Attack on Toys Basic tactics & gameplay

Attack on Toys Basic tactics & gameplay 1 -
Attack on Toys Basic tactics & gameplay 1 -

I will try to update this guide as I get more information about the game.

Player Character

Your player character can gain level by dealing damage, and then finishing the match/game.
Higher levels increase the damage you deal and your health. You will usually reach max level in one match. Without any specific tactics, matches can drag on until one side is down completely.
Once you reach max rank, your character can be promoted to the next level. This will allow you to reset your level progress and earn extra Squad member slots. You also get extra Plastic() rewards for completed matches.
This I highly recommend, since it reduces grind to Plastic to unlock additional items, either squad units and battle equipment.
Your best choices when it comes unlockings are as follows:
WeaponsThere are no stats shown for weapons. These are my personal choices. I will not be able to get proper statistics cards for weapons until then.
It is expensive at 50,000 Plastic, but it is a huge upgrade over the M16 you started with. Once you get the M16, you can safely take it out of your starting loadout. It has the highest damage output and ammo capacities than any other automatic bullet weapons you can get.
M-21 Sniper
It's the same sniper rifle as Sniper infantry, and it is very expensive. However, it allows you to snipe infantry from anywhere you can, making it your best tool to deal with enemy snipers.
Does approximately 1000 HP damage per shot, if not exactly 1000 DMG. You can 1-shot-kill Rifle Men (Medics, Mortar Men, and Snipers),
M-4 Burst is the only sniper gun you will ever need. P-17 Sniper is too late in the game to supply ammunition properly, despite its massive damage relative to M-21 Sniper.
Quad Rocket
Direct upgrade to M-20 Bazooka for anti-heavy damages. This is a costly upgrade, but it can destroy heavy tanks in 2-3 strikes.
Although it is difficult to use at long range due to low ammo counts and burst recoil it is well worth the ability of destroying enemy armor units almost instantly.
M-2 Flamethrower
The best close-range weapon. Although it is costly, it is worth every penny.
Ignore shotguns, pistols SMGs and rifles. Even the miniaturegun fades before a flamethrower when it's within range.
This is a great weapon to use in ambush around corners, or vs buildings. Because it has a short range, enemy units will do much more damage to you until they are close enough for you to use it.
Gatling Gun
Minigun and M-2 Flamflamwer have a golden-baby.
It inflicts universal fire damage on all targets.
Although it is more expensive than Minigun and Flamethrower at 60,000 Plastic cost, it is still a great weapon.
P-17 Sniper
Gatling Gun's Golden-baby cousin, P-17 Sniper was a baby M-21 Sniper or M-20 Bazooka.
Upgrades to the M-21 Sniper (and M-20 Bazooka) are very expensive at 100,000. The only downside is the low ammo count per refill.
P-17 Sniper is capable of killing most light units, if any, in just one hit. This gun can also be used to destroy defenses.
The most expensive, most accurate, most damaging gun per shot in this game. However, stick to M-21 Sniper when sniping infantry units to conserve ammo. Engineers should use this sniper to take out them.
Plastic Gun
Buy a cheap weapon for permanent purchase at only 20,000 Plastic, healing gun to use with your soldiers or to make an emergency repair. You do more healing with this gun than you can with Medics.
Also, does minor damage to enemy slightly better than M-9 Pistol which has infinite ammo.
Grenade Launcher
Grenade Launcher is an alternative fire version of M-20 Bazooka. It's a hand-held player version, not a Mortar.
It is expensive and not very useful in situations where you need to hit the enemy from cover. If you have better things to unlock, you can leave it for later.
M-60 LMG
The runt of the loadout weapon. Last permanent weapon to unlock to fill out your 9th slot.
This gun is the best of the worst. It has a lot of ammo per supply box. This helps to increase your ammo gain when you get Spread Ammo containers that give 1x resupply each weapon in your inventory.
The backup weapon is basically the weapon that you use if you run out of ammo for any other weapon. This weapon should have enough ammo stockpiled to get you through.
SquadMy experience with these unlocks so far is very limited
It is easy to use and cheap to buy
Keep him safe in the HQ so it can be repaired if it is damaged.
Mortar Man
It's cheaper to buy, but harder to level. He can farm XP most safely with his high range, but he also needs to be babysat or hidden in safe places to avoid being shot by enemy mortars or snipers.
He does great and can do universal explosive damage of 65 cm range.
It is expensive to purchase, but the longest ranged unit in this game(120CM range!), the bane for all infantry, extremely weak damage to all other units.
Sniper has the lowest XP requirement, longest range, and is the easiest infantry unit that you can level up.
Hook Gun
Best choice for the second ability slot, allows you greater mobility in all directions.
Hook Gun and the Builder tools are just too good to ignore.
M14 Grenade
A fire grenade explodes on impact and does minor fire damage to whatever it hits.
This is the 2nd best grenade choice out of 3 total grenades. It's also quite cheap and you can get it at the beginning of the game.
M24 Cluster
Direct upgrade to default MK2 Grenade. It is the best grenade available.
It's a bit difficult to use, as it bounces and not explodes on impact like Fire Grenade.
Ammo Backpack
Although it is expensive, you get free ammo for any gun you own.
Uses big ammo guns like the Minigun and Flamethrower.
Medic Backpack
It's free passive healt wherever you go.
You can use this to access map support capabilities, bomb your enemies, or spawn 2 types units wherever you want.
Expensive and requires you to have an economy to support the cost of the abilities.
It is probably the most powerful damage output item in the game. As long as you have Plastic, it can be used.
Mini Party Popper
It's a jet-pack toy that lets you travel large distances from the start of a match.
Although it's cheap for a backpack, it's still useful and allows you to move around with the Hook Gun, which is a weaker but still very good.
It's just an upgraded Parachute backpack. You should always choose this over Parachute. Parachute only gives horizontal slow-fall and there is no fall injury in the game yet.

