Bakery Simulator Mystery spices – Recipe Guide

Bakery Simulator Mystery spices – Recipe Guide 1 -
Bakery Simulator Mystery spices – Recipe Guide 1 -

In this guide you will find the mystery spices to add to your recipes

Mystery spice guide

Black bread
Basil French Toast
Granny bread Honey
Basil Puppet Bread
Cinnamon Cornbread
Sunny bread Orange peel
Brioche for breakfast Jam
Garlic morning roll
Triangular Clove Bread
Chili puppet bun
Granny Cinnamon Bread
Jam surprise bun
Ginger twin bun
Cinnamon Twin Bun
Chili Lava Bun
Mascarpone square bun
Ginger Magma Bun
Honey Farmer’s Bread
Rosemary folk loaf
Old fashioned cinnamon bread
Cranberry Silver Loaf
Sunny Loaf Orange Bark
Loaf of grandmother Cardamom
Vanilla Cupcake
Busy Cranberry Cupcake
Cupcake for a disappointed day Mascarpone
Cup of Cocoa Honey
Caramel Surprise Cupcake
Cinnamon Grandpa Cupcake
Exotic Clove Cupcake
Chocolate Vanilla Cupcake
Clever Ginger Cupcake
donut jam
Donut for a Disappointed Caramel Day
Cranberry Surprise Donut
Orange coconut donut
Mascarpone puppet donut
Cinnamon grandpa donut
Garlic Baguette
Croissant Jam
Bagel Chili
Rosemary puppet wand
Cardamom Gluten Free Wand
Chocolate croissant Orange peel
Ginger Pretzel
Vanilla Puppet Pretzel

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