BattleBit Remastered – How to Play on Linux/SteamDeck

BattleBit Remastered – How to Play on Linux/SteamDeck 2 -
BattleBit Remastered – How to Play on Linux/SteamDeck 2 -

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BattleBit Remastered is a low-poly, massive multiplayer FPS, supporting 254 players per server. Battle on a near-fully destructible map with various vehicles!

This guide will tell you everything you need to play this game on SteamDeck or Linux.

Essential Information

This guide is for development. If you have any questions, please leave a comment. Don’t be intimidated by the shortness of this guide, playing on Linux is easy.

Anti-Cheat Stuff

This game will have an Early Release Date, and it will use EAC for both Official and Community Servers. EAC is compatible with Linux and runs flawlessly (I’ve been playing since EAC was first introduced). FaceIT AC, However, will be released in a few months since the developers weren’t satisfied with EAC


EAC is a popular and widely used feature in games. However, it can be easily bypassed. You don’t need to do much research on the internet to find a program that bypasses EAC. They are free (although i have never tried them myself, as i am not interested in cheating).


You must meet the following requirements to play the game on Linux:

  • Use a Linux distribution that is fairly current. Ex: Arch Linux (or any other Linux distro) that has been updated since 2021.
  • Updated GPU drivers that support Vulkan (If your GPU does not support Vulkan, or only has limited support, you will be unable to start the game correctly. This only applies to very old GPUs. If you have a GTX 960, you’re fine.
  • Set the max_map_count to 2147483642 (Please read that – []


    If you use linux-zen, you can ignore this.

  • Use a kernel with fsync support or any kernel starting at 5.16.


What should I do?

Install the game after you have met all the requirements.

You only need to set the Proton to the latest stable version.

One step at a time


  • Click on “BattleBit Remastered”, which is located in your Steam library.
  • Click on properties to see the details.
  • Click on the “Compatibility Section” to view all compatible products.
  • Check “Force Steam Play compatibility” and select Proton 8.x (Or the most recent version, NOT PROTON EXPERIMENTAL).

BattleBit Remastered - How to Play on Linux/SteamDeck - So, what do i do now? - 5CBA3F6

You are now done. Start the game. It will take a little time if you’ve never played before, but usually less than one minute.


It’s a pleasure to share BattleBit Remastered – How to Play on Linux/SteamDeck with you, inspired by the exceptional work of <color=#9933ff>Fijxu. If you have any recommendations for refining this content, please share them in the comments. Have a fantastic day, and be sure to bookmark us for more fresh posts and updates!

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