BattleBit Remastered – How to Configure FOBs/Spawn Point Guide

BattleBit Remastered – How to Configure FOBs/Spawnpoints Guide 1 -
BattleBit Remastered – How to Configure FOBs/Spawnpoints Guide 1 -

Tips and Tricks for BattleBit Remastered – How to Configure FOBs/Spawnpoints Guide

This guide will provide my opinion on the most efficient way to go about it.


The goal of a beacon to spawn is to allow the spawns to be closer to the objectives to allow you to get closer to any of them.


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Set up these spawns whenever you are in a position of advantage, i.e. a place where there are a lot of friendly players. Otherwise you may get found and overrun, and that’s 200 squad points down the drain.

They aren’t likely to destroy your fortifications, and you can retake. However, we’ll discuss this further.

Where is the place?

There are several places to set these up such as in the dense thicket trees that don’t clip, or inside of underground spots on specific locations. I’ve built a mini-base out of sandbags that was used as the main battle center for the game. I prefer to build buildings.

You want a home that can be easily defended and is two stories high so that you have spawners at the bottom and top in the event that your SL coordinates with another SL. It should be located near other streets/buildings so that vehicles don’t get a chance to snipe at your building.

It is best to place the spawner near an area that you are able to quickly reach. It is also important to position it towards two other points, so that you are able to easily change targets.

Locations must be flexible because they can be used as an area for rallying and also as defense point. If you are in control of the center of the map by ensuring steady spawns from two teams, you’ll be able to dominate the other team.

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You’ll want to build using sandbags and have about 4500 points from the squad.

You will place them under windows, and build two sandbags high safety boxes around the spawner. This will help protect you while creating.

You will construct a to exit the house made of sandbag walls that will lead to at least two exits, so you will be taking the stairs into consideration when designing.

The barrier will blend better with the walls and the people won’t be able to tell. You can double stack a lot of Sandbags, which will be your best friend.

The entire purpose behind building these is defense. You want the most soldiers you can spread out so that they are not under attack. Building outside of the base is encouraged but if you build in a frenzied manner, it could attract attention. You should build in a way so that it’s easy to get inside of your base and out of it.

If your spawner and base end up getting destroyed, do not worry. Straight hallways leading to and out of the base, and its simple design allow for easy bum-rushes. You can retake these points in a variety of ways, and sometimes by yourself, by using sufficient force. The majority of the force will be pushed away from the point and roll around like waves.


You now have a general understanding of how to set up spawning to prepare for forward attack. Good luck!

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