Bloons TD 6 Analysis of Towers

Bloons TD 6 Analysis of Towers 1 -
Bloons TD 6 Analysis of Towers 1 -
A guide to what towers are capable of detecting camo and other information for towers that is not given in the description that you need to know.


Dart Monkey


  • Camo detection is available when you upgrade to enhanced eyesight
  • Camo-lead popping power is available through the Juggernaut (4-0-0), UltraJuggernaut(5-0-0), and Crossbow Master (0-0-5).

This is useful for beating challenges and primary-only mode. 

Tack Shooter


  • Inferno Ring (5-0-0 Tack Shooter) shoots great big balls of fire at camo balloons.

For lead popping power, use Hot shots (3-0-0), Ring of Fire (4-0-0), Inferno Ring (5-0-0), or Tack Zone (0-0-5). 

Ice Monkey


  • Camo Detection is available through Embrittlement (4-0-0), which removes the camo property of all balloons except Camo Zebras and Camo frozen balloons.
  • Super Brittle (5-0-0) removes the camo from DDTs and allows for the removal of camo on all balloons, including white and zebra balloons.
  • Snowstorm (0-0-4) will do one damage to all balloons except zebra and white balloons, including camo balloons. If Absolute Zero (0-5-0) is bought, zebra and white balloons will also be affected (frozen and popped).



Glue Gunner Camo-Detection: 

  • Glue Strike (0-4-0) glues all balloons on screen including camo balloons but will not damage them unless corrosive glue (2-0-0) is bought.
  • Relentless Glue (0-0-4) can also glue camo balloons, but it is highly unreliable and the glue may be used up on other balloons.



Bomb Blitz will pop any camo balloons on screen, but only after lives are lost. 
The bomb tower can pop leads, but cannot pop the black balloons inside with frag bombs (0-0-2). 


Camo Detection 

  • Night Vision Goggles (0-1-0) allows the sniper to detect camo balloons.

Lead popping power: 

  • Full metal jacket (1-0-0)

DDT popping power: 
Full metal jacket and Night Vision Goggles cross-path (1-1-0) sniper. 


Camo Detection: 

  • (3-0-0) Submerge and Support, Bloontonium Reactor (4-0-0), and Energizer (5-0-0)

Lead Popping Power 

  • Ballistic Missile (0-3-0), Bloontonium Reactor (4-0-0), Energizer (5-0-0)
  • First Strike Capability (0-4-0) , Pre-emptive Strike(0-5-0).


Monkey Bucanneer

Camo Detection: 
(0-0-2) Crows Nest 
Lead Popping Power: 
Hot Shot Shot (0-2-0) 
Carrier Flagship (5-0-0) 

Monkey Ace

Camo Detection: 

  • 0-2-0 Spy Plane

Lead Popping Power: 

  • Operation Dart Storm (4-0-0), Fighter Plane (3-0-0), and Sky Shredder (5-0-0).
  • Exploding Pineapple (0-1-0), Bomber Ace (0-3-0), Ground Zero (0-4-0), Tsar Bomba (0-5-0).
  • Spectre (0-0-4) and Flying Fortress (0-0-5).



I will continue working on this guide. 

Heli Pilot

Camo Detection: 

  • IFR (0-2-0), Downdraft (0-3-0), Support Chinook (0-4-0), Special Poperations (0-5-0)

Lead Popping Power 

  • Razor Rotors (3-0-0), Apache Dartship (4-0-0), Apache Prime (5-0-0).
  • Commanche Commander (0-0-5), Commanche Defense (0-0-4) are capable of popping leads though the later is not very reliable.


Written by peterburbery1

Here we come to an end for Bloons TD 6 Analysis of Towers hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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