Atonement 2: Ruptured by Despair 100% Walkthrough

Atonement 2: Ruptured by Despair 100% Walkthrough 1 -
Atonement 2: Ruptured by Despair 100% Walkthrough 1 -
I won’t go into detail about enemies and bosses but you can find hopefully all the help you need here







Main Game

You will wanna start on dismal difficulty to do the minimum amount of playthroughs 
Just follow the path to the end 
Go right for a wave of enemies 
The Portal achievement unlocked 
You will be teleported to a new place with a health shrine and 2 items to pick up. Potion Holy TearDefenders Orb 
Go down a screen and to the left for a battle, pick up the Aptitude Mix 
Both exits work but I’m going for the east 
By the stairs are enemies and Bandits Orb 
Go to the left exit and up the stairs 
Fight the enemies for an Athletes Orb 
Go back to previous screen which contains a health shrine and 2 Uplifting Tears in the wall 
Finally go to the left for a final battle 
You will gain your 4th member and learn about skill points. I suggest getting Elleria’s telekinesis power which lets you avoid battles and gradually give you the Tactical Approach achievement You will also wanna get Habach’s shortcuts power which will destroy weak doors and walls for the Fists of Ruin achievement 
Go down and enter the cave. Make sure to pick up the Priests Orb on the bottom left and maybe use the health shrine 
At the top are enemies with a Potion and 10 Aurics 
If you got the telekinesis skill you will see a flashing circle on the left 
Go above them to find 2 items a Curative Tear and enemies blocking Fighters Orb, Keepers Orb, Athletes Orb 
Go back down, then down the stairs 
Feel free to avoid the enemies and just go right 
You will be in your 1st safe area. Talk to everyone you want, gear up and finally go to Meya 
You can now use teleport shrines, either go to the main game or go for the side quests 

Side Quests


Keldyn Village

Go to the right and enter the building. Inside is an Aptitude Mix 
Back out and at the bottom of the screen is Holy Tear 
Go to the left exit for your 2nd telekinesis circle, then up 
Or go to the top exit to ignore the telekinesis area. 
Either way go to door and break it down – if you got shortcuts 
Inside the building is 12 Aurics and a chest with a Cyan Cloak 
Either way go to top exit for an Uplifiting Tear and mission complete 
The Lost achievement unlocked 

Zhierdan Forest

Go up for your 3rd telekinesis circle 
Go for the left exit, to the left for enemies and Runners Orb, Tear of Grace, Potion 
Go right then up, picking up 10 Aurics on the way and the Aptitude Mix guarded by enemies 
You will reach a health shrine, a fight and mission complete 
Power of The Orbs achievement unlocked 

Sorak Shrine

Go up for your 4th telekinesis circle. You cant open the door so ignore it 
Before going down stairs open the chest for Potion, Defenders Orb 
Keep going down for enemies and a chest Aptitude Mix 
Go back up and you will find a 5th telekinesis circle. 
Pick up the Rogue Orb then go right 
You will come across a spike maze, use the lever next to it to find the pattern 
Atonement 2: Ruptured by Despair 100% Walkthrough 
Just like all the rest, go past the maze to reach the end of the mission, health shrine and enemies 
Sorak’s Ring achievement unlocked 
This is your last mission so teleport to Ne.bos Valley 

Main Game


1st memory

You need to go to the right until you see some guards. Go up to pick up another person 
With them go back and fight the guard 
Go to the right for more guards but also Potion and 12 Aurics 
On the next screen you will come across a bridge. Make sure to save for easier backtracking 
Cross the bridge and pick whatever choice 

