AudioSpace AudioSpace Configuration

AudioSpace AudioSpace Configuration 1 -
AudioSpace AudioSpace Configuration 1 -

AudioSpace: A brief tutorial to get you up and running


AudioSpace is an interactive, configurable space that allows users to visualize audio.

It can visualize any audio input or playback from your computer.

Check that your computer meets the minimum requirements as listed on the store’s page.

AudioSpace will be launched for the first-time. You’ll see this:

AudioSpace AudioSpace Configuration - Welcome! - 68F3D63

You can start playing your favorite music via Media Player, Spotify, YouTube, or any other player. The wall grids are lit up green to indicate audio to be seen.

AudioSpace AudioSpace Configuration - Welcome! - 15EB821

You can move with the WSAD keys and use the mouse to look around. Arrow keys can be used to quickly face the front/left/right/back wall. VR-controllers will see the mappings displayed on the console in-game by the doorway directly behind them. To exit, press ESC/zap the door.

AudioSpace AudioSpace Configuration - Welcome! - A76A466

In-game tutorial teaches you how to open menu and select room style.

  • To open the menu, click with the left mouse button/controller trigger on any wall or roof. You can close the menu simply by shooting outside of it.
  • The general appearance of the environment is controlled by the buttons located under the text ROOM STYLE.
  • You can select the Visulization modes for each wall, ROOM, or surrounding SPACE by clicking the buttons in the orange frame.

    AudioSpace AudioSpace Configuration - Welcome! - 6B8CA2D

While you can have as many simultaneous visualizations on the walls and around the room) as you like, it is not recommended to do more than one visualization at a given time. Enjoy!

AudioSpace AudioSpace Configuration - Welcome! - F02215C


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