Back 4 Blood Beta Game Online Services Information Details

Back 4 Blood Beta Game Online Services Information Details 1 -
Back 4 Blood Beta Game Online Services Information Details 1 -

This is a small guide explaining the way B4B online services work and explains why there are no dedicated server binaries avarilable.

Can I run a Back 4 Blood dedicated listen/client server (binary) on a local computer or on server hosting platforms like nitrado

The online multiplayer infrastructure of Back 4 Blood doesn’t simply connect you to a conventional dedicated server as we know from other multiplayer games like left 4 dead, Team Fortress 2 or unreal tournament. You connect to the game via a profile service (represented by Fort Hope) via which you will initiate matchmaking into the various game modes.

  • This will ensure “lossles” lobbies and game sessions so players can opt in / out without ending the session as long as there’s one player present.
  • It will also allow you to continue “saved runs” (
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    ) in which you can matchmake to other players at a saved starting position, complete with the cards/weapons/tools you already acquired. To prevent cheating, alot of this is stored online.

The profile service also maintains and manages your DLC / season pass ownership.

Killing Floor 2 Also has dlc/cosmetics and still it has dedicated server binaries, what is the difference ?

The difference is that the B4B monetization formula offers seasonal dlc containing cosmetics, characters AND missions that are profile bound, and the matchmaking system can (via the profile service) grant access to this content to players who don’t own the season pass: the game uses a “online services” model that is more akin to “the division” with interjected user profile and matchmaker service layers.

Can we play offline or run our own private friends game ?

Even though the services are AWS hosted, you can choose to start an invite only or closed game session via the game’s social menu. There is also an option in the full game’s matchmaker to play the game solo but it is not offline as you will still be connected to the profile service layer (being in fort hope)

What online platform does the game use ?

B4B uses the AWS (Amazon Web Services) to host the multiplayer services.

Will dedicated server binaries become available post launch at a point in time ?

There are a couple of reasons why this will be not possible in the forseeable future. First of all: No info or time frame was provided in which they would make server binaries available.

Another important issue to consider is the following: WB games and Turtle Rock Studios choses to not add mod support at this time, the ability for players to add mods is currently restricted because this type of content is provided by the studio via progression unlocks and DLC content. An openly player facing mod support would conflict with the sales model. Providing binaries would complicate matters and would potentially expose the unlocks/cosmetic model they have to unfair bypass by a tech-savvy user.

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