Battlefield 4™ Best Weapons & Attachments + Gameplay Tips for Beginners

Battlefield 4™  Best Weapons & Attachments + Gameplay Tips for Beginners 1 -
Battlefield 4™ Best Weapons & Attachments + Gameplay Tips for Beginners 1 -

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Made so I have easy access to it. Feel free to use it as well. Has tons of tips and suggestions for weapons and attachments.

The Main Section

Before you hop into a game you should get comfortable. This will prevent you from picking up bad habbits as well. Go to the test range and get into the options menu.

Here are a few things you should do:

set the sensitivity to what feels good for you (consoles: OneCheesyMofo plays at 40%, matthew serna plays at 24% PC: boogly plays at 800DPI/6%, LeadTheMachine plays at 400DPI/13%)
disable the hint system (annoying, but leave it on if you feel like it really helps you)
set your minimap to a size that fits you (125% is a good start)
set damage based hit marker size to on (with time you will learn how much damage you inflicted)
set colours for headshot and kill hitmarkers (with time you will learn how much damage you inflicted and when to move to the next target)
set motion blur to 0 (clearer vision when turning and supressed)
in the settings “common hud world icons” set the visibility while in zoom to 5% (declutters your HUD)
in the settings “friendly hud world icons” set the visibility while in zoom to 5% (declutters your HUD)
(PC) turn off weapon DOF (depth of field)
(PC) turn raw mouse input on (no mouse acceleration)
(PC) turn uniform soldier aim on (muscle memory)
(PC) set your FOV to what you like (74/+90 is great for a start)
(PC) turn V-Sync off because it can produce input lag

Things you can do:

set brightness to 100% to increase visibility in dark areas
set audio to Hi-Fi (for 32-64 players) for better positional audio or wartapes(if you are playing against a low player count)
(PC) turn down your graphics settings to low except mesh which should stay on ultra (you will get more FPS and enemies are easier to to spot)
(PC) turn FOV scaling off (better recoil control)
(PC) create a user.cfg
(PC) Bind “Prone”,”Crouch” and “Toggle primary weapon” to buttons that you can quickly access
The most important thing to understand is that there is no best weapon in Battlefield. Never. Unlike games like COD or CS:GO your weapon choice should depend on the maps you play and the engagements you encounter.
For example the AEK will succeed in the close quater combats of Operation Locker but will be outperformed by almost every gun on large scale maps like Golmud Railway.
TL;DR: Choosing the right weapon is a “skill” that differentiates a good player from a bad one.
Nevertherless there are some weapons that can be recommended for specific ranges.

range Assault Rifles PDW LMG Bolt Action Carbines DMR Shotguns Pistols
short AEK 971 CZ3A1 AWS CS5 ACW-R SKS 870MCS (pump action) Saiga 12K (auto) G18
allround ACE 23 MPX RPK M40A5 ACE21CQB ACE 53SV Compact 45
long AUG A3 CBJ-MS M240B SRR-61 AK5C M39EMR Deagle

Since everyone has his personal favorite some may disagree (I’m always open to critic) but this should give you a hint if you are lost between all the equipable weapons! Note: A special case are burst weapons like the M16A4 and M4 which can outperform almost every other gun of their class. If you are able to manage the burst firing and aiming these are are very good options!

In case of attachments there has been much misinformation spread. To clear this up here is a quick guide:

Equip every weapon with a ROF over 800 with compensator and stubby! (Horizontal recoil is random, vertical is easy to control.)
LMGs should always be equipped with stubby and heavy barrel (high rof compensator optional)!
Weapons with low rof that rely on accuracy, always stubby and heavy barrel
Weapons with a high first shot multiplier like the scar-h should be fine with angled grip or muzzle break
ADADADA a lot? Ergo grip is the best choice for you, even with heavy barrel!
Angled and muzzle are strictly for ease of use!

How to use the weapon?
Easy! LMB, R2, RT right? No. It’s not that simple!
Shooting techniques:

bursting (5-6 rounds)
micro bursting (2-3 rounds)
single shot
Which one to use heavily depends on the weapon you use, it’s attachments and the range of the engagement f.e. you can spray/burst the AUG on mid range while you need to micro burst the AEK. Why? Due to the changes in spread decrease which were introduced with the spring patch. Get on the testrange and find out which technique is the most viable for the weapon of your choice at different ranges.

Stop, pop, shoot!
Before starting to shoot make sure to stand still (if possible). In close quater combat this doesn’t apply but for every other encounter you should stand still while shooting otherwise it will hurt your accuracy massively.
Your first game(s)
Take it slow. Play the objective and support your team. Nothing will happen if you rush in a room with three enemies waiting for you except you will get frustrated.
In contrast to many youtubers I wouldn’t advise you to get into a TDM. You will get rekt and quickly feel frustrated because you constantly get outaimed by your opponents. Get into a 48/64 player Locker server with no explosives and support your team, capture flags and kill some enemies. KD is not that important. Learn the basics and get a feeling for the game.
HOW you should play the objective…

CAPTURE the objective, don’t just go out of the area because you think it’s dangerous.
K/D means ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ in any mode but TDM. Kills and Deaths are important stats in Rush, but not the K/D as a whole. As Defender, you should focus on your Kills, because that’s how you deplete the enemy tickets. As attacker, you should mind your Deaths and make sure you push for the objective. Deaths means nothing for defenders, and same for Kills for attackers.
DEFEND the objective, if everyone else are pushing.
Follow your squad. Your leader doesn’t? Request order a few times and the leader will switch.
Revive your teammates when you THINK the coast is clear. You won’t lose an extra ticket if he dies, and his K/D (which you shouldn’t care for anyway) won’t get worse. All that happens is that he may get slightly annoyed, and the enemies gets another kill.
Repair whenever you can. Take the most damaged vehicle as priority. Jnless the Tank is at 50% and have an enemy looking at him, then rep him.
Never bail a vehicle.
Spot enemy infantry and vehicles. You might save someones live by pressing Q/R1/RB!

Written by Jandro

This is all for Battlefield 4™ Best Weapons & Attachments + Gameplay Tips for Beginners hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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