Beholder 3 Tips How to Get Money in Game

Beholder 3 Tips How to Get Money in Game 1 -
Beholder 3 Tips How to Get Money in Game 1 -

How to make money, follow this guide and you’ll be rich!

Getting money at the start

Getting rich is a long and difficult process. Before we do anything else, we need money. Start by doing the following things:
1. Sell everything you find in your home
2. Do your tasks everyday. (Taking out garbage, cleaning the washing machine, fixing the heater)
3. Profile. Profile EVERYTHING! You’ll get money the more things you profile at a time, so make get at least 3 things to profile about a tenant before you send the profile to the Ministry. (If you’re gonna report them, please profile anything you’ve got beforehand)
4. Complete all quests! Completing quests usually rewards you with 100, but maybe and just maybe the quest may contain extra money.
5. Budget money. Go to sabine after she has told you about the budget money. Upon talking to her, select the ‘Regarding the budget money…” option. After that, she’ll give you some money, usually around 100.
Also, if you’re taking out the trash, you might find cockroaches. If you do, pick them up instead and sell them to the kiosk. Somehow, I made around 100.
(More will be added later)

Making money later in the game

Okay, you’ve started. Maybe at least 2000-3000 in your wallet. Now, how do you make even more money? I have listed some things below.
1. Blackmail everyone! Blackmail is a very reliable source of income, but only if you do it twice a day. Buy some cheap illegal stuff (Beware of some illegal stuff later in game, Reformers will legalize it) and then, place it in a tenant’s (or office worker’s) furniture, and press F on it. After you have done this, head to your office and write up a black mail letter. Don’t mess up the directive, you’ll get fined!
2. Complete quests that pay. Most quests, when finished, turn in 100$. However, some quests will have a added income (Such as reporting your friend in apartment 4). Complete those quests!
Regulations Reformers will reform (For blackmail)
Crying, you’ll be able to cry at APR 14, 1989 (AKA crying is allowed)
Dancing, you’ll be able to dance at JUN 29 1989 (AKA dancing is allowed)
Apples, you’ll be able to make apple pie at JUL 4 1989 (AKA apples are allowed)
Reading, you’ll be able to read at JUL 4 1989 (AKA books are allowed)
more will be added later

Avoiding losing money

Losing money is a horrible thing. Even more so since you NEED THAT MONEY. Here are some things you can do to stop wasting/losing money.
1. Do your tasks EVERYDAY. I’m pretty sure you’ll get bills for not handling tasks such as taking out the garbage (Is that what the ‘garbage disposal’ bill is?)
2. Make sure you’ve got the directive right. You will get fined for a error in your report (And blackmail, i’m sure.)
3. Do not send more than 2 blackmail each day. Every time I send 3 blackmail in a day, I get fined. You do not want to pay the 640 fine for blackmail, now do you?
4. Do not steal anything. The police WILL find you no matter what. Don’t pay that fine!
5. Do not work overtime in The Ministry. The policeman will find you and you’ll have to pay a fine.
More will be added later

How to help others make money

Well you’ve followed this guide to the end, and now you think: “This is a bit empty” Well, you can help! Comment below something I should add (relating to money) and I might add it!

Written by zachary

Here we come to an end for Beholder 3 Tips How to Get Money in Game hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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