Main story

You will be back to our main team. If you have gotten the telekinesis power I suggest getting the heavy one if possible. I believe these next ones are classed as heavy objects 
Go to the left for your 6th telekinesis circle and feel free to ignore the above enemies. 
Take the above exit for a Rogues Orb, a 7th telekinesis circle and Aptitude Mix, Tear of Grace 
Go back to the previous screen and left twice, get the Holy Tear 
You will encounter the bridge from the memory. Depending on your choice you get 
There’s No bridge or The Bridge Still Stands 
If you kept the bridge just cross but I’m gonna talk about if you destroyed it 
You will need to go down from the bridge to reach the 8th telekinesis circle, then down again 
Just progress through the cave picking up Fighters Orb 
To the right are enemies guarding 20 Aurics 
Otherwise go to the left a bit and go to the up exit 
Its the other side of the bridge, fight the enemies for Acrobats Orb, Curative Tear, Uplifting Tear 
Go back to the previous screen and continue following the path on the left, getting gear if needed and health 
In this new area go to the left for your usual fight and Amber Cloak 
Go back out, down and up the stairs. There’s a chest to the left of stairs containing Healers Orb, Keepers Orb 
You need to go to both sides so lets start on the left. 
Go past the maze, picking up 14 Aurics on the way. 
If you got the shortcut power you can open up the wall and avoid the enemies. 
In the next room is a chest with Acrobats Orb, Aptitude Mix 
Finally go to the right to use the sphere and be teleported back to the door 
So onto the right is our 9th telekinesis circle and some stairs you want to go up 
Here you will have your 10th and last telekinesis circle (that I’ll point out) and a chest which rewards you with Tactical Approach and Energy Channeler 
With those gotten go back downstairs and use the other exit 
You will end up with a puzzle where you need to press yellow buttons to shut off the fire. 
Atonement 2: Ruptured by Despair 100% Walkthrough 
Atonement 2: Ruptured by Despair 100% Walkthrough 
Order: 4 1 2 3 4 6 
Go through the new area for a health shrine, enemies and your 2nd sphere. 
You wont be teleported so go back to the door 
You might wanna save for a boss battle 
Solid Defence achievement unlocked if you beat the boss with a KO 
Opening the Way achievement unlocked 


The Portal – Story Achievement 
The Lost – Side mission 
Power of The Orbs – Side mission 
Sorak’s Ring – Side mission 
There’s No bridge – Pick to destroy the bridge 
The Bridge Still Stands – Pick to fight the soldiers 
Tactical Approach – Use telekinesis 10 times (can be done whenever) 
Energy Channeler – Pick up Erdan’s Headband relic in the temple of easara 
Solid Defence – Beat Nodan without KO 
Opening the Way. – Story Achievement 




Side Quests


Sanaya Shrine

Go down and to the right stairs 
Press the lever then go back down to the left 
On the left corner is an Aptitude Mix 
If you carry on down there are enemies guarding Holy Tear, Druids Orb 
Atonement 2: Ruptured by Despair 100% Walkthrough 
Push 1 twice. Push 2. Push 1 to the left. Push 3 up. Push 4. Push 5 twice. 
Leave the area and pick up the dagger 
Shadows of Sanaya achievement unlocked 

Sorcerers Stronghold

Enter the building and use the circle to go down 
You just need to step on the 4 pentagrams and collect the Aptitude Mix 
Next room is the same but don’t step on the blue ones, collect Hollowed Orb 
Atonement 2: Ruptured by Despair 100% Walkthrough 
Step the buttons in order to open the door, theres a chest on the bottom right 
Next room will end the mission 
Blood Brothers achievement unlocked 

Capital Streets

The exits all link together so lets go up 1st 
You will meet your 1st rat to kill and a door to be opened 
Inside is an Aptitude Mix and a health shrine 
The right will lead to the 2nd rats and another door 
Inside is Tear of Grace, Warriors Orb, Acrobat Orb 
Go down for a Holy Tear, then down again. 
To the right is a building you can enter, plus your 3rd rats 
Inside the building is a Potion and 15 Aurics 
Only exit is the left so go there and find 2 Potions 
Go down for your 4th rat 
Go left for your final enemy 
If you go down you can pick up 3 Curative Tears 
Where you picked up the 2 potions is a building and health shrine. 
Inside is a Verdant Cloak and thats all we can do here. 
The Cleansing 

Main Game

Before we can continue, feel free to talk to everyone, stock up then talk to Gorleif (top right) 

Memory 2

Very short memory. Talk to everyone if you want and head to the shop on the right. 
Talk to the shopkeeper and gear up if you would like, its not needed to continue 
Go back to Salra and make sure to save before you talk to her 
Choose what you like, either way you will have a fight 

