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ALONE All Achievements / Endings 1 -
ALONE All Achievements / Endings 1 -
An exhaustive list on how to get them.



This is a short guide on how to get all endings / achievements if you’re a completionist like me. 
At the moment, I’m missing one achievement and another one is bugged. If you have any hints on how to get Shadow Assassin, I’m all hears. 

Tip for surviving

If you get stuck because you run out of time, I recommend reading fast / skipping text when you investigate things that don’t advance your investigation. 
You can also gain some time by reading fast / skipping the parts where you find your item of interest. 
If you have health issues, try finding a lit up room and hanging out in it. Lit rooms heal you fast. 

Terrible accident

ALONE All Achievements / Endings - Terrible accident 
Hint: This is one of the easiest achievements to get, you might get this on your first playthrough 
Solution: Die by running out of time 

Wet energy bar

ALONE All Achievements / Endings - Wet energy bar 
Hint: Try investigating wet places 
Solution: I think this is triggered by getting an energy bar from any or all of these locations: 
– toilet 
– bathtub 
– the 2 sinks 
– washing machine 

Rat in a trap

ALONE All Achievements / Endings - Rat in a trap 
Hint: Complete ending 1 
Solution: Hide in your room after getting the key. (done by closing the door and locking it once you get the key) 

Close call

ALONE All Achievements / Endings - Close call 
Hint: Complete ending 2 
Solution: Hide in the storage room. (done by closing the door and locking it once you get the key) 
You must have at least 10 stamina to get this ending. 

Wrong choice

ALONE All Achievements / Endings - Wrong choice 
Hint: Complete ending 3 
Solution: Hide in the tv room. (done by closing the door and locking it once you get the key) 

Unfair (Bugged)

ALONE All Achievements / Endings - Unfair (Bugged) 
Hint: Complete ending 4 
Solution: Hide in the bathroom. (done by closing the door and locking it once you get the key) 
(This achievement doesn’t trigger for me) 


ALONE All Achievements / Endings - Fire!! 
Hint: Try interacting with something that makes fire 
Solution: Get an ending while leaving the fire on the stove on 

Shadow Assassin (WIP)

ALONE All Achievements / Endings - Shadow Assassin (WIP) 
WIP, any tips apreciated for this one. 

Rest in peace

ALONE All Achievements / Endings - Rest in peace 
Hint: You need to get the hidden ending to complete this 
Solution: To get this, you need to find all endings. 
On top of completing endings 1-4, you’ll need to find the alternative of ending 2. 
This can be done when hiding in the storage room while your stamina is lower than 10. 

Final notes

This is a short guide I made for this nice little short game. If you have any questions or want more precision on something, don’t hesitate to leave a comment! 

Written by Warloocy

Here we come to an end for ALONE All Achievements / Endings hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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