Barotrauma Medic Guide & Tips

Barotrauma Medic Guide & Tips 1 -
Barotrauma Medic Guide & Tips 1 -

You will survive by following this simple and easy-to-follow guide. :DDDD

What do you do if you see this? ?

Barotrauma Medic Guide & Tips - What to do if you see this ???? - 5A431BA

Don't worry, I have the right solution! :DD

If you don’t want to die, hit Alt + F4 on you keyboard. !

You might be wondering what happens if Alt + F4 isn't used to survive? What happens ?!?!? !

One of my friends can tell me what happens then.

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That's how you survive in barotrauma.

Barotrauma Medic Guide & Tips - That's how you can survive in barotrauma :DD - 279BAAA


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