Amazing Cultivation Simulator Useful Game Mechanics + Secrets + Obtainable Items

Amazing Cultivation Simulator Useful Game Mechanics + Secrets + Obtainable Items 1 -
Amazing Cultivation Simulator Useful Game Mechanics + Secrets + Obtainable Items 1 -

Just some random tips that might prove useful in your journey


  • You can obtain the Talisman Supreme Law by raising He Zedao mood, visit her at XXXXXXX and give her a few talisman paper (one of her favorite items) until you can invite her to visit you, when she gets there give her more talismans and she’ll give you the law
  • Crafting Materials are hard to come by in early game, as soon as you unlock the taiyi ruins go there and pick up as much marble blocks, spirit stone blocks and timber from the ground, its not like they are going to use it over there
  • The Game Features an In-game Tutorial, just click the help menu, it’s well made and goes over most things without spoilers, especilally useful for Shendao Cultivation
  • Mysterious Cave You don’t have to fight the dragon, build a good feng-shui room around the cave and place the relic you gain from mentioning the cave to an ancient cultivator right above it, the dragon ravages your constructions with water so you might want to do it soon
  • Enable “Swift mode” on the in-game settings panel, it disables a lot of graphics when ongoing but sure is useful to go even faster, you can also change the max speed of the game on the lower part of the panel
  • You can easily increase the base speed of a cultivator by giving him a Spirit Contract, this is akin to a mount in MMOS, you can get those by using the “Seal Contract” miracle on an unconscious or dying beast (Yaoguai without intelligence), the higher state of the beast means the better contract
  • If outer disciple work is getting overwhelming you should build and endow a Vessel, create one on the handcraft station and use the miracle “Ensoulment” to have a very fast worker that can do Peon work (Moving items and cleaning), they expire in time though and each cultivator can only endow one
  • The Mini-Universe is a game changer in base management, you obtain it from investigating the Pagoda on the Taiyi Ruins, it requires rare crafting materials (Lumina Core, Phoenixwood, Holy Stone, Ice Essence and Fire Essence Bar; 1 of each) to create, so keep an eye out for the merchant’s items.
  • You’ll want to pay attention to what elixirs and treasures the Merchant is selling, elixirs in general are useful and hard to come by the recipe early on, and treasures are usually cheap and useful like yaoguai items. Keep in mind that merchants are not restricted by diplomacy, they can sell you really strong stuff without much effort from you, you can also sell resources to them at a 1:1 ratio, keep in mind his terrible prices and the text box he throws at you.
  • Pay mind to keyboard controls, some actions like bulk placing items (hold shift while placing) or bulk unbanning/banning items (hold control while cancelling action) are only accessible while using the keyboard, there are some cool shortcuts to know since you’ll be using them a lot like the attack shortcure and the move shortcut
  • You can remove the displaying name for rooms by changing the name of the room to ” ” (a single space), room text clutters your base after a while
    Amazing Cultivation Simulator Useful Game Mechanics + Secrets + Obtainable Items - List - CCCCFE1
  • One of the core mechanics of the game, the Specter Refinement miracle, increases the rarity of the chosen item, what this means is stronger elixirs and better crafting material for strong artifacts, it requires an anguish soul gem to perform, golden core cultivator and 30k Qi each time, anguish soul gems are easily obtainable by having someone die on a very bad feng shui room, easy to farm with sect gates and inviting lots of people from town recruitment in the power panel, it DOES NOT decrease your Evil stat, lower the feng-shui using a room with many doors, few furniture, incompatible spirit relics and elements destroying each other, place the sect gate there and you got your Hell Gate.
  • Animals can become your Pets, just knock them out and use the miracle “Incantation of Consonance” on them (or spam their favorite food until RNG decides they like you), Fei and Lushu can be kept as pets as well, Male and Female pets naturally breed into more of them, chicken are particularly useful for food since they lay eggs, just keep the temperature right for their survival and your disciples will feed them
  • Illuminated Objects will appear in time, do what you want with them its very hard to come by the resources to turn them into human (around Kunlun Palace high diplomacy AND 5 FAVOR EACH and Primordial Alchemy Law)
  • The time needed for things to decay is affected by Temperature, keep your food in cold rooms (Ice Essence or Soul Pearl) and keep your trash in hot rooms (Beast Blood, Phoenix Feather). Best use of this is having your pet defecation spot in a burning room, have him carry dead enemies there too (keep the dying enemies/unconscious enemies target on a bad feng shui room though), to deal with temperature problems for disciples, give them clothing made of beast pelt or make talismans for them
  • Most things in the game have a Comment Tab, where you and other players can leave notes to help each other, keep an eye out for them if you’re struggling on something or want to see a few jokes
    Amazing Cultivation Simulator Useful Game Mechanics + Secrets + Obtainable Items - List - A23BAFC
  • Spirit Relics are items that suddently gain the spirit relic tag, carrying a special buff (which usually is useless) and a requirement, if said requirement is met you get the buff and positive feng-shui, if its not you get bad feng shui, most useful spirit relics I’ve seen came from beating ancient cultivators.
  • You get both of the Other Cultivation Methods from game events (secrets), Shendao from the power tab and physical from a manifesting event
  • Also enable “Show real time” on the in-game settings menu, might save you and it doesnt clutter the screen
  • Camera filters can be used to tweak the visual settings of the game to your liking, also on the in-game settings menu

I’ll try to go over most game mechanics in other guides, if you have any questions feel free to message me


I’ll be developing more guides and adding more to the ones already here, bought the steam version just for this, if you have any questions feel free to add me and ask, the game sure leaves a lot to be found

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