Main Story

Choose between 25+ hp or 2+ defence 
Enter the building and go to the open exit. 
Go down from the enemies to get Tear of Grace, Holy Tear 
Go back up and right 
You need to press the lever and ignore the door – it wont open. 
Go back a screen and a new path above is open 
Enemies are guarding 2 Aptitude Mix 
Go back to start and up the stairs 
Straight in front is an Uplifting Tear 
Take the top exit to get Sorcerors Orb, which is guarded. 
You can take the right exit or go back to previous screen and right. 
If you go back you can find a shortcut to break and 10 Aurics 
Either way end up surrounded by blocks and go right 
Go to the top for a battle and 
Meat Shield achievement unlocked 
Continue right and down the ladder 
With telekinesis you can unlock the door I said won’t open 
Otherwise continue down the stairs where a health shrine is 
Depending on your choice to fight or escape you will unlock. If you escape a battle will happen 
Sin Eater Is Dead or Sin Eater Lives 
Going right will take you to the same place so go down and fight for Druids Orb 
Go up and break down the door. Inside is Potent Potion and Celestial Orb 
Go back out and to the right, collecting Aptitude Mix 
The next room has traps which will teleport you out of the room 
The bottom of the room contains enemies and Warrior Orb 
On the top right is a lever which opens a door in the same room 
In the next room is a boss battle, to get an achievement you need to darken them for 6 rounds. I suggest killing the dude as he will heal that status 
Darkness is my Ally achievement unlocked 
Depths of Calamity achievement unlocked 


Shadows of Sanaya – Side mission 
Blood Brothers – Side mission 
The Cleansing – Side mission 
Sin Eater Is Dead – Choose to fight 
Sin Eater Lives – Choose to escape 
Meat Shield – Pick up the Talhar’s Shield relic from Floor 5 Castle 
Darkness is my Ally – Darken the boss for 6 rounds 
Depths of Calamity – Story mission 






Memory 3

In the starting area is a health shrine and Fighters Orb, Defenders Orb, Acrobats Orb 
Enter the building and go Right. 
Enemies are guarding 2 Uplifting Tears, 2 Aptitude Mix 
Go back and choose right then go down. 
Enemies are guarding 14 Aurics and Tears of Grace 
Go back and continue left. 
Pick up Aptitude Mix and go up 
Open the chest for Rogues Orb and Avengers Orb. 
Pick up the key and use it on the entrance door we ignored 
Open the chest for Aptitude Mix, Holy Tearand make sure to save as a choice is about to happen 
If you shoot you will need to fight later, if you don’t you fight now 
No matter what go through the door for the boss and ending the 3rd memory 
You get another choice between +5% critical hit or magic evasion 

Elpar Outpost

Go inside and to the left. There will be new stairs there so go up 
Inside if your 1st chest 
May as well go back to the door and depending on your choices unlock 
Spirits of Fire or Cautious 
Your 2nd chest in the room above 
Now back to the left where you will need to fight 
Going down gives you your 3rd chest and above your 4th chest containing 
Vision and Reality achievement unlocked 

Thamrak Village

You will need to talk to Igara to make this work 
Go down for a building you can break. 
Inside is Guardians Orb, Holy Tear 
Going to the left you will find a new building with Aptitude Mix and Curative Tear inside 
Continue left for a boss battle 
Make sure you go up to open 3 chests for 
Bane of Man achievement unlocked 

Temple of Horenth

You can only go up and right for now so do that 
Pull the lever and go to the left for a fight 
Continue left for a cutscene and Potion, Holy Tear 
In the above room go left so you can pick up 10 Aurics and Golems Orb 
Go to the right for more cutscenes, a health shrine and a boss 
Pain of the Past achievement unlocked 

Main Game

Memory 3 was already talked about in sidequests if you skipped over it 
Do what you want in the safe house then talk to Gorleif to continue 
You won’t be with this team for long so just follow the path, picking up Potent Potion in the starting area 

