AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected – How to unlock all 16 achievements playthrough

AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected – How to unlock all 16 achievements playthrough 1 -
AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected – How to unlock all 16 achievements playthrough 1 -

A very helpful/useful guide for AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected – How to unlock all 16 achievements playthrough

This guide will show you how to unlock all 16 achievements in game!

A little information before you begin

  • You have only one weapon in the game – a stick. For other attacks, you will have to rely on your friends, which you can switch to after recruiting them.
  • There are 8 stars to earn in the game, we get them by adding 8 friends located in different locations.
  • To add a friend, you first need to buy\find a “Slot”. (the floating friendship cube) Next, you need to talk to and convince them to join you (if you make a mistake, you will need to try again in your next run)
  • Once you have convinced a friend, you can recruit them in later runs without going through a conversation
  • Friends have a single energy bar, which counts as both health and ammo
  • Burgers (from the shop) restore your and your friend’s health
  • The triangles are the money you’ll use
  • You can hold up to 999 gold
  • You can hold up to 50 firecrackers
  • You keep all money, firecrackers, and stars between runs
  • After each run, your earned XP will go to unlocking various perks
  • The first area you can access is “Zone 3: Valley of Pines.” Why 3? Beats me.
  • On the map, the green rhombus means a friendship slot you can pick up. A blue star is a character you can recruit or interact with. The green $ is for the shop. And the red circles are the switches/mini dungeons you need to flip
  • In each area, there will be three switches you need to hit in order to open the main dungeon with the boss. Sometimes these are in the open, sometimes in mini dungeons.



A Ribbeting Friendship

From the beginning of the game, you will have access to the bathroom of the house, in which you will find the frog, Skips. All you have to do is talk to the frog and allow him to stay

Breaking In

To get this achievement, it is necessary to activate the three levers located inside the mini-dungeons of ” Zone 3: Valley of Pines “. These areas are marked on the map by a red circle.

Once done, you will see the great gate open through an animation and you will receive it automatically.

A Prince Among Men

In the different areas of the game you will find a store, which is marked on the map by a green dollar. On one side of the counter, you will find a tip jar , which costs x10 gold .

If you get close, the required coins will be subtracted from your total gold

Expand Your Horizon

This is delivered automatically once the main boss of the first dungeon in ” Zone 3: Valley of Pines ” has been defeated. Once the achievement is obtained, it will be possible to access ” Zone 1: Toxic Sands ” in the next game, through the basement of the house.

Savvy Shopper

You must buy two objects in the store in the same game, which is marked on the map by a green dollar. It is not possible to buy two items of the same type in the same store, so it will be necessary to have at least x75 gold .

The More The Merrier

To get the following achievement, it is necessary to have the friendship of three characters within the game. (Getting three of the eight stars available in the game)

Eagle Eye

Find and open a secret room. Secret rooms look like bricked walls with cracks, throw fireworks at them (or use a friend with explosives) and blast them open.

Sticking Around

On each kill, you will receive a certain amount of experience and for each level, you will gain permanent buffs or buffs. Get the ” Guard Movement ” perk to get it.

Do or die!

This achievement is awarded automatically on the fifth game attempt.

Never Give Up!

This achievement is awarded automatically on the fifteenth game attempt.

A Word To The Wise

It is given after speaking three times with the cat Cuentatail, who is in the guest room. To be able to unlock the door, it is necessary to have a total of three stars .

It should be noted that it is not possible to talk to the cat more than once in the same run, so you will have to lose in a dungeon or return home to rest to talk again.

Team Building

Complete your team, which means recruiting three friends in a single run. To do this, you need to have three friendship slots.

Two of them can be obtained for free in the different zones of the game: The first in Zone 1 or Zone 3 and the second in Zone 4 or Zone 7 , depending on the path you select and marked on the map through a green rhombus. The third and last one must be bought from the store, which is marked on the map by a green dollar.

Squad Almighty!

Recruit all playable characters


1 Trunk (the tree) – throws bombs that leave mines behind

2 Ernestine Wizard – long-range magic attack.

3 Foreman – takes no damage, seems to damage enemies close by, but life is always ticking away


3 Foreman (again)

4 Headhunter (will cost 500 gold) – Always gets critical hits

5 Bright Heart – generates hearts to refill your health


6 Roboleg – fires homing rockets after locking on a target


7 Skeleton – Puts up X-shaped barriers that stop monsters (but not you)

8 Popsicle – Freezes enemies. Frozen enemies can be beaten in one hit. Doesn’t seem to work on bosses

To recruit a character, you will have to convince them in a conversation. Otherwise, you will lose the opportunity until the next game. (Characters you previously befriended will change their name to “OLD FRIEND”)

Richer than Midas

You have 999 coins (the maximum)

Family Time

You will receive the achievement the first time you talk to the main character’s parents. These are in ” Zone 10: “Time Office” “, to the right of the teleportation machine.

Ping Pong King

Beat the final boss. Located in ” Zone 10: “Time Office” “, you’ll need all eight friendship stars to access his office.

Inside we will find Pong-Ping, who will casually challenge us to a game of ping-pong. First to score eleven points wins, and he will always miss the third shot. The game is pretty easy, the ball will give an aura when you can hit to return.

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