Annalynn Gameplay & Walkthrough for Beginners

Annalynn Gameplay & Walkthrough for Beginners 1 -
Annalynn Gameplay & Walkthrough for Beginners 1 -

Tips and a few tricks to make getting a no continues run a bit easier.


So, you wish to get some Annalynn palettes/achievements hmm? Worry not, as this is the guide for you. Performing a 1-credit playthrough is challenging, and it is actually very important to 100 percenting the game as it supplies almost half of the achievements, so knowing how to perform one optimally does wonders.


Lives are the one thing keeping you from a game over in Annalynn, so it’s important to rack up lives to keep yourself from eventually hearing the dreaded ticking of the continue timer.
In terms of levels where you can get lives, the easiest is by far Round 1, which practically hands out lives in runs. Getting a perfect in Round 1 will ALWAYS net you a free life, giving you 3 extra chances before you become alive’nt. It’s always good to try keeping yourself alive for a long time to preserve these lives, so don’t try doing anything too risky, like going for a snake right before a Ruby wears off. I learned the hard way :pensive:


Occasionally, levels can be the hardest things to get past in Annalynn, as the layouts aren’t exactly to your advantage very often. Anna can only jump around 8 tiles high (or, 4 Annalynns if you use epic gamer measurements) so it’s good to know level layouts. I’ve documented some of the more challenging levels here, to make sure you don’t get yourself in any bad situations.

  • Mineshaft 3, as sometimes Handy and Mike are serious idiots and don’t ever go where you want them to
  • Jungle 2, as these coins can go uncollected and the snakes will just swarm that area.Annalynn Gameplay & Walkthrough for Beginners - Levels - AAD8C71
  • Lava Factory 2, as if you’re not careful to the left or right stairs(?) you can get a snake launched into your face
    Annalynn Gameplay & Walkthrough for Beginners - Levels - 1E4EC54
  • Lava Factory 3, as there’s many gaps and weirdly placed conveyor belts and mines, if you’re not careful you can misjump and not make a gap, or corner yourself between two fire pillars
  • Ice Grave in general, the wind can totally screw you over while jumping
  • Venom Den’s breakable platforms don’t respawn. Ever. Be very cautious when walking around them as you could get into a sticky situation later.



The Snakes are the main obstacles you’ll have to deal with the whole game, and it’s best to know their strategies for trying to catch the titular character.
There are four snakes:
Randy, the grumpy red head honcho with a fedora
Handy, the blue hued handyman of the group
Candy, the slick purple serpant with some sick sunglasses ngl
Mike, Funny sleep deprived dude (who seriously deserves a hat >:[ )
They all choose to target Anna in different ways, which we’ll go over now:
Randy’s strategies:

  • Goes for wherever Anna is. If he uses a hole, he will always exit at the closest one to Anna’s location.
  • Will not use a hole if Anna is nearby or on the same platform as him. Will always chase her.

Handy’s strategies:

  • Will usually chase Anna if he’s on the same platform as her. If she is too far away, or is not on the same platform, he will opt to use a hole, and will try to estimate where she WILL BE to try and pop up from under her.
  • Usually works in conjunction with Randy, working to corner Anna. Of course, she can always just jump out from between them.

Candy’s strategies:
Okay, so, see. I.. don’t exactly know how Candy functions. I do know that she functions very similar to Handy, but also tries taking the same routes as Randy. Maybe she’s a mixture of the two?? I’m not too sure.
Mike’s “”strategies””:

  • Mike is the oddball of the group. He will often take completely random holes and exit in weird parts of the map. He does still follow the group, especially if 3 or more of the snakes enter a hole, he’ll usually follow along.
  • I’ve noticed that instead of popping up on the same platform where Anna is, he’ll actually pop up on the platform under her. This is only occasionally however, as he follows the same rules as Randy most of the time.



Once mastering most of the topics discussed here, it’s very easy to get through most of Annalynn’s levels without continues, and eventually the entire game. And with the upcoming update, who even knows what’ll come next. Good luck to all of you, and thanks for reading. :]

Hope you enjoy the post for Annalynn Gameplay & Walkthrough for Beginners, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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