 1 -

This will show you how to use my Boomerang Wizard Super strategy.

ps round 0 is the little time before round 1 starts

Early game rounds 0 – 10

to start get 2 Boomerangs and up grade them to 2-0-0 then echo with reds until you have 300 eco then sell one of the boomerangs and get the other to 3-0-2, then echo with blues and get your hero, at round 5 echo with whites, on round 6 echo with blacks until you can afford 4-0-2 on your boomerang then echo with zebras until they become grouped

Mid game rounds 11 – 25

on round 10 or 11 get a 0-0-3 Wizard to remove camo from a round 12 camo rush sometimes you will need 2 shimmers then echo with yellows until you have 1,000 then get a Super Monkey 1-0-1 for MOABs and 2-0-1 for fortified MOABS keep echoing and once yellows are gone echo with whites and get a 2-0-3 Dark Knight to help with BFBs

Laght game rounds 26-40

after whites are gone echo with pinks get a 0-2-3 Dumb Knight to help defend AI camo purples and get your shimmer(s) to 0-2-4 spam 2-0-3 Dark Knights while echoing and at 3,000 swap to ranbow echo you will need 3-5 2-0-3 Dark Knights to defend round 26 DDTs DON’T STOP ECHOING while filling the map with 2-0-3 Dark Knights

Super late game rounds 40+

you can stop echoing at around 8,000 – 10,000 still fill the map with 2-0-3 Dark Knights and upgrade the Dark Knights to 2-0-4 even the Dumb Knight, Boomerang to 5-0-2 a Wizard to 0-2-5, and a Dark Champion to if you have it, when you want to end the battle send 1 fortified BAD and wait if they send DDTs the Dark Knights can handle them and if they send a fortified BAD before you do and you can’t beat it or if there going to beat the BAD sell some of your Dark Knights for a all out boosted Fortified DDT rush if they beat the rush you lost but 95% of the time a DDT get by and you win

Written by the.banana9275

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