Blood West Various Artifacts

Blood West Various Artifacts 1 -
Blood West Various Artifacts 1 -

This is a guide how to find the various artifacts that are available in Blood West(Episode 1 for now).

List of Artifacts, and where to find them

Acid Gland (+50% Acid Resist) – Loot dropped by Humanpedes. Search them after one dies.
Calumet (+50% chance to dodge spirit attacks) – Complete all gold object quests.
Ectoplasm (+20% chance for range attack to miss) – Small burnt room, highest point in the church among other items.
Eyeballs (+5 range on ranged weapons) – Farmhouse at the Farm, in a box of body parts in front of the Fireplace.
Feather (+25% Stamina Regen/-10% Stamina(Says -25% but this is incorrect)) – Find one of these when you sneak past the first enemy in the game in the cave systems, or on almost any Birdman/North side of the Burial Grounds.
Glove (+15% faster reloading) – Unmarked camp, between Jim Hooper and the Tower on the map at the front of one of the tents.
Golden coin (Keeps you from getting a flaw from dying(MUST BE EQUIPPED)) – On top of the skeleton rack when you start a new game/Various enemies and areas.
Necklace with fangs (+50 Stamina, +25% Sneaking) – Under the Fort.
Playing Card (+Loot chance) – Southern-most tower at the Fort, on a table with a couple bottles and a plate.
Mystical scalp (+30% HP/+25% bleed time/chance) – Burial Grounds, on one of two pair of pillars, one leaning against the other around the sacrificial circle where you find the Gold Ceremonial Dagger.
Shot Coin (+$3 per kill)- At the Tower.
Soul catcher (+50% stamina) – Collapsed skeleton rack, east side of Burial Grounds/Sold by Jim Hooper.
Vendigo heart (-10% hp/Regen 1HP/8 secs) – On Vendigos after death, south part of the Burial Grounds on one of the skeleton racks.
Watch (Slows time by 15% for 1 second when you aim down sights, only every 5 seconds) – Sold by Jim Hooper.

More to come

I’ll be adding screenshots of the map for each item tomorrow, as well as screenshotting the items in their natural spawn. If I missed any or you feel like this is incomplete or incorrect, please feel free to comment on this guide and I will update it as soon as possible. Thanks in advance!

Written by Ted

Hope you enjoy the post for Blood West Various Artifacts, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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