Backpack Hero Passive and Combo Items Action Priority

Backpack Hero Passive and Combo Items Action Priority 1 -
Backpack Hero Passive and Combo Items Action Priority 1 -

Welcome. We hope that you find this Backpack Hero Pa*sive and Combo Items Action Priority Guide to be helpful.

This guide describes every aspect of the game’s nuances, including priority and RNG.

Priority is given to pa*sive items

Certain items you may come across ( Mostly consisting of armor pieces ) will activate at the beginning of each player’s turn.

These items don’t all trigger at once. They are instead queued and triggered one after the other, giving them a priority.

The items can be activated from the top left to the bottom right. In other words, it’s like reading your favorite comic book. The topmost leftmost panel will have the first item activated, while the last panel will have the last item activated.

[Info to research, currently under construction]

If more than one item is in the backpack,


This is a rare fact, but it is crucial in certain situations.

The tooth necklace, for example, does 1 non-piercing injury to the player. It is recommended to wear at least one piece armor at the top and the tooth necklace at the bottom of your backpack to avoid unnecessary damage. If you have a “mas*chi*t” character, For example, you may have cacti or guarding bands in your back pack. You don’t want to cause any damage to the tooth necklace.

Action priority for “Combo” items

Some items can activate others. For example, several cleavers can trigger another cleaver, while the Shield Spirit causes shields on use to trigger weapons. The Shield Spirit can also trigger other cleavers.

[Info to research, currently under construction]

The affected items are queued up and triggered one by one when one of these items is used. Take the King CleaverA as an example. Once it is used, it will use the four adjacent cleavers, starting at…


An item cannot be activated again after it has been used. This is an intended failsafe to avoid a potential “infinite“, rather than a quirk in the game.

Priority for action in CR-8 items

CR-8 is just one of the many characters in the game. It’s an auto-battler, which is its gimmick. The core is what you start with. It expels a ball worth 3 energies which can be used to activate other items on behalf of CR-8.

It is put on hold whenever the ball enters any component that alters it in some way. Any item that generates energy, such as the red battery, very useful green battery, attacking core, defensive core or destructive core, will be used. If they release an orb of their own it will also be put on hold.

If there is only one source for energy in the backpack, this “hold” period will not last. If there are more than one energy ball in the backpack, they will be activated until they are put back onto hold or disintegrated. At that point, the next energy ball in the bracket will be activated until no energy balls are on hold.

It is possible to activate more than one energy simultaneously. However, this is only possible with cores items because they are the only components simultaneously activating and generating energy.

The repeater is the most interesting component. It is an item that holds several copies of a 1-energy ob and they are all kept on hold until one is expelled.

Backpack Hero Passive and Combo Items Action Priority - CR-8's items action priority - 501C416

Pictured: A complex contraption that powers up a Halberd with an orb of mechanical power, and then the shield completes the job via Shield Spirit.

It works like this: Core > Halberd Activates attacking cores (-1 energy) Booster +1 energy Booster +1 energy Booster +1 energy Booster +1 energy Booster +1 Energy Booster Super Booster (Release the first energy with a value of 8 energies) Repeater > The second energy is released and disintegrates. This buffs the Halberd > Soldier’s buckler (Activates defensive core) –

A bug means that a Thunderbolt placed next to an attacking core will release its energy immediately. However, it will remain on hold until either a battery or the main core are manually used. It should work with both the defensive and destructive cores, although you will need the Archangel Wings.

Random Number Generator

The RNG is a semi random value found in most video games. It can be used with varying degrees or randomness depending on its complexity.

I am aware as of right now that the RNG has an effect on:

  • Enemy stats (such as damage, for example)
  • Drops of item, including their rarity.
  • Layout of the next floor.

The RNG is not difficult to manipulate. One interesting fact is that Cactus items increase the chances of finding Tooth Necklaces. This will then increase your chances of finding Guarding Bands. The player will also have a greater chance of finding other curse-related items if they get any Cactus item.

Other than that, RNG can be affected by the following:

  • How and when enemies can be defeated.
  • What items are in the backpack? And where they are located?
  • Background scrolling — You can roll any item by simply walking around! This is automatically reset when you load a save. Please note!

[Needs further research]

This guide’s Backpack Hero Pa*sive and Combo Items Action Priority section has concluded. Please let us know if you have any inquiries or suggestions about how we may enhance this topic. Thank you so much, and I hope you have a fantastic day! The writings of creator and author Lumios served as inspiration for this entry. Also, don’t forget to add us to your bookmarks if you like the post; we publish new posts every day with additional material, so visit us frequently for more posts.

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