Memory 4

Health shrine is in the starting area 
Take the left door 1st for a battle and 15 Aurics, Keepers Orb 
Go for the right door and you can make a choice. For the least amount of battles go up for 1 battle and Potion, Uplifting Tear. Then go down for the 2nd battle and Rogue Orb, Aptitude Mix 
Carry on up picking up Aptitude Mix and save for another major choice. 
Depending on your choice you will receive 
Salra’s Advice or Brogan’s Advice 
Either way a battle will happen and the memory ends 

Main Story

We get 3 choices this time +5% health/Energy regen or +5 max energy 
Go through the door and find a health shrine 
Go up for a Tear of Grace, then left for a boss battle. 
Just follow the path left until you encounter a fight. There will be a puzzle along the way 
With the items from the fight go back to the defeated bosses for 
Benevolent achievement unlocked 
Go up and you will need to find 6 orbs. 
You can choose whichever order but lets go right 1st. 
You will encounter a fight but then you can go through the door. 
Inside is our 1st orb and Tear of Grace, Aptitude Mix 
Continue right for another door with our 2nd orb and Celestial Potion 
Upstairs go left for Angelic Orb 
The right side has 2 doors. The 1st has our 3rd orb, a puzzle and Aptitude Mix 
The 2nd door has a fight, Ravengers Orb and 
Emergency Healing achievement unlocked 
Now we will tackle the left side. 
Upstairs has our 4th orb, puzzle and a chest 
Continue left and down for the 5th orb and a Holy Orb 
Before going to the top get the Sorcerors Orb 
Finally we got our last orb, you can use the bottoms on the right side of the room to kill the enemies or just fight them 
With all the orbs collected put them into the lift 
From there just take whatever side you want and you will finish the act 
Sombre Stronghold achievement unlocked 


Spirits of Fire – Choose to shoot 
Cautious – Choose to not shoot 
Vision and Reality – Side mission 
Bane of Man – Side mission 
Pain of the Past – Side mission 
Salra’s Advice – Kill the higher ups 
Brogan’s Advice – Kill the guards 
Benevolent – Story mission 
Emergency Healing – Get Inelda’s Medallion relic in 
Sombre Stronghold – Story mission 




Main Game

Just follow the path until you get in a cutscene. On the way is a health shrine and Black Mist 
You can talk to everyone if you want but they don’t make sense. 
On the right is Mak’sar but our main path is up twice 
We are in a room with a health shrine and I suggest going right 
You will find some blocks to move and Algo Rilt 
You may as well just go up twice picking up Guardians Orb on the way and 2 Talgops 
In the next room I suggest going down which is the room we ignored by going right. Now if you got telekenis we can take them out without battle. They are guarding Aoma 
Continue back up for a puzzle, enemies and Channelers Orb The order is 2nd lever and 4th 
Continue up again for another Aoma and a new area 
So we need to press to some buttons to continue. This area also contains a health shrine 
You can take either path but lets go right 
Theres a path down and Rilt, Yh’kar 
You cant go past the orange circles so continue the path until you teleport. You will want to step on the 2nd button 
This path will be blocked by the blue circles but in this room we can get rid of the orange 
Go back to the orange block path where you can get rid of the blue circles. 
Now we can go back to the blocked blue path for Shielders Orb 
You can skip over a battle and use the path we just went or use the 1st teleport pad for a battle but also Avengers Orb 
Now we can go finish up and continue the path, ignoring the bottom path its blocked for now 
If you now go to the right you will see a white version of the buttons we’ve been pressing. There’s also a Ravagers Orb 
If you went for it go back to the bottom path we skipped over. In that room is Aoma and Talgop 
Now there isn’t much so just keep going until the end, you might want to save at the health shrine as a boss is about to happen 
Time is a Healer, not a Killer achievement unlocked if you don’t get KO 
You will get the usual one path with the big baddie at the end of it 

Memory 5

There isn’t much to do so just follow the path 
On the way is 3 chests with a Fighters Orb, Aptitude Mix. Tear of Grace, Potion and another Aptitude Mix 
On that last chest I suggest saving as you will end up with 3 choices for 3 achievements. 
With that boss and choices we get 
Secrets of Time achievement unlocked 


Time is a Healer, not a Killer – Beat Time Guardian without getting KO 
Secrets of Time – Story mission 