Game/Match spawn and start functions and mechanics

When you first start a Skirmish or Conquest game (, not in Invasion, you are given a zone to spawn in and some Planning Plastic for spending on

respawnable units and structures

Before the game begins.
Planning Plastic doesn't persist after the game has started. If you don’t use it, it is lost and will not carry over to the current game.
Backyard Picnic is an example of how to create a bank with 50,000 24A05449768A to spend. However, if you don't start the game immediately, you wont have 50,000 Plastic as it is discarded.
Follow the Planning Plastic section and on to the next

respawnable units and structures

Any unit or structure placed during the Planning Phase prior to you start the game will be considered "Permanent" and will respawn after some time if they die.
During the Planning Phase, some units and structures have spawn limitations to prevent rushes. Additionally, you have some access to 2 buildings that are otherwise limited to specific build locations.
These are Plastic Power Plant on the Production tab, with a maximum of 4 before game start, and Sandbags on the Tower tab.
Plastic Power Plant has a limit of 4 corner slots for a Plastic Factory construction, but you can place 4 in the spawn zones anywhere you want during the Planning phase without a Plastic Factory. They will be your Plastic production building for all of the match, even after they are destroyed.
Sandbags towers cannot be built or upgraded in active matches. But during the Planning Phase, you can place them anywhere within the spawn area and at any level between 1-2-3.
You can place a level 1 defensive defense tower down and later upgrade. If it is destroyed, it will respawn at level 1. It is best to place Sandbags as level 3. They get a Fire damage mortar at that level, which makes this tower a great jack-of-all trades defensive structure.
Given that you can't create Sandbags at match start, I recommend placing at most a few level-3 versions in direction to enemy spawns.
Any unit or structure that is not placed during the Planning Phase does not count towards the maximum population, even if it has one.
For example, Engineers and Plastic Sweeper have built limits of maximum 3, 5, 5 and 5 respectively during Planning Phase and after the game.
This does NOT apply to any units or structures that you build after you start the game. If you decide to go with the build and have enough Planning Plastic, you can have 6-Engineers and 10-Plastic Sweepers respectively.
During the Planning phase, you can place and move around any unit or structure, including the HQ itself and the player Buy&Sell store. You can also move it around to other locations before you start the game.
The placement of buildings is almost entirely flexible. You can place several buildings in one another or at very unusual locations that you can't build after Planning Phase.
The Backyard Picnic A map that the player spawns on is located between a doghouse, a plastic lawn chair, and your spawn is close to the chair so you can access a small spot in the forward right corner, even your HQ!
I prefer to put 1 level 3 AA and 1 level3 Mortar turrets there, as they provide excellent vantage points from which to shoot at any ground units within range.


Written by Majo

Here we come to an end for Attack on Toys Basic tactics & gameplay hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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