All Nursery Rhyme Puzzles Location and Solutions in Alan Wake 2

All Nursery Rhyme Puzzles Location and Solutions in Alan Wake 2 1 -
All Nursery Rhyme Puzzles Location and Solutions in Alan Wake 2 1 -

All Nursery Rhyme Puzzles Location and Solutions in Alan Wake 2

Ever thought of diving into the mysteries of Watery in Alan Wake 2? Unlike Cauldron Lake where everything was so fixed and predictable, Watery gives you room to breathe. Once you grab those Bolt Cutters, the world of rhymes is your oyster! But remember, just because you can start anywhere doesn’t mean there isn’t a smart way to begin. Ready for a game? There are seven Nursery Rhymes waiting just for you.

How to Tackle the First Rhyme Near Coffee World?

Picture this: A regal creature, crown and all, darting through a forest.
Why the hurry, you ask? A hunter’s on its trail!
This creature’s fate? Well, it’s all in your hands.

Got the idea? Great! Simply pop the Moose right next to the Tree to solve this one.

What’s Up at the Radio Tower?

Three innocent deers, prancing about, living their best lives.
One vanishes! What could’ve happened? The remaining two are a mess, can you help them?

Your move: Just one Doll will do the trick. Put the Deer with the House. But watch out! Wolves might drop by uninvited.

How to Approach the Trailer Park Pier Puzzle?

Hold on! You can’t jump into this one until you’ve shown Mulligan and Thornton who’s boss. Remember the second Overlap? That’s your key.

A fisherman, lucky catch in hand, becomes an unsuspecting feast for an unwelcome visitor.
Can you guess who benefitted from this unexpected twist?

On your way to the Pier, collect four dolls scattered about. Now, use the Wise Elder and Bear dolls to crack the rhyme. But, brace yourself – you’re about to meet a fierce foe.

What Lies in the Lighthouse?

A guardian of the seas, before meeting his fate, tried playing the oceans. Big mistake.
He played, the oceans retaliated. And he lost something precious.

Close by, you’ll find a Trickster Doll. Use it alongside the Wise Elder to unveil the mystery.

Curious About Coffee World Latte Lagoon Pier?

A devil, up to no good, presents a dilemma to two unsuspecting animals.
One floats, the other sinks. Can you figure out which one met a watery end?

Remember those dolls you’ve been collecting? Time to put them to use. The Deer, the Trickster, and the Moose will help you piece this puzzle together.

What’s Hidden Behind the Ranger Cabin?

A young woman, seeking adventure, finds love in the most unexpected place.
Can you imagine where her heart now lies?

Behind the Ranger Cabin, use the Maiden Doll and the Bear to paint a love story.

Unlocking the Secrets of Watery Mobile Home

A story of a loyal girl, her heart in turmoil, waiting and praying.
Little did she know, her love was a player, collecting hearts along the way.

Deciphering the Mobile Home Using Dolls

Ready to dive into the Mobile Home? Make sure you have the Screwdriver and those two dolls.

Step 1: Getting Inside

Use that Screwdriver! It’s your key to enter the Mobile Home.

Step 2: Placing the Dolls Right

Now, for some strategic doll placement:

  • Start with the Trickster doll – it goes right on the Jewelry. Trust me, it’ll make sense soon.
  • Then, the Maiden doll finds her place on the House. This step is crucial!

Done correctly, you’re setting the scene for the grand finale. So, double-check before moving forward, okay?

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