Bitburner Script for Cheat Guide

Bitburner Script for Cheat Guide 1 -
Bitburner Script for Cheat Guide 1 -

a basic code to manage your hacknets for you, while trying not to apend too much money

How to use

make a .js file, or a .ns file,
either of those will work, .script uses a different standard so those wont work
then paste the code into it.
the new file starts with some stuff all ready in it, so make sure you paste over it

The code

/** @param {NS} ns **/
export async function main(ns) {
 function myMoney() {
 return ns.getServerMoneyAvailable("home");
 //this script is designed to manage the hacknet nodes
 //to prevent excess spending i've limited it from spending
 //more than half the players money
 var nodes = 0;
 var ref = 0;
 while (true) {
 //sleep for second to prevent the loop from crashing the game
 await ns.sleep(1000);
 //buy a node if we have more than twice the money needed
 if (ns.hacknet.getPurchaseNodeCost() < myMoney() / 2) {
 ref = ns.hacknet.purchaseNode();
 ns.print("bought node hn-" + ref);
 nodes = ns.hacknet.numNodes()
 for (var i = 0; i < nodes; i++) {
 //check if nodes level is a multiple of 10
 var mod = ns.hacknet.getNodeStats(i).level % 10;
 //buy level node to the nearest multiple of 10 if we have double the money needed
 if (ns.hacknet.getLevelUpgradeCost(i, 10 - mod) < myMoney() / 2) {
 ns.hacknet.upgradeLevel(i, 10 - mod);
 ns.print("node hn-" + i + " leveled up");
 //same for ram
 if (ns.hacknet.getRamUpgradeCost(i) < myMoney() / 2) {
 ns.print("node hn-" + i + " ram upgraded");
 //and cores
 if (ns.hacknet.getCoreUpgradeCost(i) < myMoney() / 2) {
 ns.print("node hn-" + i + " core upgraded");


Written by tokumeiko, PG SDVX

This is all for Bitburner Script for Cheat Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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