Side Quests

We get another choice to make. +25% health received or +5 agility 
These next parts are all pretty short 
Just follow the path and we got another door to break down, inside is Celestial Potion 
Next to it is a building with Aptitude Mix, Potion 
Depending on your choice you will fight the boss and unlock 
Burning or Decapitation or Hanging 

Lemar Cliff

There’s only the starting area with Potent Potion and Uplifting Tears 
Plus the ending area, so go press on the pedestal. A boss battle will occur 
The Fallen Hero achievement unlocked 

Ettais Village

The path down you can get a guarded Celestial Potion and Aptitude Mix 
The main one on the left gets you a boss battle and Holy Orb 
Helping Hands achievement unlocked 

Capital Outskirts

This is actually a bigger area 
Right exit has Champions Orb 
Now follow the main path and if you’ve been using shortcut you should finally have 
Fists of Ruin achievement unlocked 
The building contains a Potent Potion and Aptitude Mix 
Outside is a health shrine and we will get a boss fight in the next screen. 
Don’t forget your goal and go inside the building for the rations. 
Back at the hideout deliver the rations to Gorleif 
Fed and Watered achievement unlocked 
While we are talking to people go ahead and talk to Andrid and Kanden, the bosses we saved in act 3 

Shrine of Lelani

There’s no where you can go so just go to the end until you can pull a lever. Under it is an Aptitude Mix 
As you go back the path you should find another lever. Go back one screen and we can finally go up. 
This area has Black Mist 
The next has a puzzle but just go for the one straight ahead and then press the others in order. Don’t forget the Channelers Orb 
All thats left is to go to the relic and pick it up 
Gusts and Gales achievement unlocked 

Shrine of Maror

You cant do anything with the door so just go down and to the right. Enemies are guarding Divine Tear 
Next we wanna go down and to the left. Enemies are guarding Paladins Orb 
As you continue the path you will get to a health shrine and a boss. Depending on your difficulty you can get these achievements – only on dismal 
Abomination Hunter + Abomination Killer + Abomination Slayer 
Before you pick up the relic get the Angelic Orb above 

Main Game

Go to vemos cliff, I suggest using the healing if you haven’t already 
You can talk to everyone and gear up if you want 
Make sure to save for your final choice and enter the portal 
Memory 6 is just choosing a choice. It just changes what power you get and you probably won’t use them with the constant healing 
We also get our final power up with 4 choices. +2 magic attack. +3 Physical/Magical defence. +4 agility 
Go down and you will encounter the puzzle we are dealing with. Just turn off the buttons and get Aptitude Mix 
On the next screen with be a boss battle 
Again choose the down exit, for a fight and Potent Potion, Tear of Grace, Silver Cloak 
Hopefully you got the shortcut achievement or at least 9 of them as this will be your last. 
It will avoid a battle while giving you an Uplifting Tear 
You should have no trouble avoiding the battle and making it the right. 
You will find a guarded Divine Tear, Aptitude Mix and Radiant Orb 
The next 2 rooms are puzzles and then we got our final 2 boss fights. 
For the one on one battle its a good idea to just use Revitalise and Life drain 
The boss is the last thing we will do and you can get up to 5 achievements 
Fighter + Leader + Vindicator difficulty 
Acaldia the Merciful or Acaldia the Just memory choice 
A Good Beating – 1 v 1 don’t go under 50% health 


Hanging – Choose to hang 
Burning – Choose to burn 
Decapitation – Choose to decapitate 
The Fallen Hero – Side mission 
Helping Hands – Side mission 
Fed and Watered – Side mission 
Gusts and Gales – Side mission 
Abomination Hunter – Side mission any difficulty 
Abomination Killer – Side mission normal difficulty 
Abomination Slayer – Side mission dismal difficulty 
Fists of Ruin – Use shortcut 10 times 
A Good Beating – Final boss don’t go under 50% health 
Acaldia the Just – Kill the people 
Acaldia the Merciful – Spare the people 
Fighter – Story mission just beat the game 
Leader – Story mission beat on normal + 
Vindicator – Story mission beat on dismal 

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